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The Good, Bad, & The Neutral

Let's take a look at ACTIONS & MOTIVATIONS to integrate these aspects within our Consciousness.

We will focus on Good Actions, Bad Actions, Neutral Actions, and all the aspects which motivate these actions.

There are parts of us that ACT good because they want to avoid bad reactions/results (not be punished).

There are parts that ACT good because they want to receive good.

There are parts of us that act good because they ARE good, with no expectations of receiving anything in return, and so it FEELS GOOD to DO GOOD, making them more magnetic to good-feeling experiences.

There are parts of us that act badly because they feel bad and are reacting from these bad feelings.

There are parts that act badly because they ARE bad and want to spread that.

There are parts of us that don't act because they are neutral and don't feel motivated to act or care to engage in action.

There are parts of us that don't act because they know they are not meant to or called/inspired to act/interfere with what is happening for that would be a violation of the free will of those involved.

While some may come from higher states or lower states of our inner Being, there is no judgment for any of these from our higher Selves, for each aspect allows us to experience different things in life.

So why did I bring up all this? Simply to take a look at all the different parts inside of us and others that are motivated by different things and for different reasons. We can own them all, letting go of all judgment towards any of it, and then decide how we desire to be from this point forward. It's okay if we find ourselves acting from our lesser parts, but we always have the chance and choice to rise up and act from better places within our Hearts.

We contain all possibilities and because of this, we have the chance to express and participate in all kinds of different experiences to learn from and through these interactions--this is a GOOD thing. Sometimes we humans will do things because we don't want bad, or we want good, or because we are connected to the good within us and we know how good it feels to do good and make others feel good. When one is connected to their Higher State of Consciousness they know that the world is a mirror and the energy that comes from us is returned to us.

The good or bad we do comes back to us like a boomerang--the time it takes to return is governed by our Higher Selves as It seeks to restore and rebalance the energy within and for us/Itself.

So, whether you or others are acting from the highest or lowest, or some part in the middle, it is all part of the human experience. We aren't always perfect, nor acting from our Perfect Selves, and that's okay, it's all a blessing for our Souls to have the chance to explore different energies and points of action and the resulting creations arising from it all. Life is for Consciousness and Its Understanding. Pondering and reflecting upon all we experience or witness others experiencing expands our understanding of all that we are and all that we are not through the reflections life offers us. Take the time to look and see and have fun discovering more and more about all that is.

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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