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Don't Deny Others The Gift of You

Sometimes we doubt whether we are capable of doing things and we stop ourselves from being all we can be, but when we keep ourselves limited we limit the life we're meant to be living,

and we limit the good we could be receiving.

Gifts are meant to be used and appreciated. How can we deny others the gift of us?

Every single one of us is special,

everyone matters!

We each come with our own unique energies and perspectives, gifts and talents.

You may not see all your glorious, beautiful facets but they're there.

Be present and open to the magic within you in this moment and every moment thereafter,

and have the courage and generosity to share the gift of YOU with the World!

Remember the perfection that is the authentic you, even with your imperfections, you are meant to share and shine.

Drop your doubts and uncertainty and let LOVE inspire and uplift you.

Lay down your pain and problems allowing the Divine to bring you peace and prosperity.

Use the time you have to make the world a better place by bringing your best to all you encounter.

Go you!

Enjoy life!

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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