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You are a gift.

For far too long you sat in a small box,

with visions of greatness begging to be set free... Given the space to play, explore, expand, to simply BE.

So afraid to shine the truth of your inner self out.

A bright light in a dark world, a beacon of hope hiding beneath all that doubt.

These self-imposed shackles cut into the fleshy form of Self, expanding.

And now there's no more room in that box, not even for your standing.

So where to go, what to do, but face the fear & step into the unknown.

Take my hand and trust and know, the very way WILL be shown. Step by step. Moment by moment. One thing at a time.

Magic builds, momentum grows,

when one lives with the DIVINE!

No matter how small you've played it, there is a GIANT living within you.

Any day is a good time to reconnect to the greatness and let it shine through.

Reconnect to your center and tap into LOVE'S glow

so you may step out of that small box and rise up and grow.


I dive into the depths of my being

surfacing with the treasure of Truth from the highest Self--

That Self that sits quiet,

patiently waiting to be seen,

listened to, and asked for guidance.

It is to This that I dive,

nestled in HER arms,

filling up with HER love and strength.

And, it moves through every cell in my body,

spilling out to all whom dance in my body's space.

I live anchored in a knowing

that I Am perfect, whole, and complete RIGHT NOW!


All my love, Jamie Ferry

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