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Long-Lived The Queen

By any standard of humanity 96 years is a good run, and Queen Elizabeth II was a stable anchoring force in the world for such a long time, fated to lead and head all she did and do it in a calm, regal, gentle, solid, graceful, humorous, dry-witted queenly manner.

Life happens, and people are born and die every day, the somewhat recent passing of a Queen Mother, a symbol in her own right, dutifully serving the Collective Global world and all the narratives within this Galaxy, is the end of one era and the beginning of another one.

We all have our parts and roles to play. Sometimes we are the actors and sometimes the observers, sometimes the villains and sometimes the heroes, but no matter the roles we find ourselves in all are a necessary part in the play of energy--we need each other to bounce our inner energies off of. Queen Elizabeth II was a figurehead in humanity's story on Earth for 96 years, no matter how you view her or what stories you buy into (which are personal to you), she is another one of us, part of Our Global Family, a Soul Child of The Infinite Creator. There are many who love her, respect her, hate her, judge her, blame her, shame her but that is like all of us—we all have our crosses to bear and others will see in the reflection of us whatever hue and quality their filters apply to the image they are seeing and perceiving, as the habit of projecting onto others is rampant on this planet. What she did and how she lived her precious life on this planet is between her and her Higher Self and SOURCE, The Prime Creator. It is not up to us to judge, but merely own the reflected perceptions and our own emotional responses/reactions to them, reintegrating and requalifying them within our own personal energy body. How we relate to the external world helps us to understand different facets of our inner energies, working through various scenarios and situations, either directly or indirectly. What happens in the present may trigger our souls to remember when something like that happened to them or they did something like that to another--it gives us a chance to bring peace to those disconnected and discontented parts of us--to make our energetic amends to whatever energy exists within without being bound by the present space-time our physical personality exists in--we can heal wounds across time as we become aware of them in the present--that is the beauty of energy and life.

All the dramas that play out in these lower dimensions are part of a grand play of Duality's energy, where positive and negative qualities are possibilities that Spirit is creating with and learning from. This means that energy will either express in the positive or negative, and souls choose in some part what quality of energy they will continue creating with once past-created energy shows up in the experiences one finds oneself a part of or viewing--we may keep it frozen in that form with our judgment of it and keep it resisting/fighting us as we continue resisting or fighting it, or we may reconnect to it, reclaim our energy from it and embrace it with our healing heart's energy, renaming it LOVE'S LIGHT. One soul may perceive something or someone in the external world as positive, while another sees it as negative, but both may gain positive wisdom from it as they work through their own personal inner energies.

The world, part of duality, has its ugliness in it and I acknowledge that but I choose to see the good, the LOVE, and the LIGHT that is within all, and when I look at her, all the countless clips and behind-the-scenes videos of her over her 70+ year reign I see a woman who had to assume a very heavy role at a young age, losing her beloved father and having to channel the grace and calm tranquility and nobility to lead a nation through decades of shifting sentiment, wars, and countless challenges that life on this planet comes with.

Even with the shadow of imperialism casting darkness in the world, Queen Elizabeth united many different groups, countries, and people in this world. Royal visits to various places over the decades generated excitement, artistic expression, and healthy pride in many people over her 70+ year reign, introducing many places into the world's awareness, promoting travel, and expanding the world's understanding of the existence of people in various parts of the world that they may have not known about normally. We have enough stresses and serious issues to face on this planet, any reason to celebrate is a worthy energy investment to help lighten the energies and invite greater inspiration and good feelings so we remain open to new creative inspiration on how to best address the challenges we face.

I'd remind all that we don't necessarily SEE what is there, we SEE what WE are, it's our inner energy directing our eyes/mind to notice it, and we see those aspects that are vibrating inside of us, fragments or pieces or facets of our own inner energy, both wounded and whole, visible through the reflections of others in the external field. You see in the world of energy, they be it, we see it and maybe we become aware of it and are able to embrace and understand it, or at least understand more of what we contain within that is related to or triggered by what we see/encounter. It is how we perceive others that we are able to reconnect to some of our soul's subconscious energy that matches it and is stored inside the cells and tissues of our body and our DNA. Once we are present with this past-created energy we have the chance to change it. We are all mirrors for each other in this world, just as we need a reflective surface to be able to see ourselves we need each other to reflect various aspects to each other.

We are all one, there is no separation (although some may temporarily experience themselves as separate), individuation yes, but separation no--we are all connected, and any part, person, or issue that you withhold your compassionate love from is a point of pain inside of your own Pain Body that will only create more pain for you until you transform the pain into presence and unconditional LOVE making it a point in your Pure LIGHT Body. You do this by owning (with LOVE) all of the energy of whatever you are viewing and perceiving in the other or the external world. Loving the energy unconditionally does not mean we condone bad behavior, but that we compassionately understand the energy is a part of us and our collective wounded energy that we may reconnect with and re-create within us through the power of the heart.

Whether you loved the Queen or not, were a fan or not, she is a sister of your Soul, another one of you, and whatever she reflected back to you, however, you perceived her is how you view those aspects of your inner self, things your soul is working through. The world both mourns and celebrates every passing that occurs, for the end of one form is the beginning of other forms and the continuing evolution of the Eternal form and Story. While all are entitled to their feelings and opinions, remember a family and a nation lost their beloved Matriarch, and we all have experienced loss in some form or another and can compassionately relate. Personally, I saw her beauty and joyful silliness and it delighted me, there seemed to be great care for her family, albeit lacking a little of the touch and affection I value, but duty and the heavy responsibilities and somewhat rigid upbringing of a royal family might have that effect on a person--I wouldn't have wanted to be in that role in this life, but I respect and honor her and all she gave to the world.

Queens and Kings are part of Our Collective's Archetypal Energy. As such that role is important to all souls, whether they are or have been born into that role in this or any other physical incarnation or just witnessing others, all Souls are royalty, Children of GOD. We are meant to master our energies and establish our divinity claiming dominion over Our Kingdom, making our Body Temple into a Temple of LOVE or the opposite, thus creating negative karma through our actions as we expand the negative energy that is part of our lower inner duality. We all have our Crowns, whether we are born into families of Royalty or not, all Souls are Children of GOD at various stages of development. We wear the invisible crown at our crown chakra (the energy center at the top of your head) that must be activated and claimed full dominion over the Body Temple that we know as our physical body, the vehicle for our Soul to live the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual life here on Earth. The Kingdom of Heaven is within and we are meant to be King or Queen of the kingdom that is us.

Everyone has different challenges and pains they must experience, endure, figure out, and work through. No soul who comes into this world escapes pain, suffering, and struggles, and Queen Elizabeth had her own just as we all do.

Power can be both exhilarating and exhausting, wielding it requires one to choose how and when one exerts it. Every action and choice impacts us and those around us, for one leading a nation the scope and reach of those choices impact at a global scale. Spiderman is famous for the quote: "With great power comes great responsibility."

William Shakespeare's King Henry IV stated "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.” In modern-day times the saying shifted to

"Heavy is the Head that wears the crown" signifying that with great responsibility comes a heavy burden, full of challenges and stresses--but that's life, whether we are leading a country or governing ourselves and our lives we all have a great responsibility to live life to the best of our abilities and take responsibility for all we express and experience.

All beings are 100% responsible for all energy coming from and to them.

We are responsible for our thoughts, feelings, and deeds, as well as what we attract into our orbit. This doesn't mean that others are not responsible for their own energy, they are, but in order to create change in our reality we must own the energy building them, and this includes taking ownership over all our energy and our parts in the co-creative dance of life. We must govern our life energy.

Ultimately what happens in this world field is meant to reflect and stir up certain emotions each carries inside themselves stored in their cells and tissues. Remember, what you see in others represents parts of your soul that are waiting to be reclaimed and understood as a part of you. What do you feel in relation to what occurs or what you perceive? What thoughts do those feelings magnetize to your receiving brain? What is the quality of those thoughts and are they the material energy you desire to continue building your life with? Remember, positive creates positive, and negative creates more negative, but LOVE has the power to transform the negative into its true positive. The negative emotions you feel are like dirty water inside your cells and tissues--they aren't wrong, that's how they feel, and they are inside your cells and tissues waiting until you are ready to face, feel, deal with, and clear them; breath goes in and bumps into them, causing their frequency sequences to sound within you and energetically broadcast out in the field so you can experience what they feel like, seeing and sensing them in the life you live or witness, and then reconnect your awareness and flow your love back into them, releasing them from their frozen forms, transforming them into better-feeling energies with LOVE'S awareness inside of you--this frees that energy from being stuck in that form and liberates you.

What happens on the world stage impacts us all to varying degrees, as we are all interconnected. With each global occurrence, each is able to view the reflections exploring different facets of being and evolving their understanding as well as applying their energetic actions in the way their hearts guide them to.

Now a human King takes the stage. It will be interesting to see what he fosters and grows with his Title and power, and how the world shifts as more awaken to claim dominion over their personal Kingdom Within.

May he be guided by The LOVE that lives within ALL Souls.

Long live LOVE.

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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