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LOVE'S Confidence Carries Us On...

Confidence grew in her like a forest of wild and wonderful weeds,

taking root in her soul,

making her power feel whole and vital.

No human is alone, nor without the presence of their Higher Self and Source Energy inside of their heart, even if they aren't aware of this. It is this connection with our Higher Self that can guide and strengthen us when we are feeling weak or uncertain of ourselves. If we lack confidence in our own abilities, we can be confident in our connection to Source and the directions of the Divine, through our Heart, as IT prompts us towards the higher and inspires us with ITS LOVE, igniting the LIGHT within our Spirit, making the path clear for us and providing us with an endless supply of strength and power to accomplish whatever we are attempting.

GOD is LOVE, pure and unconditional, and this pure, high-frequency energy exists inside everyone, whether they are aware of it or not. We can choose to rely on the strength of LOVE to get us through our days, and the wisdom and grace of GOD to make a better way. And though doubt contained may work its way through, we can ask the Divine to help transform it into confidence and clarity.

If you feel like you can't do whatever you need to do, or you aren't sure what you should do, then take time to connect to the Divine in you. Fear, uncertainty, doubt, worry, and anxiety are lower-frequency energies. When our Consciousness is stuck in the low-frequency, negative thoughts and feelings we are tuned to a different frequency, which means we aren't receiving the higher energy, even though the higher energy is always being sent our way. By taking time and consciously intending to connect to Source, you open up the channel for that higher wisdom to share the messages and higher guidance with you. In life we are meant to work together with various elements to accomplish all we do. We may be unable to do something on our own, but GOD is able, and existing within the Heart of all things, can bring us all the assistance we require by inspiring the elements needed, drawing them to us or us to them. When you need a little help you can always call upon the Higher energy inside of you to help you get through whatever you face.


I am confident. I am capable. I am connected to Source.

As such I have a power within that is total, complete, and unwavering in its strength to carry me far wherever I am meant to go.

When doubt creeps in I leap in, directly landing in the Heart of GOD. This LOVE fills my doubting spots and heals me up so I may carry on with all my Heart's plans.

I choose to place my trust in GOD when I can't trust in myself or life. Why? Because where GOD resides is such a pure vibrational frequency that holds the highest intentions, and acts only from the space and state of LOVE. I know that this powerful energy will bring to me what I need to see and heal, and give to me all that I need to handle everything that I find along my way.

Doubt not in LOVE, for LOVE knows the how and why of everything, and shall help all put their puzzles together in the best way for each, individually and collectively. We are all one, confidant and sure when we are connected to the LOVE that's pure.

Tune into and channel your Higher Heart's inner confidence and be your wild and wonderful self!

All my love, Jamie

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