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You are here to BE.

You are here for a reason--what is it?  Simply, to BE.  Be present, Be open, Be in and with whatever feeling, thought or experience that is floating through your space.  Energy exists for the expression, experience and understanding of Consciousness. Remember, it is all you, all contained within you, and at the core of all things, is LOVE, regardless of the form or mask it is showing up as in this present moment.  See it as a part of you, own, accept and love it, and let it replace the old with the TRUE, transforming the energy back to LOVE'S LIGHT, living every moment and energy as fully as is possible.  When we cease resisting, judging and running from energies because we deem them as wrong or bad, and instead look upon them with the unconditional LOVE in our Higher Heart, we reflect that LOVE back to the lower forms; this LOVE then spreads out taking over the space, reprograming the energy threads with Its higher frequency.  Or, we can continue to interact with them from our space of resistance and judgment, but remember, what we resist, persists, and what we judge in others, we will be judged for by others. 

Do you wish to continue dancing the ugly dance of war with these aspects, or do you desire to take it higher and create more peace, beauty, and grace from the messy within the space?  

If so, then you must love it, and let it BECOME the LOVE it TRULY is.  It is showing up for you, and is a part of you that deserves to be embraced by you.  See and appreciate its gift of service and love, as it held the shadow form You shaped it into, all so you could experience and play with that kind of energy, in all the various ways You desired to.   It is your friend and humble servant, doing and being what you wanted it to, now be a friend right back, and love it as it is, a wounded, shadow part of you, stuck in the dark. Be the light for it by shining your LOVE on it. In this simple choice and act you free it and yourself, transforming that piece of you back to the LOVE that's TRUE!   

This is the way we change the world,

by embodying the LOVE in our Hearts and greeting all we meet as that energetic frequency. In this high harmonic frequency the world can begin to sing a sweeter song for us all!

A wave is growing, and it's a wave of LOVE, unconditional and real.

Do you feel it?

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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