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Keep Moving Through Fear To Find The Magic!

Life is full of the fearful and the fantastic. You can't stop living; you're going to scrape your knee and stub your toe, but you can't let that keep you from moving forward. Fears have been placed upon our paths for a reason... a testing, a besting, to help you to be better, to do better, to get better, to conquer all the borders and boundaries in your own mind and soul that were originally designed to trick and divide the whole. The path was designed with failure and hardship, and injuries to be sustained by body, mind and soul, all as part of the grand plan to give us all things to see and that we might have the chance to work it out and uncover all the strength and capacity to love that we hold within.

We get hurt because of the hurt we hold inside... and it builds up and stirs up the forces all around it, becoming a vortex of energy that pulls molecules into shape that form all around us, following the map and directives Heart drew up for it before the dance began.

So have faith in a plan you can't see in its entirety, and know that it is all worked out in the moment, its moment, by you the one living it, all thanks to the help of countless elements aligning in the perfect moment and order. You may be experiencing the energy, but the energy exists as well, and deserves its moment to shine and put on its show for you. So give it the stage and lovingly applaud its performance so it can move on to its next role and you can grow more whole in your understanding and wisdom of all life's meant to be. Whatever comes up, you will be able to handle it or find the help you need to move through it. Breathe deep and often. Exercise and move the body, stimulate the mind, and feed the soul. Nourish the self with healing, positive and uplifting foods, beverages, ideas, books, media, messages. Spend time in nature, barefoot on earth to balance your energetic being. Take time to meditate and enter into the stillness, the space you get to reconnect with your Source of inspiration and LOVE that helps you to understand all that was, is, and will be. And when fear comes up, be still and watch its dance, then send it on its way with loving applause, as you pause and re-establish how you want to live: boldly, courageously, vivaciously, fearlessly!

The secret of life:

We command with our heart (feelings, emotions, desire, will) our mind (thoughts, mental, intent) that then instructs/controls the form (light particles/body) the heart's force moves through. *If it comes to us it is because our heart (emotional field) drew it to us. To change the form we must reconnect with it in our Heart and reprogram it energetically. Mind's judgment keeps us from accessing the power of the Heart's LOVE, and keeps us from being able to unlock and alter the form and conditions we find ourselves in. To change something give your LOVE to what you want to change, and let LOVE rearrange it into better forms!

Affirmation for anytime I encounter fear:

I command my fear reform into freedom and help me to find all the wonder my heart contains and seeks to grow in this glorious world. I am safe and secure as I explore the potential in me and the world I live within!

In fear I find a friend who needs the LOVE I Am to free it from its fearful space. As I embrace it in Heart I raise it and replace its former falseness with a fullness of the LOVE I Am.

In fear I am stuck, but in LOVE I am free!

All my love, Jamie

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