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Our Natural Longing for Greener Pastures...

The grass is greener on the other side... except when it's not. And if we decided to move there, then what do we got?

What are we left with when we left where we were to explore where we are and realize we never should have left wishing to go back to before?

Well, regret is a possibility, but growth is inevitable, and the choice was made and we must lay down our hearts in the gardens we planted, dealing with whatever grows, knowing that whatever prompted us forward to explore something other than where we were was the life within us trying to grow. And while we may have made mistakes, all mistakes afford us learning and understanding, which we may use to improve ourselves and our actions in the future.

We're humans and so we all come with a mix of the explorer-adventurer and the safety-seeker inside of us, the internal tug of war between the unknown and the familiar... we have an innate curiosity that draws us towards others and things that catch our eyes, minds, or hearts, and an inner need to feel safe and secure. Developing an appreciation for all we have and trying to see things with fresh eyes keeps things looking new, no matter how old or long they've been with us. Looking for things we appreciate and expressing gratitude expands our Heart's energetic field and the energetic field of the focus of our gratitude as well. With our praise we raise a bridge of LOVE that links us and the praised, creating a positive flow of energy. The master in us knows when we praise the positive we INCREASE it and when we praise the negative we TRANSFORM it.

So if you find yourself bored with where you are or the same old same old take some time to give thanks to it and all it showed you about yourself. By appreciating it you fill it full of LOVE and are able to truly see the good it was while continuing to open yourself up to the good life has for you. Life matching your High-frequency gratitude vibration will pull to you and pull you to high-frequency experiences, the new and the more that life has for you. We are here to evolve, and in that journey we travel through ourselves struggling, suffering, thriving, and soaring all for the purpose of experience, growth, and understanding. We may see where we are and long to be someplace new, or we may see where we are and long to be back where we were, but longing and wishing is not being present with what is. And when we're not present with what is we miss the messages it holds for us, and the good it has for us. When we're focused on what's wrong or what's lacking with where we are we stop ourselves from being able to easily magnetize what we desire because our focus feeds and fuels the energy of "what's wrong". So first, get into gratitude about where you are, then focus on what you'd be grateful to experience now--it sets your energy up in the right direction. Honor your past and all it was, including the mistakes you think you made, and in doing so open yourself up to experience new things to see, enjoy, and learn from. Just as the grass is greener where it is watered, with either hose or rain, life grows greener wherever we water it with our love and appreciation allowing new things to come through and grow for us. Here is to a blessed new year, may 2021 grow into something glorious and prosperous for you all! All my love, Jamie Ferry


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