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The Human Mind's Fuzzy Memory&How To Boost&Better The Brain

The Higher Mind sees, knows, and understands everything in full detail.

The human memory is at best faulty and at worst, a purveyor of fallacious fiction.

Brain fog, hazy head, misty murky minds, forgetting what we're looking for or how things really are. We're overstimulated, at times confused, and unclear.

My memory is pretty decent, but there have been times when I could have sworn things were one way, and I recounted the story to others or myself (for years) only to find out at some future time that my tales were just that, tales and not truth, woven from threads that didn't even exist, and I built parts of my identity on these pieces, formed life around faulty recollections, with natural and accurate meanings assigned to inaccurate memories. It's a head-shaker moment, part of the fool's school we humans are enrolled within. We get things right, we get things wrong, we are all piecing life together with intentionally and unintentionally false and factual threads of data and information that weave life around us, sometimes in smooth patterns and sometimes all knotted up, frayed, tattered, and torn, clumps of clay that spirit plays with, puppets on a string singing the songs our Souls wrote for us. We make split-second choices based on the information we take in and move into action in ways that shape our present and future lives.

If we live them then why do we remember things unclearly? I'd go as far as to say that as our vast stories unfold, each part of our consciousness perceives and remembers things exactly as it is meant to, that even in our errors the story is moved perfectly along. Sometimes we are meant to get it wrong so things can happen in the order they do and at some point in the future, whether in this life or another, be able to delight in the discovery of what actually happened and why we remembered it as we had, as we do the shadow work and clean up all that was created and resulted from our incorrect assumptions or erroneous beliefs.

It's a WOW moment, this thing that I thought was, really wasn't, it was this thing instead.

As a result of this newly discovered piece of information, the whole story shifts, a newer and truer understanding takes shape, and greater forgiveness and fullness can move in.

Life is a drama and a delicious mystery unfolding, a love story full of beauty, wonder, pain, and traumatic moments that test us and teach us, taking us through all the parts of ourselves so we can better understand and truly see what we hold within. It would do us well to take everything we experience with a grain of salt because the human mind will only find the crumbs left for it that it is meant to pick up and piece together. Sometimes the crumbs are received and perceived accurately and sometimes we miss a few or fail to grasp the meaning of the incomplete few that we've gathered, which leads us down streets we'd otherwise never travel and end up in places we were always meant to go.

It's important to not rely solely on our human memory for a complete understanding of all we have gone through or are going through in life, we need GOD and Our Higher Self's expanded perspective and true perception to get to the true meaning and purpose of all we have lived or are living. Seated in Its Central Point, high above in the Heavenly Domains and Higher Dimensional Planes that pure and perfect perspective and perception sees and knows and understands All That Is and why it was and what it will be. LOVE helps us to truly comprehend, understand, and appreciate it all, bringing us peace.

Brain fog


Meditation is a meeting of all the minds we hold in the Body-mind with the Mind of God so that The Higher Mind can help us understand the complexity of the energetic patterns we hold inside, pointing out whatever we missed or wrongly remembered or interpreted. A meditative practice helps balance us in our experience of life, it is a mental, emotional, and spiritual housecleaning, a time when we can make sense of the energy patterns we contain, shed what we no longer need, and be inspired in our next steps.

Journaling as we go through life also helps us make sense of everything. We capture on paper the memory of it as we live it while it's fresh in our minds. Inevitably memories grow hazy or fade a bit, if not entirely, and having a written record of our experiences and perceptions is an interesting exercise as we reread them months or years later, being able to see how we have grown and matured or progressed through all we encountered. It's amazing how many times I have written dreams or meditations down and don't recall them, but later on, re-reading the journals is like discovering a delightful new story.

Taking care of our brain is also important, especially with the prevalence of chronic inflammation, autoimmune diseases, and Alzheimer's and dementia. Toxic heavy metals damage the brain, picked up from modern subpar diets, a plethora of vaccinations (not a reason to get or not get them, decide personally & with your doctor), environmental pollutants, cleaning products, cooking pots and pans, mercury from dental fillings, aluminum leeching into body from cans/deodorant ingredients/containers/foil, etc., diets with excessive refined sugar and junk food that throw off the microbes and gut biome, create imbalances with toxic yeast and fungus, and harm the brain.

Fish oil supplements support the brain. Breathing exercises supply the brain with plenty of healthy oxygen levels and help detoxify the body and system. Look into heavy metal detoxes, including natural herbs like cilantro (which is a heavy metal chelator that some people love while others think tastes like soap, this only means their toxin load is very high and they NEED to do a cleanse). Full body cleanses can also benefit us (liver, kidneys, parasites).

Brain exercises, learning new things, new languages, and trying new activities you haven't done before keep the brain fresh.

Physical exercise is important for a healthy happy body and mind, it can be gentle or moderate activity. Walking is an incredible exercise that gets your lymph (detoxification fluid system) moving through your body and can begin to balance your hormones. Stretching is important. We want to keep our brain flexible and we need to keep our body flexible as well. The health of the body is correlated to the health and flexibility of the spine. The Spinal Column protects the spinal cord and houses the nerves that run down and carry messages from the brain to every part of the body. Standing upright puts pressure on the spine, so it's important to regularly bend over forward and backward, to the right and left, to keep the spine limber and flexible ** Be gentle and move slowly when starting any new physical activity, don't do any jarring movements, stay present in your body and conscious in your movements, this helps limit or stave off injury. Keeping the spine flexible keeps the energy channel working properly so the electrical energy can flow freely through the nerves to all the parts of the body.

Dealing with our painful emotions and becoming aware of the quality of the thoughts we hold or give our attention and power to is important. Chronic negativity or repressed pain in the brain and heart can lead to disease in the body, developing healthy and positive habits keeps us on the best track for life.

Develop a Gratitude Practice:

Gratitude is an attitude for success: When we express gratitude we are tuning into our hearts. and linking our energy field into a high vibrating pure positive thought field, making ourselves magnetic to more positive thoughts and experiences. This supports the brain by keeping it healthy and nourished with that Vitamin G (Gratitude), some GOOD thinking and feeling! Give thanks to your brain for working perfectly and affirm that your memory is super strong. You can acknowledge what is, but then you have to start telling/speaking the story you seek to live. Give that memory and brain a boost by blessing it with your positive words and warm wishes instead of reinforcing the negative beliefs, even if they are part of your current experience. Speak it how you seek to see it and give thanks for it so it can grow into being for you.

Ultimately, it is your body and brain and you are responsible for its care and upkeep. You can work with your doctor to figure out what is best for you but you can also establish and develop a relationship with your body and Spirit/God to be guided or inspired to what best serves your brain and body's health and wellbeing. Here is to strong and healthy memories, thinking clearly, and living purely and joyfully.

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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