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Fighting over Left or Right, But The Best View is Where We Meet In The Middle.

All energy serves its purpose on this wild ride of life. Energy's tug-of-war is part of the perfect design of this experiment of Duality all on Earth are playing through. We swing up and down, travel around in circles, get stuck in loops, spiral down, spiral up on an energetic rollercoaster we designed, eventually picking up all the fragments of our soul and reintegrating them into our whole aware Consciousness.

We play with polarization, at times overidentifying with a particular belief system or point of view, while judging anyone on the opposite side as wrong or an enemy. But we're not our beliefs, we're LOVE playing games with energy, trying to see what it feels like to believe this way or that way, and working through all that comes our way in our games of make-believe where the beliefs shape the realities that form around us. As fun as tug-of-war or a seesaw can be for a short time, it's not something you want to spend hours doing, and yet many spend so much of their time caught in the loop of fighting, judging, bickering, and verbally brawling, it will be nice when the world realizes polarization keeps you stuck on the ride... demonization of the other side keeps you glued to the board, unable to move things along until you stop fighting and name-calling and take some of the one side, some of the other side, some for the left side and some for the right side and find ways to get along,

otherwise, the road through hell grows WAY TOO LONG

and you're stuck in the up and down, going around in circles and getting nowhere.

We are all in the circle together, people,

the circle of Life, the Orb of Mother Earth,

we're in a ball spinning and speeding through space, contrary to what those flat-earthers say. But, who am I to say their Earth isn't flat? Perhaps it's a nice dream they have safely snug inside their snowglobe planet, rock on. I suppose they'll have to wait for the little green men to land on Earth and verify and confirm all the Astronauts' stories of our beautiful blue bubble planet. Anyway, I digress, let's circle back.

The Mother is The Circle, and The Father is The Line, as in the Rays of LIGHT emanating from The Sun, shining and penetrating the orb that's Mother Earth; together Their dance is giving life to all within the Mother, who Herself is working through the Ascension Process of Her inner dualistic energy, raising that vibe and stirring up all the muck we all carry inside, to be made conscious, owned, and healed.

Just as Mama Earth carries us within Her, as our human Mamas carried us within them, we all carry each other inside of the cells and tissues and DNA of our bodies, some spot holds the frequency of everyone and everything in all of existence, not only on this planet and Universe but in ALL Universes of the Omniverse--

Yeah, I know, mind blown, mind overloaded, too much to think about, goodness, you thought carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders was A LOT, don't worry you can let go of that weight and count your blessings you needn't lug around the Omniverse--there are Higher Dimensional Beings dealing with all that. You can take a slow, deep breath into your belly through your nose then purse your lips and let it go slowly (go ahead, do it, I'll wait... Feel better? If not, take another breath and repeat until you do. You can relax and focus on your day-to-day, dealing with and healing whatever present life is revealing to you,

using your time to create and live life to the best of your abilities.

Let's get back to what I mentioned about carrying the frequency of everyone and everything around within our DNA.

While hate may be a normal bad feeling we experience within our shadow humanity (and one that we are meant to acknowledge, own, understand, and integrate) when we fight or hate something or someone we send energetic poison arrows right into our own energy bodies which overlay the physical body, polluting and killing ourselves slowly. We energetically attack ourselves generating an acidic environment internally, giving rise to chronic inflammation, illness, and disease, increasing chances for accidents or encounters with other angry individuals the longer we vibrate those feelings inside our mindbody field.

We think we hurt them, but even having the desire for them to hurt or be hurt or punished is magnetizing and electrifying that negative energy inside ourselves, and in essence, inviting it back to visit us at some future time--like a boomerang that we DON'T want coming back but is guaranteed to arrive eventually.

Ah, the reaping and the sowing, if only all were knowing that that is the way energy works.

It does give one pause, a chance to consider, "Will I enjoy the fruits of the energy I am presently planting or sending out?"

And that's a good thing one can do provided they have developed enough of their conscious awareness to be able to self-reflect

BEFORE they react or project

their energy patterns onto others.

As a human, hate is a possibility--we hate the way something is or makes us feel, or we hate someone for how they act or their beliefs that differ from our own, or how they appear, we hate that we have to do something we don't want to do or for not being able to do something we do want to do, we hate ourselves or others for various reasons, things we or they said or did, how our body looks or doesn't look.

Hate is a poison, but sometimes a little poison is what is called for, and so hate can be a bit of a protective buffer for when we are feeling hurt or assaulted and need some time to process and heal, it can give us a boost and help us reconnect with our anger and reclaim our energy and power back when we feel victimized or transgressed against and diminished in our self-esteem.

But just as a little bit of poison can have benefits, too much is a detriment. Hate can be a negative emotional pattern taught to us by our caretakers or society as well, and it can be an emotional cancer that consumes the life and joy in us, calcifying our hearts, and building up dark walls around us that keep the light and love out, blocking us from a healthy connection with others.

We have to feel and acknowledge the feelings to be able to heal.

It's okay to feel the hate and to acknowledge and honor all our feelings, but it's not okay to allow the hate to act or rather act from the hate, for that only creates more of the hate to spread and returns to us the shadow consequences of it. Whatever feelings do the acting are the feelings created from the actions.

We're moving into The Age of Aquarius, which deals with the Collective, and it's important to remember that the collective is a collection of lots of different people, looking at the world through lots of different lenses and filters, and that brings lots of different ideas about how to do things or which way is better. Facts are facts and they can't be denied, but perception is personal, and life is largely about perception, the lens we each look through colors how we see things. The meanings we apply to what we perceive are personal, based on the inner energy patterns we are holding within and what we or our ancestors experienced and energetically passed down to us.

Everyone you see is playing with energy too, some more in the positive and some more in the negative.

We're never going to make everyone believe or think the exact same way about every single thing in this world, nor are we meant to--that would remove the delightful diversity that keeps things interesting. Spirit loves to be able to try it all out, positive and negative, good-feeling and bad-feeling energy, learning from it all. Polarity is the two sides of the one energy aspect, it can be expressed as self and other.

Duality has its good side and not-so-good side, but maybe instead of immediately trying to make one side right and the other side wrong, maybe both sides can try to see things from the other side, to walk a mile in their shoes then maybe we can take their perspective and our perspective and see where they meet in the middle to arrive at solutions that take all into account and serve the greater good in the world.

Wisdom teaches us to be in the world, not of it.  

They say it's a thin line between love and hate, and in this world of love and hate it’s a thin line between being in the world and not of it.

The world contains the possibility for energy to express as the wounded, negative, shadow energy aspects. We have the potential to be the negative or receive the negative or witness it.

To be of the world is to be stuck in those negative energy patterns, controlled by the lower motivations (negative emotions and destructive thoughts), acting from the wounded shadow, and evil aspects, and generating negative karmic debts and pain for ourselves and others.

We live in the world. The energy that surrounds us is contained within us and comes to us serving us, to reach us, and teach us. At times we get sucked into the world's whirlwinds of woe, playing out our inner wounded energy patterns, and at other times we transcend the low and live from the higher Divine aspects of our Inner Holy Christ Self, following and inspired by the example Christ Jesus left for us.

If you find yourself swept up in the dramas that the egoic mind loves to write then you are of the world.  The lower frequency energies are what this world was created to hold, the hells, that battles, the pain, the suffering, the sorrow, despair, anger, fear, shame, guilt, rage, jealousy, envy, spite, revenge, horror, terror, lies, deception, panic, shadows--you get the point. 

 To be in the world is to move from the judgmental mind into your understanding heart and bring your Higher Self, The LOVE You Are to whatever comes to you in the world, and in this way, you are connected to Divine Wisdom knowing how to deal with whatever presents itself to you and thus able to transform the world from one of woe into one of worth and wonder.

The world is full of fight and fear, but also fun and joy, that's the double dip coaster of Duality, and we contain these things too in varying degrees. We come in for the thrill of the contrasting energy, to be able to experience in form all we contain within.

The advice of being in the world but not of it is to remember that you are more than an earthling, more than a human, you are a Soul, a Solar Being/Sun, a point of LIGHT in the One Spirit of CHRIST, The Great Galactic Central SUN, the SUN or SOLAR BODY of GOD, where all Suns, ie, Souls come from and are held even while they have human selves living lives on planets seemingly far away (like us here on Earth), you are LOVE's Consciousness playing with energy, some in the True quality (positive) and some in the temporary negative quality as part of Duality. And, so is everyone else you meet, all working through their inner energies. Oftentimes, that ends up in some messy encounters and when one stormfront meets another, things are bound to get windy and wet. All of this is part of Spirit exploring all the different possible perspective points, triggering different emotional experiences and interactions, and working things out as we all go along our way in space and time.

As LOVE you're meant to view and reclaim all the negative you encounter and uplift, restore, mend, and ascend your inner wounded energy to its true original state, LOVE'S LIGHT. As LOVE you are meant to greet the world and hopefully live according to the higher within you, reestablishing Heaven on Earth through the good you do, seeking to understand others as best you can, embodying presence wherever you go.

From our lower we sink, but through our Higher we Rise.

We can choose to pause and understand others before we judge them and seek to create harmony instead of division, getting ourselves off the seesaw and start to have some real fun.

This year is an Election Year in The States, and with it, a world of drama is bound to be playing out, try to remember that even if others don't believe everything you do they have the right to think and feel as they do, as per the gift of God-given Free Will, and they are still your Brothers and Sisters in the Higher Dimensions, try to play nice, stay honorable, wear your LOVE Hat so your Heart can tell you how best to act, and keep that vibe high so you can thrive and ride the rollercoasters of life with greater grace and ease.

Peace be with you.

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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