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Happy Full Moon!

Full moons occur when the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth to the Sun, the near side of the Moon is fully lit up causing us here on Earth to see a bright full Moon in the sky.

The phases of the moon signify the strength of the emotional and mental energetic charge hitting or being broadcast through the Earth field based on the portion of the moon that is visibly reflecting the Solar Energy onto the planet. The Moon, a circular orb, is visible to us on Earth as a circle in the sky when full, and is divided into 360 degrees, as is the Astrological Wheel.

There are 12 Signs of the Zodiac with each sign divided into 30 degrees.

Each degree deals with specific emotional and mental qualities of energy.

12 signs x 30 degrees = 360 degrees total on the wheel.

As time and the moon cycles progress the Moon's Mirror reflects whatever energies the specific degrees in whatever particular astrological sign the Sun and Moon are currently in. The sign and the degree the Sun is in have certain mental thought aspects that are communicated and carried in Its Light rays, and the Moon reflects those Light rays, but it does so through the filter of whatever Astrological Sign and degrees it is passing through.

These light codes are emitted through the atmosphere and ethers and bathe the planetary field in certain qualities and characteristics of energy that affect, influence, activate, or trigger all those that it's meant to according to the quality of the energies reflected and what each Soul is desiring for their individual personalities to experience. We have the emotional and mental energy inside us, the Sun and Moon's energies are shined through or broadcast through the planet and they bounce into and through us, plucking our vibrational strings according to whatever subtle notes they are making--we get to feel either positive or negative effects as they stir up the energy in us that we need to experience, express, and become conscious of.

The Full moon means the full 360 degrees of matching emotional qualities (depending upon the Sign and what it deals with) are being lit up by the Sun's Light, so those emotions are being highlighted or charged up in the Moon and Her Magnetic pull is moving the emotional tides inside us all. The Sun and Moon and Earth and all the other planets and celestial bodies work together energetically to help co-create the lives we are all living on Earth.

Full moons are times of culmination, completion, fertility, abundance, and magical transformation when the seed intentions we planted on the new moon, 2 weeks prior, are meant to come into bloom. They can be artistically creative and inspirational, and are highly charged times with lots of emotional energy in the air so to say, which can contribute to some emotional excitement, friction, agitation, and discomfort--that's why it's well-known that full moons can cause people to act a little crazier than usual, potentially increasing accidents (if we are emotionally distracted and not present in our bodies) and is known as "The Lunar Effect" with Grandmother Moon/Lady Luna and Father Sun/The Solar Lord firing up that luna-tic energy.

The Moon, sometimes called Lady Luna or Grandmother Moon, represents our watery emotions, and in the physical world, it controls and regulates the tides of Mother Earth's waters and oceans, as well as magnetically pulling on the inner emotional waters stored inside the cells and tissues of our body, taking us on an emotional ride through various aspects of ourselves.

The Moon, governed by the Astrological Sign Cancer, represents The Feminine Mother Energy, it symbolizes our physical and emotional bodies. The Full Moon is a time to be receptive, where we receive into our emotional and physical bodies specific qualities of spiritual light codes and awareness/consciousness of the Sun that She is reflecting towards the Earth.

The Moon is basically a mirror or reflective surface shining the light of The Sun upon The Earth, sending the specific LIGHT Codes/aspects of energy that the Sun's Light is charging up or activating within The Collective Earth Field. This changes according to the time and the Astrological Signs the Sun and Moon are in/passing through. Each sign has its own signature flavors or qualities assigned to it, its own personality traits. These signs influence or impact and affect us differently depending upon whatever astrological signs the planets are in within each person's individual birth charts. If you don't know your birth chart there are plenty of sites online that offer free birth chart calculations, you can input (Free Birth Chart Calculator) select one and input your date, time, and city of birth to get your individual birth chart. In Vedic Astrology The Full Moon is in sidereal Virgo in Hasta Nakshatra, highlighting the power of magical mantras and words, and helping us turn visions into reality.

In Western Astrology The Full Moon occurs in Libra 16 degrees 07 minutes. April 5th-6th 2023 depending on where you are.

*According to

Organs influenced by Libra Moon Sign:

Organs: Kidney, ureter, urinary bladder, veins, skin as an organ of touch, pancreas, insulin, glucagon.

and Surgeries are not recommended.*

Libra is one of 2 signs ruled by Venus, Taurus is the other. Taurus is a Feminine Fixed Earth sign. Libra is a Masculine, Cardinal Air sign, representing Mental energy, but being ruled by Venus, The Goddess of Love and Beauty, those energies as well as a preference for harmony, and balance are present. Virgo is a Mutable Feminine Earth sign ruled by Mercury, a fast-moving planet of travel, communication, and technology, and tends to be very organized, detail-oriented perfectionists with bright, sharp minds, as well as health-conscious, and clean/neat.

So on this Full Moon, harness Lovely Lada Luna's Wild Watery Emotional Energy Ride and splash in the exciting high-energy Grandmother Moon and Father Sun are bringing in as They shine together and sing Their emotional and mental songs in the ethers for us all. Anchor into the Earth and invite some Venusian Libran balance, beauty, and harmony into your body, mind, soul, and life, or Magic Mercurial Virgoan energy in to fuel your dreams and creative projects and get done what needs to get done. You can send some healing love into the specific organs listed above and balance and supercharge them full of lots of beautiful and good energy.

Most of all breathe deep, stretch that body, stay centered, balanced, and connected to Earth, and give thanks for the Sun and Moon fueling the dreams in your heart. May you be living your best life, and if anything doesn't feel like the best to you may you bring your best self to it and watch it transform in the light of the Sun and Moon. Glorious Moon magic and God's Blessing to you all!

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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