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Pick your F, Fear or Faith

As an energetic being, you can either be in fear or faith, choose wisely.

Fear is a natural part of the experience for humans; it is a negative emotion, part of humanity's duality, and is a valuable teacher in life. Faith is Our Higher Self's natural state of being and expressed in the human self is a belief in something unseen, complete trust or confidence in someone or something, including a higher Energy/SOURCE/GOD/The Universe, etc.

The emotional state generates a reality or a climate that matches it. Our emotions are magnetic, while our thoughts are electric. The type of emotion and thought, positive or negative puts a feel around us that invites things that match that feel into our orbit and experience.

Just as we can develop addictions or habits for things, so too can we with emotional states. Our bodies grow used to whatever chemical hormones our emotional reactions produce. If fear-based thinking was your predominant mindset you will have a large amount of fear stored inside your physical body. The kidneys are responsible for processing fear/terror, while the stomach processes worry and anxiety.

Fear is a failure, faith a relief. What do you desire to experience more of?

With fear, you align your entire energy field with low energies, it is like you are tuning your station into certain channels and listening to the song/experiences they will play for you. With faith, you align your entire energy field to a Higher Energy Aspect, thus lining up with higher and more positive energies and inviting better-feeling experiences in.

When you're in fear you're vibrating in a low-frequency field space, believing in negative and low-frequency things/ and as a result make yourself (your energy field and body) magnetic to attracting negative 3rd-dimensional experiences or 4th-dimensional entities/beings. Higher dimensions may act upon or influence beings in dimensions lower than it.

While fear lowers your energy field, faith raises it. While fear weakens and diminishes your immune system, faith, and good feelings strengthen it.

To be in faith you align your energy field to a belief in something Higher, Pure LOVE& LIGHT, SOURCE, GOD, Great Mystery, or whatever you choose to call IT.

Faith and its positive high-vibration is protective energy in that it buffers the energy body in the event any low-frequency energies happen to be around bouncing them off or repelling them. Another way it is protective is by connecting you to a higher dimensional aspect that has a greater perspective and knows/can see all possible challenges or dangers along the way.

The world is both a fearful or friendly place, depending upon what each individual field requires for its experiential learning process/adventure in each moment.

This is a world of Duality so there will be experiences that fall under the fearful category and times that fall under friendly--we are meant to experience the multitude of what we contain inside of us. Our beliefs, either conscious or subconscious/unconscious shape our reality. We may use meditation to examine our dominant ways of being and why/when/how these aspects were created within us, all that is connected to them, and do the shadow work and transmutation processing so that we elevate our way of being and begin to heal our body, mind, soul, and emerge with greater faith, not only in something greater than us but also in the greater part of us and our ability to receive and achieve a better-feeling life.

Have faith that

The Universe wants you to be happy.

Of course, it does.

Have faith that

The Universe wants you to be successful.

Of course, it does.

So now that you have chosen to affirm that the Universe wants you to be happy and successful,

declare that you are letting it in!

When you feel the fear begin to burn,

STOP, Stop the fearful thoughts by taking a deep breath into your belly.

DROP, Drop the need to be the one to figure it out, hand it over to SOURCE with faith.

ROLL, Roll into GOD'S Heart and Arms and know that SOURCE is helping you find a better state of being/feeling if you can relax and let the fear roll past you.

Waves of Fear wash through the planet at different times daily, seeking victims to add to their shadow pools, and those in their path that contain the active fear-magnets will be pulled into their dark, stormy waters. But if we can remain grounded in GOD, in LOVE, connected by faith, we make ourselves secure from being drowned by the waves of fear and continue to receive the life-giving breath that helps us live our best lives.

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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