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Faith For The Feet, Support For The Soul.

Getting anywhere in life by walking requires one to be in both a state of balance and imbalance, each step both a constant anchoring in and trust fall, faithfully believing the ground will be there to catch our foot and carry us on our way.

Mostly it is; sometimes though it vanishes, and we stumble and take a trip and fall, and then we must get back up and find our balance once again, assuming this beautiful dance of balance and imbalance as we walk forward towards the directions we wish to go in.

Life at many times is a chaotic swirl of energy threatening to consume and attempting to elevate us in equal measure. It is important to develop a strong connection to some power that is greater than us that allows us to safely navigate the uncertain and unfamiliar terrain of life. Having a practice of faith, a belief in something larger than ourselves gives us a tremendous power to anchor into and be supplied by throughout our journies of life. We don't have to accomplish everything, nor carry all our burdens on our own. We can turn to this Higher Aspect of Consciousness, Pure LOVE&LIGHT to soothe, comfort, heal, reenergize, uplift, inspire, guide us. We may call this whatever name our Hearts desire, but having this Eternal support system strengthens us for any challenges we may happen to face in the physical and subtle astral energy planes. We are not alone, even when we may feel as if we are. And, we are loved entirely, even when we feel unworthy or undeserving, SOURCE LOVES us unconditionally. Being connected to this high-frequency and powerfully radiant, wise, all-knowing energy gives us a secret magic support system that helps us ride the challenging times more easily, and catapults us to the successes that are written in our hearts and have our name all over them.

If you have not connected to something larger than your human self, either through religion, nature, dreamwork, meditation, spirituality, self-reflection maybe it is time you invite the high Energy of LOVE into your life and self to help you make sense of your inner energies and better navigate your outer realities.

In the times of life when you feel out of balance remember, that is PART of this dance of life, and if you can connect to your breath and LOVE it will navigate your path helping you easily move through the fluctuating states of imbalance and balance, and move your body where it needs to go to get to where you want to go.

LOVE is the essence of What You Are. LOVE lives within your Higher Heart, connected to your human heart. Every breath you take into your body contains the Spirit of Life, LOVE in energetic form (composed of gas/air molecules, and water molecules, containing at times various earth particulates). So, every breath you take in you can invite LOVE to enter and power your body, mind, and soul to higher frequencies, to create a life that enlivens and uplifts you. And whatever negative energies or toxic aspects (allergens, pollutants, etc.) that enter with breath (magnetically attracted to you) do so by your Higher Self's desire and design, and may be used to reconnect with those energies inside of you and heal/diffuse/release/remove them from your inner energy field.

Some exercises to connect to SOURCE'S healing and stable energy:

  • Spend time in nature, bare skin touching the planet and Mother Earth, absorbing the Earth's healing frequencies into your body. This strengthens and supercharges you to heal your body, mind, soul, and spirit. It helps discharge some of the electric energy we absorb from our environment and electricity, and electronic tech devices that can heat up/fry the brain and agitate the moods and body.

  • Develop a Prayer and Meditation Practice: One allows you to speak to SOURCE whatever is on your mind and in your heart, while the latter creates stillness and silence where SOURCE may speak to you.

  • Start a Gratitude Practice: Gratitude is healing and it is high-frequency energy that sets your inner magnets to better-feeling, high-frequency experiences and creations. If you desire to create a magical life you must be vibrating a high-frequency vibration. It activates the hippocampus and amygdala responsible for emotional regulation in the brain, building better neural pathways in the brain. The positive energy of gratitude stimulates the heart center which is our broadcasting center, infusing that electromagnetic energy in the blood, generating good-feeling hormones (dopamine & serotonin) that circulate through the body, detoxing, healing, joining with stored matching emotional and mental energies.

  • Ask SOURCE/LOVE/GOD/The UNIVERSE/Great Mystery/The Christ Energy/ Allah/Buddha/Krishna/Shakti/whatever name you choose to bring Its presence and Energy into your life and body Temple. Affirm: GOD is the Energy directing and protecting me. I am balanced, safe, and secure wherever I go, for LOVE knows what I need in every moment & situation.

May your feet find the Faith your Heart feels connected with and you find your path unfolding in beautiful and inspired ways. All my love, Jamie Ferry


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