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Stretch That Body!

Welcome to your weekly dose of positivity.

Watching this video I shot a little while ago makes me giggle, but it’s a gentle reminder to get your stretch on and why it’s important, also what to do when you’re stretching and feel pain. You’re the master of you or you’re getting your masters in “You" so it's important to take ownership over your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, and always ease into the movements, be gentle, know when to push yourself, and when to ease off by getting into your body and centering yourself in your heart BEFORE you move or take any action. This isn’t a competition, it’s a beautiful co-creation. Love the body you’re in and get your stretches on! Especially in the morning, it gets you and your body ready to face whatever the day brings, so you can climb those mountains, conquer those tasks, and dominate wherever you happen to be. 10 minutes of me, warning, some stretching WILL happen. Go ahead click on it, you know you want to... because you know your body loves to stretch. :)

All my love, Jamie Ferry @PositivityPortFerry


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