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Und-erstanding the un-LOVE-d in Life and Us

There will be times when life is grand, things work out better than you could ever plan, with little or no effort on your part, and there will be times when you don’t like what is happening in your life, where it seems like nothing you do works out the way you wanted it to, or that life has it out for you (it doesn't, but sometimes we can get stuck in pools of thought and feeling that reflect that back to us). It is the duality that gives life its contrast, and allows us all to experience, learn, and grow from it. The difference between being the master or being the slave to the energy, is that the master owns the energy, accepting full responsibility for the creation of it all as it is, in the state of being that it is currently being. The master doesn't allow (for very long anyway) the outer conditions to derail them from their desired and intended way of being and feeling--always finding ways to rebalance and redirect themselves back into a state of well-being and satisfaction with life.

What is is. Can you deny it? No, it is. If you deny or defy, you prolong. Acceptance of what is, allows you to move the energy of what is, along. In Acceptance, you connect to what is. Now in the connection, you can begin to shift and reshape the energy, to redirect what is you towards better-feeling directions.

After acceptance, you make amends with the energy building your undesired experience. You apologize to it for any time you made it feel unwanted. Because let’s face it, it doesn’t feel good when we aren’t wanted, does it? Your energy, positive or negative, only wants to be seen and understood for what it is and accepted as it is. Silently apologizing to these energetic parts of your inner-self make them feel better than they were before when they were being judged as bad or wrong, or ignored, denied, or resisted. You also forgive yourself for creating the energy and experience, and anyone or anything else you need to forgive connected to this energy. In Forgiveness, we are freed, and the energetic knots of the shadow energy begin to unravel inside of us. Tension and stress that results from holding the shadow pains are released as we and these energy threads relax. These wounded parts of our body begin to open up, expanding, allowing greater ease and flow of all the electromagnetic energy our bodies contain.

Next, you move the energy into your Appreciation space by thanking it for being. See, while you the personality may not have enjoyed the experience and energy, you the Higher Soul created that energy to be what it was so that you could play and create life experiences with that energy. Without it holding that energetic frequency for you, inside of you, your Soul would not have been able to create living experiences with it as a possible component, growing your Soul's understanding of all that is through all that is not. So be grateful for its gift and temporary sacrifice for you, taking the role of the un-LOVE-d so that LOVE could play in the dark for a bit.

We separated the shadows so we could play hide and seek, and we ran from them and hid from them, these parts of us that We hid, cast off and out, submerged into different points in our sub-conscious space--

the shadows and monsters that made life a scary place for us.

Finally find your Compassion for the suffering these parts of you had to endure, all so that you could feel what it felt like to suffer and struggle inside Shadow's hellish domain. You don't like to suffer any more than they do, and in your compassion they are reunited with the frequency of LOVE that seeks to bathe all in LOVE'S radiant healing, transformative, life-giving glow. Those negative parts are parts of us and we can take them with us into Heaven inside of us. As each piece we encounter that is presently living the hell of Shadow's separation is embraced back within our Heart, more LOVE heals our body, more LIGHT fills our body, and as we glow brighter our life grows to feel more right to us, because the energy inside of us is made to feel right--right for what it is, regardless of what it is, loved as part of our whole being, making us more whole!

You Heart holds the keys to unlock the chains that bind. Take time to find the LOVE and gift it to all the parts of you that feel un-LOVE-d. LOVE stands straight in the center and takes the "un-d" from the un-LOVE-d creating und-erstanding throughout the once-in-the-dark energy thread, reigniting the LIGHT, re-inviting more LOVE to shine and spread!

Let your Heart open your Head (mind) and your understanding grow!

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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