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Talk Is Treasure Or Cheap Depending Upon Who's Talking

Words are power, they create wonder and connection, or are weapons that destroy self and others.

They say talk is cheap, but that's only for those that don't value their word--for those that do, their walk backs up their talk, their actions speak their words loudly and their weight reverberates through time, and Integrity knows them by their name, for they are birds of the same feather.

We talk with more than our mouths or more than our pens and keyboards, we speak with our whole being, as this first kernel of truth held in Heart's Hands is deposited into the sacred space of Earth and Life, and it grows up and down through us, propelling us in whatever direction it is designed to go. Our words are magnetic and electric, they draw in all who match their emotional energy, and charge up actions or reactions in self and others, either positively or negatively, depending upon the quality of the thought the words and communication hold.

Our words weave themselves into forms that match their energy. Be conscious of the words you use and the words you hear others use. Ask your Soul to help you feel into it and the communication, do they feel good to you? Do they have weight to them, or does it feel hazy or jagged to you? What kind of images pop in your mind when you connect to the energy? When we speak and listen from the space of LOVE we can feel into those things that resonate with that energy and those that don't--we would feel some kind of resistance in the communication, a heaviness, a yuckiness, or stickiness to it.

Your Soul can help you improve your own communications and better understand others and where they are coming from. This can protect you from wasting your energy on empty words and shallow wounded, dishonest people.

Your words are like little seeds you deposit in the fields around you and their energy grows up all around you. Please make sure that the seeds you hold and infuse with the power of your emotional heart are the things you'd like to see growing in your life--for once germinated they can take on a life of their own... it's your garden and you'll have to deal with all that is sown. It's your life and your responsibility to take the reins of your communication consciously with LOVE'S intent to speak your authentic truth and embody integrity in thought, word, and deed so that your words wash worthy things your way. Wield your words wisely.

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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