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Spirit's Not Opposed To Science, Spirit Created Science

Contrary to a narrative that repeats itself in some echo chambers of social media, science, and Spirit are not at war with each other--Science wouldn't even exist without Spirit, nothing would. But smaller aspects of Consciousness or rather Aspects of Consciousness temporarily disconnected from their larger Selves, focused in smaller containers or circles of Consciousness are playing/experimenting with different ideas, some True, some False, and developing a sense of understanding of All That Is, and All That Is Not.

GOD is The ALL, AwareLOVELIGHT. The LOVE That KNOWS the TRUTH of ALL things, Pure and Perfect in ALL Ways.

God Is I AM Intelligent AwarenessManifest.

The "I" can also stand for Imaginative or Infinite. GOD is LOVE'S Eternal, Expansive, Creative Energy,

LIFE, LOVE'sInnerFrequenciesExpressed.

GOD, Pure Perfection, made God, in Perfection Only, and God created in Perfection knowing I Am Perfection (I'm Perfection), and then chose to play pretend with Duality and the seeming "imperfection" in the lower dimensions, building worlds of FORM, both FACT and FICTION.

God made Man and all Duality as a potential playground for Spirit to play with creating in contrast and living the dance of energy with the temporary war of the opposites because, with the TRUE Opposites, Feminine Emotional, and Masculine Mental, both sides are inseparable equally important Beloved Partners in CREATION, the combination of the two gives rise to the Many and the ALL.

Spirit created Science, so Souls embodied as Man (Biological Body Temples/Elemental Beings that Souls live through and within) could expand their understanding of the natural and supernatural through hypothetical analysis, exploring, and experimentation. Science is a tool, with methods, and processes of intuition and intellect, making inquiries within and then following the promptings to test, combining various elements and scenarios and seeing what unfolds, and then repeating the tests to discern fact from fiction, and occasionally true to never true from always true.

It may seem like Spirit (The Supernatural) and Science (the Natural) are in opposition to each other but, #Spirit informs science, it doesn’t deny #Science.

Science is the study of the natural world, the very same world that Spirit/God created, and so science is contained within Spirit's Playgrounds.

Science is the puzzle God created for Consciousness's discovery of imagination, exploration, and understanding of different aspects of the Self/self through the experience of and within this world where Duality exists and operates (polar war between the 2 sides (emotional/feminine and mental/masculine) with 2 different qualities of emotional and mental energy (positive/good-feeling) and the reversed negative (bad-feeling) creating The Cross of Energy Consciousness can choose to be bound within.

Each discovery builds upon the other, and a grand picture assembles itself for those meant to see and understand certain facets of infinity in the finite faces of this particular world. The beauty of the macrocosm/Infinite can be seen in the beauty of the microcosm/finite, and both may be merged with or meditated upon to gain a greater understanding of different facets of Our/our total Selves.

Science mainly deals with the natural while Spirit is the Supernatural. Spirit is what prompts us to look within and without to learn and understand the truth of specific things being examined. Through Scientific discovery, we uncover the inner workings of things in the world of form, and eventually, the individual human consciousness (i.h.c.) expands and reconnects to the Infinite Higher Consciousness (I.H.C.) through the Inner Holy Christ in the Higher Heart (I.H.C.) and will be guided to inspect and understand subtler energy aspects, as the Individual Consciousness makes its way back Home to Spirit to develop Its Complete Understanding of the subtle energy that shapes the physical realities, the metaphysical magic; these may be invisible to human senses but are naturally visible to the Higher Heart and Self's Supernatural senses, the left-side creative intuitive (right-brain) balance to the right-side (left-brain) logical intellect, creating the Cross of Consciousness in the physical-biological lifeform/Soul Being.

Life is different degrees of Consciousness, like in Russian Nesting Dolls, the smallest within the next larger size/level, and all within the largest. We have the privilege and gift to explore both the world of form and fact and the magic of the Higher realms reconnected to by and through our Inner Faith in this worldly realm--the truest part of us that truly sees, knows, and understands what is at the heart or core of all things, what is TRUTH and what is illusion. But truth or illusion all serve a purpose meant to lead us further away or closer to the True I Am, that is the way the dual polar opposites were designed to function.

Science is a tool that helps us understand, but Spirit is what created all the things meant to be understood, and so it is Spirit that guides us all on our path of discovery, whether the human ego consciousness is aware and connected to or denies Spirit and is operating temporarily disconnected from a conscious relationship with GOD/God and the pure Higher Self, able to be influenced by the false aspects of the temporary shadow selves. GOD knows ALL the Dolls are part of ITSELF/ItSelf/itself and It is ALL The Individual Souls and ONE Spirit playing with different scenarios, and eventually, all will be restored one within the One within The ONE,

and until that time arises, WE/We/we are all here to PLAY! WEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Have fun exploring whatever your inner heart prompts you to. People can deny Spirit or deny Science, as is the free will right of each individual aspect of Spirit exploring different scenarios and trying on different characters/roles within Consciousness, but eventually, FACTS which are always consistent will form for them and understanding will unfold in the manner and time right for the level their Consciousness is operating within or at.

So, it's your party, pretend if you wanna, but denial of TRUTH can't last forever.

And as for others, everyone wakes up to see what their Soul desires and requires them to, in the manner and time best for them. It's not up to anyone to awaken anyone else, we can share our perspectives but LOVE is The SOURCE Force that doesn't force anyone to do anything that goes against that individual Soul's desire and timing. LOVE knows the Way that is best for each depending upon the stage of Understanding they are at within their journey and walk back Home again. GOD is Wisdom and All wisdom and knowledge belong to GOD/God. Trust LOVE to show you the Science of Spirit and the facts of form, enlightening your way and expanding your Mind. Let LOVE inform you in all you encounter on your journey back Home to HEART and HEAD as ONE. There are worlds within worlds, mysteries to be solved, and magic to be experienced all just waiting to be discovered and their true meanings uncovered by all those meant to find.

Seek and you shall know.

Know and you shall LOVE.

And, let everyone else make their own discoveries as they are guided, LOVE is, after all, guiding it all (no matter how things may temporarily seem).

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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