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LOVE is The Healing Stone, The Keystone for All Found In Life

Such a beautiful voice and song! James Young wrote it, but I feel like GOD is saying it to us all... “Give ME all your pain and LOVE will set you free

Give ME all your shame, put ALL your weight on ME

and I’ll Be The Stone that you need Me to Be”—GOD

When you're carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and your heart feels a heavier load than you can bear, remember you're held in the Body of GOD and cared for by the LOVE That Is, regardless of your particular religious beliefs. Free will allows the mind to play make-believe and forget the Divine Self That Is Its Core. The human deals with the real pains of the illusion of our separation, but Connection is a heartbeat away, as Desire is ignited to once more FEEL Connected and Cared for in all we must endure and encounter in these human lives we live. And these lives come with a multitude of emotions and experiences, the wonder and delight that makes us feel like we're flying, and the woe and devastation that crushes our spirits and breaks our bodies and hearts. To endure we require Connection to a Higher State of Being. To Evolve and be the best that we can be we must seek a connection with something larger than ourselves so that we are able to be inspired and sustained, nourished, uplifted, evolved into Our More! We are human and we are Higher; we are the wounded hell and the Healed Whole. Sometimes we need something outside of us to lean on, but in truth this energy is within us all along, living quietly inside our Hearts, waiting for us to give It ALL our pain so that LOVE can set us free, to Give It ALL our shame, to put all our weight on It and allow It to Be the Stone the Human-we needs It to be. You have this LOVE within you. And, It is all around you if you'd but open up your Heart and ask LOVE to set you free. All my love, Jamie Ferry

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