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It's not about perfection, it's about presence...

Life is messy, it's not perfect all the time.

But, there are moments of perfection amidst all the imperfection, and we can greet whatever comes up in life from our perfect center that seeks to accept, own, and understand all that is.

Besides, the best life is not about perfection, it's about presence... being present with whatever presents itself to you through the life you are living and magnetically and actively, consciously or unconsciously creating and utilizing the experience and energy to advance your awareness and conscious understanding of all you are.

Pre-set ideas limit the field and forms forcing them to fit themselves in the tiny boxes we, with our little mind, build. When we live from Heart we have access to our Higher Mind that has the vantage point of the absolute--able to see all the potentials and possibilities--able to re-Mind us of what can become of what has come should we surrender the matter to LOVE'S hands and allow It to reshape and heal the energy and field with Heart's Higher wisdom. We can contact our perfect state of being (LOVE) and see whatever shows up through the eyes of this state. From this higher perspective we allow everything to flow and fluidly transform in the infinite variety of ways that our Heart and Head can conceive and build or co-create together.

Creation occurred in the past and expresses in the present. What was created in the past may only be re-created in the present, as in created anew or it continues to repeat. When we are present with what comes to us we are in a space of power and ability to create change in the energy and properly address the situation we find ourselves in. When we are attuned to LOVE we are able to receive higher guidance that knows how to best handle and effectively deal with whatever has been created. LOVE created all things and knows why everything exists, the purpose it serves, and how to best heal what is wounded so that the forms may be transformed and made whole again.

It is okay if we don't handle everything perfectly. It's okay if we make a mess of it all. It's okay if others do the same. It's okay to have messy, imperfect, painful feelings and negative thoughts--these are all part of our duality and human energies. The imperfect allows perfection to have something to work with and heal or improve upon. We can see these less than perfect energies, moments, and experiences as a gift we gave ourselves so that we may have greater appreciation for the easy flow of LOVE, as we are able to experience how perfectly LOVE can work things out even when they are so beyond messy and imperfect. LOVE is the change maker. And so if we seek to change what is we must shift from judgment, blame, shame, or any other negative emotion we may be experiencing into a state of acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, compassion, unconditional love, and understanding.

LOVE knows the way and how to make the ways we travel better. LOVE understands all things and how to help us understand them as LOVE does. As a human, we are able to take what forms for us and expand our energy field to reconnect with our Higher Selves to better understand and handle all that is.

So, if you find yourself swimming in a sea of imperfection, pain, and struggle, take a pause, take a float and a breath and ask LOVE to come in and help you be present with what is, accepting it as a part of your energy field. Breathe into your heart center allowing the breath to expand your belly as LOVE anchors your consciousness in your body so that you can move your presence into awareness of what presently is and allow LOVE to send in those higher impulses to most effectively deal with what shows up.

You can let LOVE guide you as you use your higher guidance to clean up and clear out all your inner messy energy so that you and your life can flow easier and shine a whole lot brighter.

May you find peace in your present and be able to see the gifts of all that exists in your present life.

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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