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Secrets of The Puzzle of Autoimmune Diseases...

There are more than 80 Autoimmune diseases at present, affecting more than 24 million people in the United States of America. The body turning on and attacking itself, inflammation running rampant, and pockets of wildfires burning inside so many of us.

Heavy metal toxicity (inherited and environmental), toxic chemical overload (diet, lifestyle choices, environment, poisonous chemicals/substances/drugs/pollution), adverse reactions to food or substances, genetic factors, not getting enough of necessary vitamins, minerals, fresh clean water, adequate exercise, and movement, as well as repressed, suppressed, unconscious, and unresolved emotional and mental trauma and pain.

Physical disease is a reflection of inner emotional and mental unease and trauma, toxic emotional and mental patterns that set up attraction to damaging practices, behaviors, foods, beverages, substances, and trauma-producing physical experiences, compounding the pain we hold within, *Yogic wisdom calls them "the issues in the tissues."

The physical show up as the facts of form to give us something tangible and solid that we can see, feel, and experience so that we may be alerted to troublesome inner energy, which is our own energy that is in trouble, stuck in pain and separation, deficient or devoid of love, requiring our awareness, understanding, and loving attention. (Section 5) is a wonderful website that offers the Emotional Symbolism/possible issues contributing to or behind certain physical conditions/diseases, etc. I like to refer to it whenever I or another is experiencing any physical diseases, illnesses, conditions, issues, symptoms, etc., and meditate upon what I read to see if anything resonates with me or any part of my subconscious. You can look to see if any health challenge you or someone you know is covered there and sit with the information to see if any of it resonates. Energy is designed to be in motion, and when we are present and acknowledge it we can own, process, and release it from bondage and our hold on it. The issue is that often we aren't fully aware of the totality of our inner emotional and mental reactions to the life that was or is unfolding for us, or don't have the bandwidth to handle what comes up so we repress or suppress it. This causes these to be stored inside our cells and tissues, magnetically imprinted within the magnetic water molecules, and stored inside the tissues/matter (earth element, as Earth holds Water). Our soul putting them away for a later date to be stirred up, looked at, and dealt with. Over time we have new and similar experiences (magnetically drawn to us by the matching energy contained inside of us) that add to these storehouses and the pain grows and compounds for us, bringing with it louder and more densified issues/situations/symptoms/challenges, all to get our attention so we can begin tending to what hides in waiting within us.


"Autoimmune diseases

Holding self to excessively high standards (perfectionism), but wondering why since no one else does, and using this as an excuse to harshly criticize others. Includes vicious self-condemnation for the tiniest infraction of those standards. Diseases can also arise if we have no way to know whether to expect cruelty or kindness from those around us, and our system can over-compensate with self-protection - just in case we are attacked.

Autoimmune disorders

Our immune system becomes out of balance due to not knowing whether to expect cruelty or kindness from those around us, and it over-compensates with self-protection - just in case"

** End of information.

In autoimmune diseases, the body’s immune cells lose the ability to read the differences between your own healthy cells and foreign bacteria or viruses or other microscopic organisms from the surrounding environment that enter the body.

The body's immune system attacks these invaders and the body’s own healthy tissues as well.


Because the toxic emotional and mental energies are stored inside the cells and tissues of the body, it's not the body being confused, it's the immune system going after the toxic subtle energy inside the body.

Since we don't understand the functioning of subtle energy we assume the physical malfunctioning is a mistake, but it's part of the perfect design allowing us to become aware of what we contain within so we can expand our understanding and transform the negative, wounded inner energies with the light of our loving Consciousness.

The body's response mirrors the spiritual, emotional, and mental attacks that are going on within the Individual consciousness. The immune system is doing what it was designed to do, go after the baddies in the bodies, the booboos in the being--it does so to get our attention, to alert us to this emotional/mental pain inside of us by causing physical pain to us--the body is a beautiful friend, mirror, reflection of all we carry and contain,

helping us to see and feel the hurt we hold so we can process, digest, help it heal, and truly release our pain, moving more freely and letting more LOVE flow freely inside our body, bringing with it greater health and well-being for the soul, mind, and body.

Of course, given any kind of health situation or autoimmune condition it is important to see a professional and get a proper examination. Dietary choices and lifestyle choices play a major role in the conditions of the physical body... we are what we eat, and drink, and do, or don't do, so taking an honest appraisal of all of these contributing factors is important for our recovery and journey into greater understanding and wholeness.

Mental, emotional, and spiritual health are very important areas to examine. The body-mind is the storehouse of our soul's integrated and unintegrated experiences within all its incarnations.

Meditation is an essential tool to begin to dive into what lies within the pools of our cells and tissues, all that is a matter within the matter that is our physical body.

We are all puzzles in the sense that we came to solve and master different aspects and facets of our inner energy, our challenges giving us the chance to experience contrast, collect all of our fragmented energies, and transform them with our awareness and loving presence.

There are plenty of things out there to investigate and experiment with. It is your body, your responsibility, and each needs to figure out what works best for them in each moment of life. EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) is very effective in connecting with the specific wounded emotional and mental energy stored inside the body's tissues and moving it out. Once you read about the possible emotional causes you can tap on them and see if you feel any energy moving in your body. There are plenty of videos online available for free to learn more about EFT and tap on different subjects, issues, and physical, mental, and emotional problems/challenges.

Another tool I have found useful in getting healthier is the Medical Medium (Anthony William) information, which has a plethora of valuable wisdom about heavy metal toxicity, detoxing, specific benefits of fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc., the power of celery juice, healing epstein-barr virus among other viruses and their prevalence and impact on the body.

Much of this article's information can apply to any health condition you find yourself dealing with. Awareness is key, and acceptance and the heart's desire and willingness to truly understand and ultimately let go of and heal what is inside you is necessary if you seek to create greater health and well-being inside your body and life. You can begin to heal what reveals itself, whether it is an autoimmune condition or something else, and regain your health as you purify your heart, mind, and body. Here is to your health and wellness! God Bless, you all.

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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