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I summon the awakening of all in the field vast and plenty,

get ready Dear Ones, it's almost 2020!

A time when vision perfects and perception evolves...

and the shadows that arise

can be purified by the LIGHT of LOVE'S Eyes!

2020 is fast approaching.

20 20

Perfect vision, clear eyes to see through all the lies

we told ourselves.

Freedom from the hells we built ourselves.

As the Earth revolves and it's time to evolve

up the spiral that We intentionally slid down.

So take your downs and rise up into Heart

to heal the hurt you hold within.

You came to experience and to understand.

You came to live and breathe and be with all that breath brings up for you.

That is what life is about, it is a dance of energy, a giving and a receiving of the energy that you are.

You are here to play with it, and

you are enough as you are.

You are a container for breath to dance and move through.

You are the liver and lover of energy.

If you run into energy that doesn't feel good to you this energy is the energy that is lacking LOVE'S frequency. It is the energy that was made to be and sent out into the Shadowlands, separated from the SOURCE, and so it is part of the diminished resources or the wounded aspects of our inner energy field. To replenish it is to reprogram it, to reflow the LOVE frequencies towards it. Judgment is a denial of the LOVE that is always flowing. When you vibrate judgment you are literally holding back the flow of your natural essence. This feels awful, not only to the energy being judged, but also the one doing the judging. This pain continues to fester and grow until the natural essence of LOVE is freely given. So, if you seek to be free, freely give your love to all you find that is unloved and watch how that love changes things for you.

Your thoughts create your reality.

Your reality is built by your inner conscious or subconscious beliefs and emotions.

All shows up exactly as it was designed and programmed to.

Each moment is another Now-moment that gives you a chance to see what inner energy you hold and repeat it or re-create it.

You must become LOVE'S frequency to reconnect to your inner power to change or reprogram the energy threads that build your outer reality.

Becoming LOVE'S Frequency is your natural essence, so while the human-you may find it challenging to love things, the Higher-You easily loves all things, regardless of what they are being. It is from this Higher state that you are connected to the SOURCE within, and this is the power You hold to easily create and generate positive manifestations in your life and the world.

2020 is a perfect time to climb the mountains you wish to ascend and view the world from a higher and more clear space and state. You are here to thrive. You are meant to be healthy and well, to prosper and live a life you love.

The only thing that keeps us from doing this is the past-created wounded energy aspects and limiting beliefs we hold within. To heal these parts, we must be aware that they exist and feel them, reconnecting our Heart flow to them, loving them unconditionally. With the frequency of LOVE, we place ourselves back in the Control Seat and may rewrite the programs inside of us.

If you are ready to get serious about yourself, your life and your energy, and want to work with me to get clear on what is building the pain in your body and challenges in your life, I am now taking new clients. View for rates.

I can help you develop a clear vision of what issues you presently face or are struggling with and work through them, reprogramming the energy building them on the inner to help transform them on the outer.

Using energy work and a variety of exercises to run the energy through you, we can disassemble the building blocks of pain building your PAIN Body and rebuild your PURE Light Body, increasing the power within you to build the life of your Heart's dreams!

I look forward to assisting you in your empowerment and healing transformation.

All my love, Jamie Ferry

May 2020 be a year full of LOVE, and may the LIGHT shine and grow bright again,

for this is the time that the Divine wakes up and glows brighter in the Hearts of All.

I bow to all and all bow to me,

for I Am Heart's True Reality

~Unconditional LOVE, aka, GOD


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