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The Awakending World, as we awaken to the New & TRUE in us & build a New World with LOVE!

*Reader: Feel free to read this aloud and align with the high-frequency energy that I have imprinted within this message of LOVE.

One idea of a world ends so another one can take the space.

We the People are awakening. We all hold the invisible threads of control in our hands. When we are unaware, we find these threads get twisted around us, making us believe we are bound and imprisoned, controlled by the bindings our own mind created. All it takes is for us to wake up and open our Heart's eyes and realize the other is ourselves, the opposition exists within, the enemy is an energy inside that is wounded that can be healed inside our minds with the LOVE in our Hearts, that the Government was created to SERVE the people, and the people experience their best lives when they are in loving service to each other. WE come together to co-create a beautiful world by owning the ugly we see in the world and DECIDING to make it better. Judgment, like Fear, is the energy of the darkness and it by its very nature BLOCKS the flow of good, from and to us. But by us tapping into the GOOD We are, the GOOD of SOURCE, LOVE, and applying that Higher energy to the darkness, bringing our LIGHT, we are able to effect change in the energy and the world.

Everyone on this planet deserves to have their basic needs attended to/met, and the freedom to pursue happiness. The planet belongs to us all. The wealth belongs to us all. The love belongs to us all. The joy belongs to us all. And all the opposites, all the pain, well, that is our human responsibility to take the dark we see, accept and own responsibility for its creation and intend with our Heart to create something better in the spaces it occupies. We are the ones we are seeking, and it is as each human wakes up and says, "I want to live in a better-feeling world", and with LOVE in their Heart bring that LOVE into whatever present situation they find themselves in, to take what is and make the best of it by bringing their best to it.

One side may try to dominate and control the other side, but when we drop the rope, the tug-of-war and realize we don't need to fight over a rope anymore, we have the WHOLE world to play within, we stand in our power and claim this Earth as ours, a planet of LOVE and goodwill, a planet of beauty and positive creativity, a planet for the people who create from their Higher Heart to live lives of Beauty, we take back the threads of control and are able to weave them into a more beautiful pattern and vision than before.

Within Duality, the Beast is a part of us all, but the Heart and LOVE is the power to transform the Beast into Beauty. I claim dominion over this planet for SOURCE, LOVE, GOD. I own the government and country I am a citizen of, it serves me, and I support it to do LOVE'S goodness in the world. I release my judgments of it and reclaim my power back from it and INTEND with the LOVE That I Am that it be better than it has been, that all injustices be revealed, healed, and restored back to wholeness... that the wealth of the people be returned to the people as they all awaken to their TRUE WORTH. Lack is a mindset and only the Heart can set the mind straight so that the Consciousness can see how truly abundant it and all things are! The world is our oyster and We are its PEARL!

My spiritual guides said that the 19th was the day before the event, so the 20th of April shall be interesting. I tell you all, remain connected to the LOVE in your Hearts no matter the chaos that swirls--for through LOVE your human body is a vessel, a Temple for SOURCE'S LOVE to reconnect to the planet and begin to FLOW in & Create with LOVE. LOVE is the Creator Frequency and the power to change what is into something that feels better. BE the LOVE and Let LOVE Be.

ACCEPT all you be, good and not-so-good. ACCEPT all the world be, good and not-so-good. Reconnect your Heart to the hurt in you and the world, and flow the healing LOVE into it. This is how we change the world into a more loved and loving world.

*Getting the good message out. :) We are Awakening! Welcome to the awakening of the Age of Aquarius, it is about to get REAL, y'all! REAL GOOD! These last bits are growing pains, shedding the old, stale, dead parts of past creations so that they may be restored, reborn into LOVE Everlasting. LONG LIVE LOVE!!!! Long live the Kingdom of Heaven within the Earth! This land is my land, this Land is LOVE'S. GOD Bless us ALL, may the LOVE & LIGHT grow, and the Not LOVE & shadow, HEAL. I claim the GOLDEN AGE.

We are here to take what is and make the best of it by bringing our best to it. Judgment keeps us stuck, but unconditional LOVE is the key and salve to free and heal us. Divided we fall, but Together We Stand, UNITED in LOVE, sounding the call of Heart to bring on and in the Golden Age.

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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