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Let's Stop Trying To Stop The Hate & Start Trying To Build The LOVE

I've noticed there are all these organizations and advertising projects popping up

"Stop (...) Hate...

I understand that these groups forming to get people to stop hating specific groups of humans are trying to get the issue in front of the minds of The Collective, hoping to address these sensitive issues within the world, and train people that it's not okay to hate these specific groups, nor act violently towards people. That is a valuable worthwhile venture, but the way energy works is what you see on the outside, you be on the inside, or at least a part of you is that--life is reflecting back to you a piece of your inner self. If you have a negative reaction to something in the field then this is an active, wounded trigger point or shadow spot inside your energy Pain Body, and life is giving you a chance through the reflection of the outside world to take that inner wound and heal it. We are all responsible for how we ACT, but also for what we ATTRACT into our experience, as these come from either whole or wounded emotional/mental energy INSIDE of us--this does not mean blame the victim, but it does point out that it takes two to tango, even if that other is an imaginary dance partner. And, all interactions between two different energy fields, such as a victim and victimizer, in the negative, or helper and helped in the positive are a dance of energy, where one or more individual energy fields (people/animal/Entity) is on the RECEIVING side and one or more fields is on the GIVING side. In the dance of energy, we must all take personal responsibility for all our inner energies, and heal what requires healing. The mirror of Life helps us to see what is inside of us through the reflection and interaction with and response/reaction to others in the field. Humans hold a lot of emotions and thought/beliefs inside the Pain & Pure Energy bodies, overlapping the physical body. We contain and thus are able to experience/express a vast array of emotions on the spectrum scale. Hate is one of these, and as such, it is a normal part of our emotional duality. Our emotions are our magnetic energy aspect, while our thoughts are the electric component of the life creation experience equation; emotions attract thoughts (either to you or in minds of others in the field) which prompt actions equal to them, giving rise to interactions or reactions within those giving/receiving the energy exchange. Example: someone has a feeling of low self-love or even self-hatred for parts of the self combined with a belief that they're always attacked for who they are. When they are subconsciously broadcasting these energies and come into close proximity with another who receives their energy who is actively holding a lot of anger and desire to lash out or victimize another they may set off a chain reaction, like a chemical explosion where one force-field with an Activated Electric Charge is drawn to and then acts upon another force-field that is in a matching Magnetic Receptive Mode. Similar to plugging a turned-on lamp into an active wall socket, the Lamp's metal tongs receive the electric charge and its bulb lights up, powered by the electricity running through the lines and into the plug. *Plugs have 3 wires that help them to function, modeled after the Trinity of Energy Creation, usually a White wire (the Masculine Positive Charge, The HOT wire, like the Father Sun; a Darker colored Wire that is the Feminine Negative Charge, which sets the magnetic flow of energy, pulling the electric charge towards itself, like the Original Mother LOVE/Desire that sets the Fire in Motion, The Sun wouldn't glow if It weren't plugged into Mother's Heart, The Desire to GLOW and GROW It allows It to SHOW!; and usually a Green wire that is your GROUNDING Wire, neutrally charged and able to discharge excess electricity (Huge safety feature!), The Heart Chakra, also the color of green, is the centering, stabilizing energy in us all, the heart is the bridge to the Higher Christ-Consciousness. Ultimately, the Actor and Attractor both contain both sides of the energy equation inside of them and together they give rise to the creation/manifestation/interaction of the energy, building the form(s) that their active energies create all for the purpose of experiencing and understanding all the different types of energies we contain within. Our Feelings (emotions felt in the physical) are neither wrong nor right, they simply are, and create the experiences from the level and vibrations of their being. This gives us the ability to create lives from the multitude of emotions, both positive and negative, and to learn and grow from the contrast and completeness of our inner Duality.

Another reason these "Stop Hate groups" will encounter resistance counter to what they are attempting to achieve is that with energy, what you focus on, you get. Focus is Fuel, it drives you towards the Focus's direction, or attracts the Focus to you. So, while those that already feel/believe in being kind to whatever group, not hating or hurting them, may support the message, those that feel hate towards those individuals won't be swayed by the message, but aggravated/antagonized/inflamed even more, as the opposing magnetic charge is increased, expanding the hate held within and felt within. When your message is STOP Hate, the Universe doesn't understand STOP or NO, all the Field expands is what comes after the "STOP or NO", and in this case, it's "HATE". What many don't understand is that ALL are 100% Responsible for ALL energy coming FROM and TO them, and in order to not magnetically attract certain energies one must do the integration and transmutation work to de-magnetize these energies inside of their Energy Bodies. People who hate others hate themselves too and are energetically poisoning their own bodies with their negative hate feelings. We all carry each other inside our physical body, inside some cell is the energetic equivalent of everyone and everything in all of the Existence (this planet and all others). When we hate something outside of us this energetic point inside of us receives that shot of painful energy. We literally poison our inner well and our body's wellness with our negative energy reactions. Also important to note, any war against anything is doomed to fail, for what you resist, persists. The Universe doesn't understand Stop or No or Not, the descriptor word attached to these are the very thing that the focus goes to... And, yes I am repeating this message because it is important!!!: Focus is Fuel. Where Attention Goes, Energy Grows!

The only way to Stop Hate is for everyone to ACCEPT the hate that is held within and felt within by ANY part of the self and other (For, IF IT'S IN YOUR VIEW, IT'S IN YOU!!),

and OWN PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for CREATING the energy of "Hate", as well as the desire/need to be hated by others and to hate others based on some superficial quality/identification, as well as any negative judgments held about these aspects of any part of self or the Collective selves.

Energy work requires ALL possible sides of the Energy Equation to be owned and integrated into the WHOLE Self, meditation helps because it allows you to become aware of what mental and emotional/experiential aspects you hold within the cells and tissues of your 4 lower bodies (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual bodies). People will need to do their #ShadowWork as a VERY important part of the Spiritual Ascension Process--the shadows are the negative, dark wounded energy spots held within the Individual field. The organizations attempting to eradicate hate will also have to work with the very group they are trying to get people to stop hating, for these individuals are magnetizing and triggering the external Hate Response in the "Others" for the energetic experience so their souls can clear and balance karma, and learn what it feels like to be/do those hated/hateful aspects. This is said with the UTMOST COMPASSION and is NOT a judgment against anyone or anything, for we all chose to come and play with these dualistic energies to learn and grow through the contrast. The SOLID is built with and reflects the SUBTLE. As far as Subtle and Solid Energy works, we see what we be, and we draw to us aspects of our inner selves, both wonderfully whole, and unintegrated wounded shadow parts for the chance to reunite with them, reclaim, release, replace with better-feeling energies once we truly understand what it is to be those things and receive those things. Keep in mind though, that not everyone would want to heal the hate or be ready to do so, so we can't completely eradicate specific shadow energy from the world because many souls are not finished balancing their karma with it, nor learning from it, but that doesn't mean we can't heal it within us. As more of us do this work, we find less of that energy in our personal experience/world and that ripples out into the larger world-field.

I want to mention that it's okay to feel all the negative emotions such as hate, fear, shame, guilt, etc., and we must acknowledge our feelings with our own voice (either silent or aloud) in order to connect and move them through us, but we must understand if we seek to live a life we love then we must choose to reconnect, release, and replace our lower frequency wounded emotions and thoughts with better-feeling, higher frequency ones. The feelings held inside the cells, tissues, organs, bones, structures of our physical body are brought to the door of our Consciousness by breath, the Spirit of Life or Master/GOD Consciousness. These elements bubble up within us and trigger or create living experiences that match them so that we may become aware of them and understand these parts of ourselves stored inside our cells.

Within the realm of Duality, the contrast of energy exists allowing all the students of life the chance to play with different roles and scenarios, to better understand all the different emotional and mental energies and grow through and from the experience of them all as selected by their Higher Selves.

Different souls are working with different energies at different times. It is not possible to completely eradicate any negative emotion/thought while there are Souls/souls choosing/requiring these energies to exist. We must be present with the energy and aware of what we hold within. We must own our shadows, including those we witness in others in the external environments. We must do our forgiveness work and find gratitude and compassion for ourselves and all other(s) if we seek to feel and become whole. The more whole we are the more powerfully positive our Energy field is, because of the wounds of hate and all its shadowy friends (fear, sorrow, resentment, jealousy, envy, judgment, etc.)

So instead of Stop (...) Hate, perhaps it is better to spread the message of Understanding, Compassion, Inclusion, Valuing both the weaknesses and the strengths of the Individual Groups, what each group offers culturally and can teach collectively. It is bringing to light that hate and violence are all issues we as a Collective must take personal responsibility for creating and do our #ForgivenessWork, making amends where we need to, find things to be grateful for in the self and the others, and foster compassion for those different than us, and those less than loved parts of ourselves. Hate feels bad in the body but is the truth for some parts of us all, and in order to heal these parts, we have to make them feel like they are okay for being what they are, which DOES NOT mean that it is okay for them or us to ACT that hate out, for as you Do, it WILL come back to you ( the whole, you reap what you sow thing plays out on this planet). It's important to remember that our feelings are neither right nor wrong, they simply ARE. We must allow ourselves to feel them and them to be felt to begin healing them. We must voice acknowledge, giving voice to them, at least with ourselves, not necessarily to others, how these parts feel. It's okay to feel hate towards a thing, but we must remember the feelings we vibrate help to build the form and experience of our own lives and our physical bodies and their health or disease. So while it is okay to feel that way, it is not okay to keep feeling that way if we truly desire to create a life we enjoy living, that feels good to us. Why? Because our feelings attract thoughts that match them and inspire actions that will build and expand those feelings into form. Negative feelings draw negative thoughts and prompt negative actions which create more negative feelings and a dark cycle of creation swirls around us. But if we feel negative and then apply our positive, Higher Self's understanding to it we reconnect to our power to change the energy into something better, making ourselves into better people in the process.

All my LOVE, Jamie Ferry

* if you want to know more about how your Electrical Plugs work this company wrote a beautiful informational piece on the ins and outs!


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