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Weird is the New Normal (For now)

There’s a new normal y’all

and it goes by the name, peculiar…

but it also answers to the names: bizarre, strange, weird, and odd, aka Life as you see it now in the present.

In some lower-frequency mindsets, different is considered dangerous. Different meant not like them, unfamiliar, with behavior that was not able to be predicted--which could be dangerous or pose potential threats to the safety and wellbeing of their normal way of being. Our egos don't like uncertainty, they prefer the boxes of normal and usual that they've navigated in the past, it helps them feel more secure. But our Souls desire new experiences and try to nudge us in new and different directions.

Different is also what is so exciting, offering us so much potential for new discoveries, helping us to better understand different facets and aspects of our inner beings. It also helps break us out of our rigid attachment to seeing things one way, offering us a host of other perspectives. It stimulates our imagination, inspires us to new thought, helps us connect with our vast, both good and bad-feeling inner emotions, and makes life interesting. Normal and the usual, the same old thing, can be familiar and comforting, but routine, can also grow boring and stagnate, giving rise to decay and death. We, humans, need change, we thrive on it, our inner bodies are constantly experiencing change as old cells die and new cells are born. You would think it would be natural to us, and yet for certain parts of us, change is terrifying... And, it's these parts that cling so desperately to the old. We see this mirrored in society, as the status quo just won't let go, wanting to maintain the old ways of being.

To change these things, we all must own these aspects of ourselves. Judging or condemning these parts or people only creates further blocks to transformation, both for ourselves and the other. Some people don't realize that what they condemn, they contain, and as long as they condemn it, they cement and continue to create what they condemn. Only through the heart's embrace can we bring down the energetic walls and make connections and growth/change a possibility. In addition, when we're in a state of non-love towards anything we are energetically attacking ourselves, creating more pain for ourselves and the world, because the world we see is held inside of us, energetically. Given this, it makes sense for us to release our judgments and accept things just as they are, EVEN when they are much more different than ourselves or not exactly how we want them to be. For our willingness to accept and allow life to express as it is, invites the same freedom toward us and allows life to reveal more of itself to us, creating greater understanding for all that we are. When we stop fighting life and connect to LOVE, it lifts us above the fight and lets us see what must be done to experience the resolution. Judgment keeps us pinned to the floor where the problems can keep stomping on our heads.

2012 was the end of the Mayan Calendar and the beginning of the shift in consciousness and the Planet Earth's Ascension process. The Earth was always a playground for Spirit to play and grow its Consciousness upon as it took on all the different kinds of life forms that were shaped and placed upon this plane. But, the Earth and this Universe is not the only planet/Universe that Spirit and Souls choose to incarnate upon/within. And, even on this planet, there are multiple dimensions that contain different types of energies that work together to create all the different levels of the living realities (Look at your body, you see the outside, but there are so many things going on inside of your body that you can't see). Things are both complex and simple at the same time, messy and chaotic, and organized and at peace. We live in the dichotomy and the duality of energy, and it's up to us to understand and appreciate all that comes to us in the present moment, but sometimes we are less able to do this than at other times.

Sometimes we are so absorbed in life as we are living it, super-focused on the stories we play over and over in our mind, that we may not be able to clearly see what is in front of us, or realize there are so many other ways to be and see things. We can get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we get carried away from the moment and our presence, missing out on the messages life is trying to bring to us.

In today's fast-paced living we may constantly be seeking the next new thing, jumping from one thing to the next without fully being present with what is in front of us now. On the other side, some may scoff at the normal and mundane as being boring, but life will always be in part a bit of the monotony--these are special moments too, giving us the chance to relax with life, ease into its easy, boring, normal and find the way to appreciate it all. Although our planet is hurtling through space at about 67,000 mph, we can't be traveling at warp-speed all the time, we need the lulls, the quiet, the chance to relax, unwind, and simply be. What's happening now is allowing us the chance to reconnect to the moment and ourselves, as we get ready to move into a more AWAKENED WORLD. All that is being stirred up in the collective field is all the messy energy we are meant to bring Heart's order to, as we reconnect, realign, restore, and recharge everything. We are here to gather up the low and lift it back up again--that is the move from 3rd-dimensional awareness to the higher awareness of 4th, and 5th-dimension and beyond, and it is why our Souls chose to be on the planet at this time--from Hunters to Gatherers to Gods--the Evolution of Consciousness.

A lonnnnnnnnggg time ago the 5th-dimensional Earth lovingly opened up her field to receive the Souls of other planetary systems that were not ready to ascend, plunging her energy field into the 3rd dimension, where souls got to play in separation and division, war, pain, suffering and all of Duality's dense Contrasting energies.

This was all part of the delicious plan of Duality, giving all the Souls taking part in the Duality Experiment a chance to play and learn through contrast. We played the good guys and the bad guys and everything in between. Our Souls learned much from all the lifetimes we chose to live. And here we are, alive now on the planet as it goes through its Ascension Process, pulling us all up with it. Evolution is a process, both bumpy and smooth, easy and challenging.

For years, I've had lots of days where I feel great and unstoppable, and some that I feel like I am dragging myself through life's day to day, unable to move forward, feeling filled with a myriad of emotions. This is normal as we all reconnect and recalibrate our inner energy fields with the Collective Consciousness and the Earth field.

Consciousness has always been evolving, it's just in the past the amount of time was stretched out, things took longer to manifest, and karma, longer to be resolved.

But the Earth is in Her Ascension Process, which means she has moved from a strictly 3rd-dimensional reality, where things move rather slowly, into a dual 4th and 5th dimensional Being, where energy vibrates much faster than before. Time seems to be flying, speeding up, and karma is rebalanced much more quickly now.

Imagine a Slinky (the Toy) compact and together. Now, if you were to hold it by one end and let the other end drop to the floor so that it is stretched out (3rd dimension), you notice the metal spirals are elongated, and so energy traveling from the bottom to the top would take longer to get there. But if you or someone picks up the bottom and moves it closer to the top, (4th, 5th, and higher dimensions) the spirals get closer together and so energy moving up would take less time and get to the top faster.

With any new changes, there is a time of readjusting to the things, as we all gather ourselves and try to acclimate to the new environment. It may seem like the world is doomed or getting worse, but that's just the faster spin, flinging all the muck to the sides of the glass where they can be seen, rinsed out and away, creating room for more light to fill the space, as LOVE reclaims what was temporarily formed into shadow.

So, how do you handle all the weirdness and the woe-ness?

Just know, LOVE designed it all, and so it is expressing as it was designed to, and you experience whatever is aligned with you (Your active inner energy magnetizes and forms the outer experience). If it comes to you, it's coming FOR you, FROM within you; receive it with LOVE to heal it and yourself, and do your part in realigning, reconnecting, and restoring the Collective energy points back into the Heart of ONE. As more and more love the unloved the Collective Energy grows brighter.

Remain centered in your Heart and its unconditional LOVE frequency. Ask LOVE to fill your energy field up, stabilizing you, helping you to remain balanced and anchored into LOVE no matter what floats your way. Realize that all of life exists as it was designed to exist, giving the Souls an infinite array of possibilities to play with--so while something or someone may not be your vibe or cup of tea, it exists for those that do choose to flavor that particular blend of energy expression--release judgments as you step into Your Higher Heart's LOVE Center and elevate your energy field so that you can begin living higher frequency, better-feeling experiences.

Instead of trying to escape the differences embrace the "different" and see how much better the extra-ordinary makes ordinary life grow.

When you raise your frequency and become your better self you invite life to become its better self for you. Thank you for being on this planet at this time! Together we create the Whole, and with LOVE we heal our wounds, filling up the energetic holes (darkened spots) in the Collective field with the LOVE of SOURCE and the LIGHT of GOD.

G.O.D., that Great One Divine energy that is Us ALL!

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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