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Halloween tricks and treats, a time to heal our ghosts and play with life!

All Hallows' Eve (October 31st), All Saints Day(November 1st), and All Souls Day(November 2nd) are a trinity of holy days where the veil between the dense 3rd-dimensional plane and 4th and 5th thins, and we may reconnect with our ancestors, honor those who have passed, celebrate the saints across time and space, and play with dressing up and expressing our inner children or elements of our personalities that we are reclaiming. It is a time when we may become aware of and better understand our inner shadows, demons, vampires, and ghosts that haunt or torment us, reclaim our power from and embrace the darkness, and call for and shine the LIGHT of LOVE, GOD'S grace upon these wounded fragmented parts of us so they may be healed and we may be freed.

I've read many people referring to the holiday as satanic, but that's not really accurate, and it's choosing to see the ugly side and blocking the self from seeing the beauty that exists as well--this world is duality so all things will express in the positive and negative.

Yes, there are shadow elements of Halloween, but this world was created so Spirit could play with being the temporary opposite energy and learn from the contrast and have the free will to choose the path they walk. One beset by the voice and views of mind of their devil side glimpses the PROFANE wherever their eyes gaze or mind ponders. The one connected to SOURCE/GOD/LOVE knows the PROFOUND that exists as well.

Whatever your thoughts about Halloween, don't get so stuck in judgment that you lose sight of the joyful side. This world is heavy enough, we need to bring the fun, the lighter side of life, the celebration, and the loving playfulness of Spirit that uplifts our souls on our journey through a life that can weigh us down and test and trick us. What you fear, controls you. What you judge, controls you also. Judgment blocks the flow of LOVE and limits the one judging from receiving the wisdom available; it keeps us from truly understanding a thing, because in judgment we are energetically standing above it thinking it inferior and not deserving of our understanding, separating our love from that thing, cutting off our own energy flow. This forces the judged to remain frozen in that form inside of us, prolonging our own inner and outer pains. To understand it truly we must STAND not above it, but UNDER it and pick it up with our LOVE, feeling how it feels, healing how we feel in relation to it. This is the Ascension Process--reigniting the LIGHT that was turned off in the Shadow.

It doesn't mean we condone bad behavior or toxic aspects, but instead apply unconditional compassion and understanding to it, not needing it to be that within us any longer and taking back our energy threads that form it in the external field and through our own inner healing process, but realizing others in the world still need it to be in those forms and are learning from it in their own soul's time--after all, it is all part of the Divine Plan as We play within Duality temporarily, or it would not exist.

Trick or Treat, the choice is yours. To love or not to love, that choice is yours too.

But maybe you take the tricks and treat them to the unconditional understanding and LOVE of SOURCE, and in that choice, all that haunts and torments you, the phantoms of your own mind-body begin to fade away as the candle of LOVE is lit by the heart that knows It is it ALL, and by embracing with LOVE what was or is unloved that true healing can move in as LOVE reclaims all, treating it as part of Itself that is worthy of being seen and understood, reclaimed and renamed LOVE'S LIGHT.

Enjoy your 3-Day Celebration starting today... amusing to me since the "3 Days" came up with Christ Jesus' story also, 3 days and He rose from the dead... Well, Halloween, Old Hallow's Eve is the Beginning of the 3 days of Celebrating and honoring our dead, our ancestors, and our saints, and releasing whatever within us is ready to be laid to rest--putting those ghosts to bed.

Halloween is traditionally a time for costumes and candy, treat yourself and the world to some sweetness, the compassion and love that the saintly side of yourself is aligned with, and GOD Bless, You ALL! Although the human mind is split, We are One, LOVE reigns eternally, hell is temporary, and Heaven is a state of LOVE.

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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