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On Earth, the Sun Rises in the East

and sets in the West.

Well, it does rise exactly in the East twice a year, on the spring and fall equinoxes, other than that it is East-ish and West-ish.

But while the sun's rising point may change slightly, the holiday of Easter always happens in Springtime, when we celebrate The Rising Sun, as life comes back to the Northern Hemisphere,

and The Rising Son, Jesus The Christed One, The Man, The Truth, The Legendary Life, a Testament of God's Unconditional LOVE in Thought, Word, and Deed to help us all traverse the valleys of the shadow of death, life on Earth within Duality and find our way back home to Our Heart and The Kingdom of Heaven within.

E A S T E R, rearrange the letters and you can have A R E S E T, 


 but I also notice ARES ET, ARES is Mars, ARES ET EnergyTime, ARIES Time, the Cardinal, Fire Astrological Sign, beginning around March 19-21st heralds Spring’s arrival on Mother Earth, representing both the Warrior and The Pioneer energies.  Yeshua/Jesus was both a Warrior for God's Truth and a Pioneer for the New Way & Covenant with God, coming to Earth to lay a Trail of LIGHT, to Be the Wayshower, The Path of LIFE, so that others may follow and find freedom from sin and suffering, as they grew in the Higher LOVE of Their Soul and The Christ Spirit.

This time is when all on Earth receive an infusion of new energy sent to us from the Sun and Mars, helping us prepare to spring into a new action and set of creative ventures. After the winter’s rest, most of us feel invigorated, ready to launch into new projects, beginning with cleaning and clearing out the old stale energy that accumulated during winter, releasing the dead energy so new life has the space to grow.  

For the celebration of this time, we are treated to the visual appearance of new life beginning to sprout in the flowers, plants, and trees bursting forth, and get to see cute bunnies or chicks popping up everywhere (in stores and on television), with colorfully dyed eggs, or plastic eggs with prizes stored inside, hidden so the kiddies can search and find, enjoying the thrill of locating these little treasures, and baskets full of candy and treats.  Easter Sundays honor Jesus's sacrifice and gift to Humanity, Christ, The Savior, The Sweet Resurrecting Spirit that Restores LIFE in the hearts of all who open up to the Higher Will, and The Kingdom of Heaven within.

Easter Sunday celebrates The Resurrection and the Return of Christ Jesus after his death on the cross. Regardless of your religious affiliation or lack thereof, everyone's Higher Soul is One in The Holy Spirit of Christ and on their Soul's personal mind-body spiritual journey within Duality in the lower dimensions, working through their inner positive and negative energy patterns stored in the subconscious body, called back to God when they are meant to be. We may be connected to God in our Hearts or seemingly disconnected or separated from God's Higher Will, letting our lower egos run the show. Still, we are all held in and formed by Light Particles originating from SOURCE. When we act from LOVE in our hearts, it is the Spirit of God that acts through us. When we act from lesser emotions (selfishness, greed, envy, anger, etc., it is the Satan (ShadowAwarenessTruthAlteredNegativity) of the senses that acts through us, generating more negative karma for us that will need to be rebalanced and paid for by the reaping of what is sown. We take the energy we're gifted with and qualify it based on our choices and the patterns in our subconscious. When we breathe in we breathe in the gift of the Holy Spirit and depending upon the state and quality of our Heart receive in a correlative degree the nourishing, healing, comforting energies of God's Wisdom and guidance to activate our energy bodies and propel and support our souls in their journey through duality back to Unity or further into duality.

Having a personal relationship with SOURCE, God, Your Higher Self, The Inner Holy Christ, and Christ Jesus gives you an infinite supply of the Highest and most pure and radiant energy, a powerful Loving Support Team that strengthens you against the shadow elements and negative aspects and entities in the lower dimensions and the world, helping you to grow in your awareness and understanding of All That Is and All That Is Not, healing and strengthening you through all the challenges you encounter in life, and inspiring you as you help rebuild Heaven on Earth through the good you do. Christ is the Consciousness of God and the quality of the Holy Spirit's Energy that overcomes the world's pain and death, the Heart's Radiant Wisdom living within your own higher heart--the Kingdom of Heaven is Within. May you remember that You are One in Christ and celebrate the gift of Christ Jesus and the Resurrecting Spirit of God that lights the Way back Home to Truth, Beauty, Joy, and LIFE.

Through Christ, We Become The Resurrection and The Life of God.

May you feel renewed and reinvigorated by this high radiant energy, recharged, and inspired in all your creative projects this season as you let LOVE inspire you in all you think, say, and do. I thank Beloved Jesus for all His gifts, blessings, and support as I navigate this Earth Adventure and begin rebuilding Heaven on Earth and living my best life. I pray the same for you all. We are blessed to be here.

Affirm: "I Am The Resurrection and The Life"

and feel that purifying surge of Holy Energy move through your body and being, moving out the lesser energies of duality, healing and charging you up, restoring God's grace and harmony within your Soul.

Happy Easter!

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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