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Right To Live, Right to Choose, In life, there isn't one right answer for everyone...

Alert, Triggers possible, this is a look at a sticky topic, ABORTION, although we may apply some of what is discussed to other areas of life and how we differ as a Collective, plus I threw in some energy wisdom, because I am always up for some teaching. :)

Preface: I personally respect everyone’s viewpoint/perspectives. No one is right or wrong, as everyone’s opinion-belief set serves them and their understanding of life and the life they have and are living. HOWEVER, we must keep in mind our belief sets work for us but that doesn’t mean they work for everyone in every situation—our souls and our stories are multi-layered and they must be addressed with compassion, understanding, consideration, respect, and love. One size DOES NOT fit all, but LOVE fits everyone and everything perfectly, knowing what is the best and highest way to handle each and every INDIVIDUAL situation for all the individuals involved--LOVE, the Highest Awareness sees and understands all of the layers of the experience, the karma that every soul is carrying and working through and out, and why what is created as the experience exists for everyone. We in our human consciousness and awareness are usually only able to see a small part of things and at that, generally only through our individual filters or lenses, which may work for us, but don't always see things accurately concerning others.

We can't blame ourselves completely, Duality sets up the opposition, the opposites, the opposing sides, the tug of war, the I’m right, you’re wrong, the You’re wrong, I’m right, or is it You’re right, I’m wrong? It is an exhausting, confusing spin on the merry-go-round of life, but it’s what we signed up for incarnating onto this planet E, Earth Entering a body so we could have the chance to Explore, Experiment, Express, Experience, and Expand our understanding of EEEE... Energy... and Evolve into Our Original Essence of The Enlightened One!

EEEEEEE if you flipped it to the left it would be boxy 3’s 3333333

And E, Earth is the 3, 3rd rock from the Sun. The 3rd Chakra or energy center in the human body is the Solar Plexus, the stomach area, where our little suns, our power centers reside.

E, Emotion, E-motion, and Emotion set the motion and is the Feminine Mother Aspect of The Creator Frequency Equation, with the Mental being the Masculine Father Aspect of The Creator Energy.

Earth is referred to as Mother, and is one aspect of the Feminine, while Water is the other aspect of the Feminine; The Ocean of Emotions inside us humans (sex doesn’t matter, all humans are made up of feminine emotions and masculine mental aspects) create both wonder and woe for us allowing us to feel and live the totality of the contrasting energy aspects; Moon is Lady Luna, ruled by the Astrological sign Cancer, which symbolizes the Mother.

The Moon and Sun, as well as the other planets all work together to activate and move different energies in this Universe, waves of energy that move through the planet impacting those within it, helping to initiate, line up, stimulate, and trigger various energy exchanges and experiences between those on the planet.

The Moon reflects the rays of the Sun upon the Earth and all in it highlighting the energy that lives inside of us so that we can become conscious of it through our experiences. The moon governs our emotions and controls the tides of water and ocean, stirring up the watery emotions inside the cells, tissues, and organs of the human body and brain helping generate specific sensory experiences for us--everything works together. Two weeks ago we had a new moon in Cancer and the Sun moving into the sign of Cancer, so issues dealing with the Feminine and the Mother were being activated for us all, recently we had a full moon in Capricorn symbolizing the Father on Earth, ruled by Saturn, The Father of Time, and the Sun is getting ready to move into the sign of Leo, ruled by the Sun and symbolizing the Father God Aspect for this Universe. We are all working through the layers of pain, the shadows and wounds of the Feminine and Masculine held within the Collective as they express collectively and impact us individually.

… Pro-Life? Pro-Choice?

It’s always a sticky situation on what seems like personal moral or ethical battlefields where differences of opinion are so knotted up with emotions and ego identity, where we think we are our beliefs and must defend our positions wholly and ferociously, not taking the other side into account.

But life pertains to us all and not all the sides hold the same viewpoint about all the issues, nor are they designed or meant to.

While we may be split in Duality, in Unity Consciousness we move from the divided oppositional energy of one side against the other to Original wholeness, being able to understand both sides and their different perspectives and where they meet in the middle, understanding they are both connected and part of the whole.

Trying to apply the same meaning to everything in a world of diversity is an attack on differences, not everyone sees life in the same way, we are all operating with different lenses and histories. Life is not designed like that, it is made to be infinitely creative with some similarities and many differences… different looks, circumstances, temperaments, feelings, thoughts, backgrounds, conditions, ideals, values, dreams, wounds, levels of understanding, etc., and most importantly, different choices on how we live our lives, what matters to us, what we value, what we desire, what we dream of, and what we intend to pursue and do, as well as what happens to us in our individual lives.

What works for one may or may not work for another, and still yet, may work against another. There is no one size fits all, for a garment made for a giant would trap a child.

Free will is a precious gift from God, for it lets us love God with our “whole heart”—because we desire and choose to. That is the very essence of life, what we choose to do with our energy and how those choices create our reality and how we respond or work with what is created.

Free will gives us the possibility to make choices, to get things right or wrong, but regardless of what it is all experiences hold valuable wisdom for our souls. According to LOVE, there is only one choice, but that choice changes depending upon all the variables and energies that are involved in the equation. While the experience or issue may seem to be the same or similar, each experience is unique to those it is created for and by. LOVE looks at things from all levels and considers every layer and thread that is woven into each experience and what serves each one's greatest good, taking into account all karmic aspects and higher reasons for each situation.

Each individual is endowed with Free Will and must live life according to their hearts and minds and live with the effects of those choices. This applies to us all. It is how we learn, grow, and evolve.

You enjoy your ability to live your life according to your heart, correct? Well, interfering with others’ free will is controlling the other, which is not loving.

GOD is LOVE and LOVE is freedom.

Everyone is a child of GOD, but not everyone has the same religion or sees things the same way—GOD designed this space so that we can explore life and hold and play with different belief systems, experiment with life, and make choices and learn from them. Taking away someone’s chance to do that is not respecting GOD’S gift of Free Will. This applies to so many things, but right now what is going on for the Collective in the United States of America is an issue that has divided many for a long time. Everyone is entitled to their viewpoints, and their feelings, feelings ARE NOT right or wrong, they simply ARE… but just because I feel a certain way on an issue, doesn’t mean everyone has to feel that way—only a naive small-minded individual would think like that—not everyone likes vanilla ice cream, that’s why we have all kinds of flavors to choose from. And not everyone would make the same choice in a similar scenario—that’s where our free will comes in. The right to choose, to win or lose, to make mistakes, to hurt, to heal, to learn and evolve.

For those more on the side of Pro-lifers, yes, I understand your heart hurts for the unborn fetuses and you think you are justified in protecting them, because of the Commandment, Thou Shalt Not Kill, but if you eat animals or vegetables and fruits, or kill insects or your own or other’s dreams, or wish another were dead (even if you don’t truly mean it) you are breaking that commandment yourself. I’ve seen the videos of baby parts chopped up and it IS horrific, but so too are the videos of mass farms and butcher shops and all the pain animals endure. Yes, God gave humans dominion over the beasts of the land, but also free will to choose how to live.

We may make rules to try to create a respectful society but not everyone agrees 100% of the time, so challenges do come up that we must navigate, using both compassion and reason to serve the greater good. You may think it’s okay to take away a woman’s right to choose, but then you invite your own rights to be taken away, for the Universe mirrors and returns your energy back to you so you can feel what it feels like to be on both the giving and receiving side of things.

When we imagine ourselves in certain situations we think how we would handle it, and many think they would never end the life of their child, imagining their own babies and children having that happen to them, this is where those very strong emotions come in and can cloud our view—of course, loving people respect babies and children, but that doesn’t mean it would be the most loving thing for a woman, teen, child to have a baby that would be more of a burden than a blessing, it doesn’t serve the female or the fetus and then the baby. Protecting the fetus at the expense of the woman is not loving either, she existed prior to and should have a say over her body temple. And it doesn’t mean one who selects to have that procedure is not loving. Ultimately, it is a personal choice and one that girls, teens, and women must make for themselves if they find themselves in a situation where it is a possible solution to what they are facing. This doesn’t mean it is the only solution, but for many, it is a viable option and the one they chose/choose because it is right or best for them at that time in their life experience—while we may offer our perspectives or viewpoints, it’s not up to anyone else to decide that.

The Right to Choose, it’s not win or lose, it’s a choice with after effects—some of these are positive, some negative, but God gave us Free Will, and as such, each person should have the right to use their Free Will and live life according to that, within reason.

We act and there are consequences to our actions.

A woman choosing to get an abortion can be making that choice for many reasons—it’s not a walk in the park, it’s hard— I am grateful I never had to go through that procedure, but many women have.

They may be relieved, as in having a baby at that time would make life unbearable, unsafe, not secure, but that doesn’t mean they escape the pain, for their future self will reflect back on it with some positive and negative feelings coming up—loss for the child they didn’t have, regret, gratitude, perhaps a greater appreciation for the children they did/do have. They may struggle with it but they’d struggle more if they had the baby.

Life is a gift. Children are gifts, but not everyone is ready for that gift, nor should they be forced to be.

For some gifts are more burdens than blessings.

It serves no one to force someone to carry a baby they would resent or be unable to properly care for or manage life with the pregnancy. While many women have, not all are as capable or in the right situations to be able to do so.

The fetus, after all, is swimming inside the mother’s energy, and while you may not realize it the moods of the mother as the fetus is developing DO matter and affect the baby and the soul—even if it’s adopted by a loving couple, the stresses and fears of the biological gestational mother do impact its growth and development.

You may say, well then give it up for adoption, there are so many people who want children and aren’t able to have babies. That may be the case, but that’s still no reason to force someone to have a baby they don’t want to.

On the other side, abusing anything is unwise, especially these procedures. People abuse all kinds of things, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, food, sugar, shopping, sex, exercise, plastic surgery, etc., and all the choices we make come with consequences that each person has to live with and learn from in their own time and manner. Repetitively using and abusing the procedure is not right ethically, nor energetically, there comes a point when one has to take responsibility for their choices and make different ones—but we all still have free will, so that is between their human self/soul and Their Higher Self, and they will have to deal with their own consequences at the design and desire of their Higher Selves. No one escapes their actions or their energy (thought & feelings), the Higher Self will bring it all back to be owned, understood, and dealt with/karmically rebalanced. But again, that is between the individual and their Self and SOURCE.

In the event that a woman abuses the procedure, as in getting it many times over and over again, her soul suffers too, not only for the repetitive disrespect for life or taking responsibility for her free will consensual sexual choices,

she may experience infertility, the inability to get pregnant when she wants to, she may develop other kinds of reproductive illnesses or diseases, cancers, etc. (in this lifetime or another), and she may have issues in other areas of her life as well. There are many layers to life, and emotions, thought-beliefs, and experiences get stored inside the cells and tissues of our body, we may stuff things down, or not notice certain feelings or thoughts, ignore them, think we dealt with it, rushing into busy work to get our minds off things, or not realize that every experience we have, every thought we have, every feeling we have, every word we speak, silent or aloud, every choice we make leaves its mark on our souls and is stored in our body, building up over time, growing, until it gets our full attention and is felt and dealt with properly. But whatever the individual chooses, that is that soul’s choice, and we all pay for our choices positively or negatively at another time, either in this lifetime or another, all for the purpose of balancing and learning from our experiences and our inner energies. We also help other souls be able to have certain experiences so they can rebalance their own inner energies--it may look like one is doing something negative to another but there are reasons the Higher Selves understand and agreed to do for the purpose of the experience in the world of form.

The abortion issue isn’t black or white, like much of life, there are many perspectives, and each serves those that are holding them. I can see both sides of the debate and understand why they are so emotionally and egoically tied to their viewpoints.

I support the Right to Choose AND I support the Right to Life at a certain point, the soul comes into the body after the first trimester and around the 4th Month, which gives plenty of time for a woman to choose to end the pregnancy either through natural foods/herbs that make the womb inhospitable to an embryo, or through Plan B pill, or an abortion. At the point of 4 months and after, you’re on the ride, and just like you can’t get off the roller coaster once it pulls away from the track, you might as well commit, whether you keep it or put it up for adoption, that is a choice you can make. An exception occurs in the circumstances where the fetus endangers the mother's life or is having extreme developmental issues in the later stages of pregnancy, where terminating the pregnancy is necessary and desirable. But even all this, is how I feel about the issue, it’s not necessarily how everyone feels about it, and just as I have the right to my opinions, so too does everyone else. It’s not, I’m right, you’re wrong, it’s, this is how I see it, how do you see it—it’s a dialogue, a discussion, trying to expand understanding on all sides so that everyone can understand their positions on issues they may or may not have to deal with, and realizing that there is no right answer to all situations, each must be addressed individually with a heart of compassion for all involved.

A woman should have a say over her own body—it is HER body. She should be able to do what she wants with it and her life. Instances of rape or incest that result in unwanted pregnancies should be able to be ended if that is what the female chooses, as well as PTSD therapy given to the females going through such traumatic experiences.

But we can also educate women a lot better than we do. There are many natural foods and herbs/teas that are natural abortifacient foods and herbs that women can take to make the womb inhospitable to a fertilized egg in the beginning stages of pregnancy—this is also important information for women who are having miscarriages and trying to maintain pregnancy who need to be educated about. There is also the Plan B pill, and Birth control if used properly can help, but nothing is perfect and there is also the factor of human error that must be considered. Some women/girls are in unsafe, abusive, violent environments or home settings with family members that would not handle the news of their pregnancy well, or where the pregnancy would tie them to a very dangerous situation. These must be considered as well. Each situation is unique. We may think people should do things as we do them or would do them, but that’s not fair to control others in that way, nor does it take into account all the diverse intricate details of each indivdual's life situations and stories. I am sure that you don’t like being controlled at all times, and neither do most people--except those that like being controlled ; )--there are some out there.

This next perspective may be a little beyond what most people are seeing life through, but that's why I am here and writing this, to offer a different perspective on the issue and the subtle energy connected to it--it’s a limited view to think that the Soul that is the aborted fetus isn’t aware that this is going to happen, in the higher dimensions Spirit has a larger view of life and can see how things may play out—we as souls playing within Duality have a great deal of karma to rebalance, and some souls use these experiences to repay some of their karmic energies, both their own and others involved. For example: in one lifetime the soul of the fetus being aborted killed or ended the life of the soul who is now the pregnant woman/would-be mother perhaps in a fight or a robbery, or ended the life of another and by having the experience of being aborted the soul is able to rebalance this energy of a life taken and a life lost. This is just one example, there are many deep and fascinating reasons why things occur in the world of form that evade our initial human awareness and understanding. We may not understand them completely on Earth, but the Higher Souls do in the Higher Dimensions and can help us become aware of and understand here on Earth through meditation, dreamtime, and through our spiritual work.

While many humans love to control their world and try to control others, it’s neither fair nor loving to act like that. Sure, we all want harmony, but what is harmony for one may be hell for another who is existing in VERY different circumstances. There is no one right way for everyone and every situation. If all instead of trying to control the situation or others reconnected to the LOVE in our hearts and asked LOVE what serves the greater good in each situation we may be able to have compassion for others and give them the space and freedom to live life and figure things out in their own way and time.

Whether you believe in Pro-Choice or Pro-Life, or are somewhere in between, I am sure you appreciate the ability to choose and govern your life in a way you see fit. Don’t you think others should have that same right?

You may be standing up for the pregnant female or the fetus, and I am not saying babies don’t deserve protection, but all souls who seek to live will eventually find a body to incarnate in, and forcing one life to carry another that they don’t want is not doing any favors to the soul of the fetus, nor the female being forced to do something that her heart is guiding her to do, it is violating her free will and is certainly not the most loving choice we can make as humans.

Will we ever get everyone to agree on everything? No, never, that’s the beauty and the bane of this world, we all have our viewpoints, and all viewpoints matter, but that doesn’t mean all are meant to share our viewpoints, the most we can do is speak our truths, live our lives, be the best we can be, and give others the same freedom to live according to their hearts and learn in their own time and way. Provided we respect each other, we can create a better-feeling world and support others to live their best lives.

The drama is going to play out as it will and there will be people polarized and fighting for their side because this is stuff The Collective is working through. I pray for healing on all sides, we may have differences of opinions, but we are all humans trying to live life as best we can. This world is big enough for us to hold different viewpoints and get along, the question is, are we big enough?

Here's hoping we figure things out and give each other the space to do the same!

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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