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From LESS To BLESSed...

We rely on things we think we need because we think we are not enough,

having believed the lies our little mind latched onto and handed us.

We cling to crutches because we think we can't walk on our own...

But our legs and self are stronger than we may feel or think when our Heart is doing the walking, thinking, and talking.

At times, we were meant to be deceived because We were testing ourselves, fooling ourselves and each other.

We had to strengthen our capacity to figure things out, to see the illusion and the delusion, and find the truth hiding within it all.

We opted to fall from Heaven to explore on Earth Heaven and Hell for a spell

but forgot we put a spell on ourselves, a spell of forgetting so we could play tons of characters and live tons of lives and eventually wake up and remember we and it

are all Divine. We were meant to explore lack and not enoughness because that is the opposite of All That We Are and We desired to play in contrast and learn from it. We were meant to make mistakes and a mess while we were figuring ourselves out.

If we weren't supposed to mess things up, cleaning products would never exist. :)

So instead of beating yourself up for all you got wrong, realize that there is wisdom and soul contracts in all the messes you got yourself into, and all the crap that happened to you, and all the crap you did (that was necessary as well, for your experience and the other's). Realize that now that you are aware of it and the pain you hold you have this chance to reconnect to it within yourself and heal it with LOVE. We live, we learn, and we GROW AS LOVE. LOVE is that higher Understanding, Wisdom, Compassion, Gratitude, Unconditonal Acceptance & Forgiveness, Infinite Intelligence, Joy, and The Creator Frequency that gave rise to all, including the "fallen energies" and can take the fallen and make it the risen once again.

You may have gotten stuck in the trap of the wounds, believing their story, but you are not your wounds, you are the Living Force able to express as the whole and the wounded selves. Reclaim your life force by reactivating the Heart force, the LOVE Force, and shine it upon all the wounds that pop up for you.

You're not a misfit, you fit in perfectly with everything because everything is fit perfectly in thee. You carry the wholeness of Your I Am Presence, and so all you encounter receives the invisible kiss of LOVE from thee, letting it know that in its core and in your heart, you are one. You can reconnect and invite that pure, high, radiant energy into your body vessel/Temple to help align, heal, and build your brilliant life.

GOD BLESSES you always if you will but receive it. In those times you feel less than, take a breath then feel yourself filled with Spirit's LOVE as Breath (the living gift from GOD) takes your less and makes it your Bless!

May you remember that you are more than enough, worthy of having the dreams in your heart fully realized, and take time to find yourself on the Train of Prosperity and Success, PRAY/GIVE THANKS, INTEND, COMMAND, KNOW/BELIEVE, RELEASE, ALLOW, RECEIVE, ACHIEVE... And live your best life!

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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