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Served Hot or Cold, Revenge is a Rotten Dish, But LOVE Is A Treat That Makes The Sour Sweet.

When we've been done wrong, it might seem like it'd feel right to get back at those who hurt us, but walking the road of Revenge is a journey full of misery and suffering, and not a path of healing, although it can be part of our healing process.

#Revenge is seeking to feel better by returning the bad you received but only ending up with a bag of more pain. Thinking a thought or two of revenge can be part of the #healing process as you work through your painful and angry emotions to reconnect to the pain in your body and move it up and out, but obsessing over thoughts of revenge or taking action on those thoughts is a whole other story that prolongs the suffering and pain. Hypothetically, you got back at whoever hurt you, but instead of feeling better, you feel worse. Sure, you may initially feel the bump of adrenaline, creating temporary satisfaction, and build up the egos' story of retribution with justification (I got them, they deserved it, I showed them...), but when all settles down you realize you're still stuck holding a rotten dish, and all that pain is still lodged in the cells and tissues of YOUR body, creating physical and mental-emotional discomfort and disease, chronic inflammation, inviting in illnesses, viruses, accidents, potential cancers, and the like. And on top of all that, creating more negative karma for your soul which will need to be addressed and experientially paid for later.

If you've ever gone down that road of revenge you already know some of this. But fret not, all is not lost, every experience is a lesson and all lessons are always available to us for their true grasping and understanding, as they allow us the chance to feel the myriad of emotions of the human condition, and understand the mental and emotional patterns that are creating our lives and that we're meant to own and heal from.

Post-revenge, the one who hurt you may now be able to feel how it felt for you when they hurt you, or at least in some measure, right? But maybe not, maybe they don't care in the same way or aren't meant to be able to reflect upon their actions and change to be a better person. Maybe they then seek to hurt you even more and it becomes a vicious cycle of pain and resentment or has not healed that energy pattern within you, you attract another or others who behave in similarly destructive ways.

Anger at being hurt, betrayed, deceived, cheated on, stolen from, or injured, either personally or someone close to you, by another's selfish or malicious actions is a natural human feeling. Our Souls sometimes desire to explore these painful shadow emotions to develop our awareness and understanding of them. If it's PART of our experience we PARTicipated in it and that means it is PART of our creation, a co-creation with all involved. Each one is responsible for their role in every situation, but we carry the other within us as well, so something within us matches their energy and attracted them and activated them to react or respond to us in the manner they did--this DOES NOT place blame upon whoever is perceived as the victim or the one receiving the bad/negative energy action, nor take ANY responsibility away from the "bad acting individual", but it does mean we must take full responsibility for all we experience, just as the other(s) will have to take full responsibility as well once their soul begins doing its inner energy work.

Wisdom knows that all that happens to us is created within, requested by the Higher Us to happen for the human us, clearing karmic energy for us but also making new karma for whoever delivered the painful experiences/actions to us.

No one gets away with anything, even if they temporarily seem to, and also anyone who does something to us was asked by Our Higher Self to do it so we as the soul and the ego personality self would know what it felt like to be on the RECEIVING side of that particular energy exchange. That is what life is an energetic flow of GIVING and RECEIVING, breathing out, breathing in.

We can trust that we don't necessarily need to be the ones doling out justice and that Karma will deliver packages to all those that need to receive them. We can keep carrying our packages of pain or choose to own it all and forgive and release it so that our hearts, mind, and body are open to receive new and better things.

All we experience in life is the life we contain within, and it comes to us as a gift for us in our present moments arranged and coordinated by our heart's energy field. We may choose to unwrap it and be grateful for it and in doing so are able to reclaim our power and energy from it or we may choose to continue feeling resentment, anger, spite, and the need for revenge.

Each individual's heart field is responsible for what is drawn into their life and the surrounding environment and experience, as such our experience is built by our energy. We are certainly entitled to all of the feelings that our experiences generate for us, but with that, we also hold responsibility for all our experiences, whether we are giving, receiving, or even simply observing with any kind of emotional resistance (judgment, hate, fear, shame, guilt, sorrow, etc). We can use our experiences to reflect upon the emotional and mental energy patterns we hold within that gave rise to the conditions and situations we found ourselves in. We can become aware of the wounded patterns of thought/beliefs that different parts of us hold and begin the integration and healing process. Journaling can help to get the pain onto paper and out of our body and give us some space so we can feel and heal, make connections, and develop understanding.

Some questions we can ask ourselves:

Are there any parts of me that want vengeance or revenge? Who is it directed at/towards? What do I perceive happened? What feelings did it stir up in me? Have I done this or something similar to another in this lifetime or another? Why did it happen? Is that part of my ancestral story, or a soul pattern that is ready to be integrated and released? Is that a way I want to be any longer? How does LOVE want me to tend to this? Am I ready to forgive and cut the energy cords between us, letting God/The Universe heal that energy in me?

#Forgiveness is necessary for healing, but before we can get there we have to realize ignoring, pretending, or wishing we're not mad, hurt, or that a part of us didn't want revenge is not going to work to get rid of those thoughts or feelings. We can acknowledge them and all the hurt feelings that come up, allowing them to be, but then move into our hearts and LOVE'S understanding, acting not from these low-vibe feelings but instead from LOVE which knows what the best way to move forward in every situation is. We may be justified in our anger, while some aspect of ourselves is feeling mad at them for what they did, another is also mad at ourselves for having participated in or inviting them and it into our orbit, and yet another is mad at itself for doing those things to others (whether in this present lifetime or another incarnation of our Soul). On one level the bad feelings are real and justified, on another there is no reason to feel bad as all of life is in service to us all. We need each other to be able to play out various scenarios, situations, and experiences that allow our souls to learn and grow. This doesn't negate or invalidate any of the feelings that come up for us or the other, and each must be felt and acknowledged and compassionately loved by us in order for healing to become possible. For the human, life may hurt or taste yucky, but for the soul, there is sweetness and value in all experiences, and even more so in the growth that comes as we swim through our painful inner oceans and awaken more and more to Our Inner Divinity and Holy Christ Self allowing that higher aspect to act through us and enlighten us as we travel all our roads of life eating all the dishes We desired and life provides.

As we move through our healing and Ascension process (cleaning up our inner energy work) taking a look at the topic of revenge and vengeance is part of our inner #shadow work. Making a conscious choice to reconnect from a space of love to those parts within us that feel like getting back at those who have wronged us or being punished for those we've done wrong to is part of the healing work, as in making amends and letting go of the need to get even or back at one who hurt you or those you cared about is releasing a massive burden and weight upon your soul, and is truly liberating.

Blessings for all and strength of heart as you face the inner suffering your soul carries and let LOVE help put it all right so peace is restored.

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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