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New Decade, Old darkness, New Decisions, New Delights, New LIGHT! Evolve Through LOVE.

New Year, and a new decade full of new promise and new potential,

but we're all still carrying around so much of the old energy. How can we reach our more with all the less, and get to the better through all the mess? Fret not, Heart holds the keys to set us free so we may roam into the future we please!

2020 in numerology breaks down to a 4, 2+0+2+0 = 4

A year for perfecting our vision--the vision of how we see things, shifting from the eyes of judgment to the Eyes of LOVE.

2020 is a year for the Heart of Earth and the Heart of all IN and ON the Earth.

4 is an energy for the human heart, as it has 4 chambers and is our 4th Chakra or Energy Center, distributing the energies relating to emotions, feelings, state of being, soul, family, relating, relationships, love, Love, LOVE.

Home is where the Heart is, and Heart is where the Home is, the Control Center of your Soul and the top region of your Emotional Body. The Heart is the bridge between your lower human emotional and mental aspects and your Higher Divine aspects, the God-Energy within. LOVE is in the High Seat inside your Heart, it is your Soul’s Command Center, where you take command of all the energy that comes into your Conscious Awareness. It is where you are in CHARGE of things, and able to RECHARGE energy threads, reprogramming them into something else. When life shows up it will bring into your view the things within Duality contained inside of you--it does this not to torture or annoy you, punish you or pain you, it does so to show you the pieces you carry inside of you that are part of your totality. Some of these are glorious and fantastically beautiful parts, aspects of Your Higher and True Divinity, and some are the glorious and fantastically ugly parts, aspects of your lower, wounded human selves, that we are all here to live and heal through the LOVE We Are. LOVE is your Higher Awareness and is the Creator-Frequency.

It is by taking these aspects held in our lower world, the wounds of our pasts, the wounds of our ancestors, the wounds of our soul's connected incarnations within The Duality Experiment, our ghosts, our demons, our shadows, and reconnecting them to our Heart, flowing our Unconditional LOVE towards them, that we transform our weaknesses back into Our Strength. We within Duality carry the fractured and fragmented, and as Our Unity, The LOVE We Are, are able to make the wounded, Whole again. We unite our LOVE with these unloved parts of us and reignite the points of Light within our LIGHT Body.

This world reflects each individual back to itself--it's good like that-- it does so without judgment, a willing and dutiful screen or stage that displays and plays out all the pieces of ourselves also held and reflected in others that we get to play off of and interact with-- because we all are one and the many. We exist simultaneously in these lower dimensions as an Individual, and as a Collective, just like we exist in these earthly dimensions as our human self (h.s.) and as Our Higher Self (H.S.)--little self and Big Self, wounded self and Whole Self, shadow self and LIGHT Self, devil self and Divine Self, negative self and positive self, feminine self and masculine self--the Polar Opposites, but one pole of Energy, connected.

As a world, we are all part of a Collective Reality that requires us all to participate in and to take personal responsibility for everything that comes into our individual view, all the good and the not-so-good. We perceive as We Are, with our ATTENTION being PULLED towards all the things inside of us that require our Consciousness to reconnect Its focus and flow Its LOVE towards. These are all the disconnected, fractured, fragmented, wounded, dying parts that must be owned as a part of us, of each individual who desires to free themselves from having to continue to deal with the lower, negative shadow forms. We must free them from having to be them so that we may be free from them. They are the parts that through the power of LOVE may be integrated, transmuted, enlivened, and transformed from the wounded into the Wholeness, so that it and we may heal and be revealed as LOVE'S LIGHT. Where once there was a dark and wounded spot within the Collective and individual field, now it is re-enlivened, reignited, and enlightened by the force of LOVE.

Our eyes, part of our physical body are controlled by our mind; our mind or mental body is governed by our emotional body and the emotions that are actively vibrating in our inner field. The emotions are the magnets and the Heart field is the Magnetizer, the force that CHARGES our inner field, drawing matching or resonant energies in the outer field. All parts of us are meant to work together so that Consciousness may expand its awareness and understanding through the expressions and the interactive experiences.

Life flows to us to show us who we are; sometimes it is what is wonderful in us and sometimes it is what is wounded in us. The wounded is deficient in LOVE and comes to us to be reconnected to our Heart field and become one with us, reintegrated back into Our totality. We don't always take the opportunities that come to us to flow our unconditional LOVE towards these wounded parts of ourselves and society; sometimes we find it's the eyes of judgment, of our wounded human selves (h.s.), our lower selves that greet what life brings to meet us. These eyes hold no power to change what they see, they only perpetuate the energy they judge, spreading the pain through the field and inside of their own bodies. We may feel judgment pop up when we see things we dislike, and we have EVERY right to EVERY feeling and thought that we hold within, for no feeling is right or wrong, but if we truly seek to change things then we must change the state of our being towards the things we are seeing, and this includes the beliefs about these things that we or parts of us hold inside of us, either conscious or subconscious. When we are in a state of judgment towards anything our Higher Heart field is closed off, which leaves us unable to CONNECT with The Higher Mind, that holds all the positive, good-feeling thoughts and inspirations that produce positive, constructive results and manifestations. The active emotions of judgment are held within the lower emotional field/body and may only connect with the lower mind, which holds all the negative, bad-feeling thoughts, motivating negative actions, producing destructive results and painful manifestations. Our state of emotional being determines what Mind/mind we have access to, and this determines what our body is, or other bodies, meant to act upon us in the external field, are being motivated to do. All actions generate reactions or consequences that match them. Heart/emotion/feeling ATTRACTS resonant mental/thought energy, which motivates ACTION or REACTION--we or others are prompted to act upon the activated good or bad feelings vibrating in our field and from these actions more feelings that match the ones that motivated them are generated in the actor and the receiver(s). This is the way the good feelings or bad feelings spread and multiply.

To be able to change anything inside this world we must FIRST, work with the ENERGY that is building the physical reality, this is the emotional feeling and mental thought/belief energy that gives form or shape to the physical reality and experience. We must take personal responsibility for the pain we see and accept it also as a part of us that was created by the Higher Us to be whatever it is currently being (the present state of its being is the ENERGETIC CURRENT THAT IS FLOWING INTO OUR AWARENESS, what our Consciousness is plugged into), forgiving where we must, apologizing for our soul's parts in it, in being it, in receiving it, in judging it, in withholding our love from it, and we must extend our gratitude towards the energies and the experiences, and the others who helped our souls play with and play out all these expressions. Without the energy in the forms, they were shaped to be our souls would have been unable to learn what it felt like to to be the contrast, the opposites, to truly value our Higher Selves and The Essence of What We Truly Are. Once we have worked to change the energy inside of us, then our field becomes magnetized by LOVE'S force and this opens our Higher Mind Receiving station, which is tuned into the higher frequency Solutions to all the challenges we face. We may then be INSPIRED BY THE HIGHER to transform the lower, bringing or rather restoring Heaven onto Earth. Heaven is Eternal, Hell is temporary.

We may look like humans, but we are so much more. And, the world may look like it is in trouble or full of problems, but trouble is the name it took, so Help could show up,

and Problems are the shape it took so Solutions could form themselves inside and through us and we might know the joy of working it all out together

or having it miraculously work out with the unseen Higher Divine assistance.

We hold the low, but We Are the High. We may live the hells, but Heaven is held inside our Heart and LOVE is the song it sings. Hum the frequency of LOVE to draw the best out of whatever life brings your way, let it fill your Heart, your lungs, your Head (Mind, Eyes, Ears, Mouth), and your Hands. Increase your ability to unconditionally LOVE all the mess and pain you see in the world and others and you Raise your energy, increasing your WATTAGE, strengthening and expanding the percentages of Light in your LIGHT Body.

Low wattage = low or shadow, negative manifestations


The world is a reflection of the Collective and thus, includes the energies of Duality. We have people living heaven standing next to people living hell--this is the nature of Duality's energy. We are energetic beings meant to grow our Mastery of All That We Are, and in the Contrast, All That We Are Not, so that our Consciousness may have the experience of evolving its awareness to understand what it feels like to be it all. The Dualistic nature contains the Higher LOVE That We Are and its opposite, Not LOVE or judgment. This opposite energy is what gives rise to pain and suffering. Each individual has a choice, to LOVE or not to LOVE, to continue judging and resisting the wounded inner negative energy seen in the outer. We may choose to heal or continue to hurt. Whatever we choose, Life will continue to bring these hidden, hurt pieces of ourselves back to us, giving us another chance to give our LOVE to them, releasing all judgment and negative feelings we hold within towards these ideas/thoughtforms/realities.

We are in a time of energy speeding up and dissolving so new ideas and experiences may take form and hold space with and for us all. The Golden Age is upon us, but we still have much to ALCHEMIZE within our Collective Shadow selves and cells. 2020 may have its challenges, as all years do, but whatever comes your way, take a breath, connect to Heart and invite LOVE in to work on, within, and through you. Whatever you see in the outer world that is in pain, take a moment to own that energy inside of you, apologize for judging it, being it, receiving it in all lifetimes and dimensions, giving thanks to it for its service to your soul and all it taught you, and finally intend for it to be LOVE'S LIGHT once again, free from having to hold the old forms for you, inside you, inside itself, inside all. Thank you and the World thanks you too!

Life is for the living and LOVE is What We Truly Are.

Pain is lacking in LOVE and may only create more pain unless LOVE takes COMMAND of the pain energy and Changes its name from the unloved to the LOVED. Only the perceiver of the energy may be the receiver of it, and only by being LOVE may that perceiver become the REPROGRAMMER of the energy they perceive/receive.

Judgment keeps us stuck in the mud of the past. LOVE is the Master Thread of Energy that pulls us out of our muddy past and allows us to build Heaven upon Earth.

Invite, invoke and involve LOVE in all you do & then you EVOLVE and the world does too.

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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