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The Road To Achievement...

Sometimes the road is long, and sometimes a short trek,

but whatever the length, all good things take some time to build.

You have to be willing to show up and do what needs to be done so they can be realized.

New things take time to construct.

It's okay to take breaks,

it's not okay to quit.

Perseverance is a virtue we develop and must strengthen by applying it to whatever our hearts set themselves to accomplish and have. They say showing up is half the battle, the rest of the battle is following through and doing what needs to be done even in the times you don't particularly feel like it, and continuing on through the process until it's been successfully achieved.

Like showing up to exercise and then actually doing the exercises we build upon and benefit from each energy exchange we participate in, from dreaming up the concept to putting the actual daily effort in so that the dream may take shape, it requires personal dedication and consistent effort. It asks us to do what needs to be done even when the motivation fails to show up with its pom-poms and rally us with its cheers. Many times we have to cheer ourselves on and hold ourselves accountable to keep ourselves moving forward towards successful completion.

Will we have doubts set upon us, low moods creep in, distractions pop up stealing our attention and focus, snafus happening, inner motivation faltering, or fail to receive the inspiration that is meant to move us forward some days? Sure, the creative process on the human side contains trials and tribulations, pitfalls of many kinds, from failures to shortages to naysayers to bouts of self-doubt and insecurities. It's as though the Universe tests our resolve, how important our dreams are to us, and whether we will commit and go through the process of creation no matter what it takes. Will we push on when the going gets tough and rough and we feel like giving up or giving in? Will we dig down deep and connect to our SOURCE for the power and inspiration to move closer to the dreams planted in our hearts? Will we rise up and overcome or succumb to the forces that test and taunt, are designed to block or haunt us? Will we listen to the negative voices or tune them out and sing our songs of trust and faith in the process and progress?

Remember, with God all things are possible...

we're not meant to do everything on our own, there is help in the world from others and from the Higher Dimensional Planes from the Infinite Divine that we may connect to within and through our Sacred Heart Center, our access point to The Kingdom of Heaven within us.

If and when you're having difficulties doing a task or making progress maybe it's because you're doing it without God's help. Call on God to give you the boost of good you need to help ease you on your way through to completion. Connect to your center to charge up and find the true power SOURCE so you can be inspired to your higher.

Creative expressions and the creative process are worthwhile endeavors that offer so many rewards. Invest in your dreams, travel the road with them, and be delighted in all the adventure brings across your path, be it smooth or jagged. There is joy in the process even when there may be little progress.

Each effective action step in the direction of your dreams brings you that much closer to their successful completion where you can feel the ultimate satisfaction of a dream fully realized.

Those heart dreams deserve to live, give them the chance as you journey down the road of Achievement to arrive at your destination of Accomplishment.

What are some of the dreams in your heart that you would like to move closer to in 2024?

Go ahead, take some time to daydream, and then jot them down.

We affirm, with sacred pen we open the door to The Infinite

to tap into SOURCE'S abundant inspiration that knows what serves us best at every stage of our development, and what will bring us the most satisfaction and growth physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Life is full of treasures awaiting our discovery. Let yourself dream and go after the dreams in your heart--that's why they come to you so they can come through you and serve others in all the ways they will.

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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