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Holidays, Holy Days, Sacred time, Scared time... Time To Celebrate It All & Heal & Clear The Old!

Holidays, Holy Days, Santa Time, Satan Time, Sacred Time, Scared Time, Scarred Time, Healing Time, Whole Time, Hole Time, Holy Time, Hell Time, Heal Time, Holidays, Holy Daze, Oy Vey! Oh My! The Duality of this time when we shift from the day being shorter than night.

This time of year is both exciting and frightful, joyful and stressful... when families usually gather together to connect and celebrate, which can be comforting and exhilarating, or complicated and aggravating.

Some people may rebel against the consumeristic tone this time has come to be known for, and I get that, but this time is mostly about love, sharing, generosity, abundance, family, friends, connection, compassion, consideration, festivities, fun, sharing meals together, giving thanks, gifts, gratitude, joy, wellbeing, peace, and harmony with our fellow humans. It is also notorious for being stressful for people, as families come together with differing viewpoints and temperaments, buried emotional wounds and resentments, where alcohol may be involved, removing some sensibility or inhibitions and good judgment while stirring up anger, aggression, annoyance, short tempers, and emotional excitability, or for individuals who are missing a family or social group to gather with, who experience loneliness and holiday depression.

Others may rebel against the religious aspect of the holiday. Christmas time celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, or the Sun of God, the Light of God. Christ-mas, a Mass of Christ, is a time for spiritual communion with God, a chance to celebrate the birth of a baby that would be a messenger for the Divine Feminine Mother God/Heart aspect, LOVE, and the Divine Masculine Father God aspect, LIGHT; time to reconnect to the God-Consciousness and give thanks for all it provides. Yeshua taught the message of the Heart and Mind of God, acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, compassion, and LOVE.

The Christ-Consciousness is the Heart-Consciousness, the level of Consciousness that all souls eventually evolve back towards--our higher Consciousness, the Consciousness of God. Yeshua, or Jesus as He is called by the English Bible, was the Christed One. Symbolically He stood as part of the Trinity Energy of God the Father; God the Mother (The Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost); and God the Child (Son of God).

Yeshua took the sins and shadows of humanity into His Body and Heart and ascended them with LOVE, the Creator-Frequency, transporting the mortal body into the Higher heavenly dimensions, restoring the dead energy back to the living ascended energy. He was a way-shower, meant to come and hold the stories he did, to travel through death and ascend his energy and body, remaking it into one of LIGHT, leaving a trail of LIGHT through Time and Space so other souls could repeat it. His life was an example of a higher way to live and be. His gift to humanity created an energetic field that other souls could plug into through their belief and desire energy; by calling out His name, one connects to His high and radiant energy field and can ride this thread of energy through the lower-frequency shadowlands (the Valley of Darkness) back into the higher heavenly dimensions within. Faith is surrendering to this high and radiant energy and power and exists for anyone who needs an infusion of that healing energy of unconditional LOVE and support. Regardless of one's religious or spiritual beliefs, Christmas is about the LOVE of One Soul who desired to create a way for other souls to transcend the hells and reconnect to Heaven within their Heart. We all live and have lived our hells, and many seek to restore heaven upon Earth, to reconnect to the SOURCE within and live the best and most joyful life possible; our connection to the Christ-Consciousness and the LOVE We Are is how we can achieve that. The energy of Christmas is a reminder of this divine healing and magical quality of the heart and the Christ-Consciousness that we all are evolving back towards. Christmas isn't just about Yeshua/Jesus, it's about the energy of the Christ-Consciousness, something that belongs to all Souls regardless of their human-personalities religious beliefs or lack thereof.

And, as to the human element, regardless of the stress associated with this holiday, it is still full of a special and joy-inducing energetic quality that makes this time of year quite magical. Perhaps nostalgia lends its wistful glamour to our sentimental minds, to return to the magical and simpler times of childhood, where Santa delivered wrapped treasures for us while we slept. It's a time of trees, decorated with shining and glowing baubles and lights; gifts wrapped in glittery and colorful papers; houses, streets, and trees covered in shiny, brilliant lights; people coming together to feast on delicious food and share some love and hugs and laughter. It is a time of kindness, generosity, compassion, and connection. And, no matter how saturated this time is with consumerism's shadow, any reason to celebrate life is reason enough. Don't overthink it, give in to the spirit of Christmas and celebrate the energy of LOVE and of life. Own any issues you have with this time and choose this moment now to release them to your Heart, asking it to heal all the points inside of you that hold pain in connection to Christmas time, that hold negative judgment against anything. Let the magic shine in your heart and heal your soul. Let it reconnect you to the magic within you and life. Be generous in spirit, humble and gracious in action, and full of love for self, others, and all. It's time to reconnect to your Christ-Consciousness and be your best self! Stand fully in the holiday spirit and be your Holy Spirit, letting LOVE live in and as you!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good life!

2020 is right at our door, will you greet it with a Heart, mind, and eyes full of LOVE? This opens the door to a decade of positivity that will carry you through any bumps in the road. We are here to experience, understand, transcend, and transform all we encounter and hold within. Let's build the best world by bringing our best to the world!

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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