Dancing With Mad Gracefully

Anger is violence, and anger is rage;

Anger is painful when loose from the cage.

But when harnessed and owned, its power, quite great

to inspire action and motivate change.

Oh, this turmoil that threatens to spoil our calm and ruin our grace,

as the firey inferno spreads from belly to face

and arms want to punch or arms want to hit or legs want to kick and ruin some sh*t.

Anger is on the spectrum of human emotion,

and as such, can cause quite a commotion for all playing within Duality's fields.

If we seek to be powerful we must understand the powers of all we hold within, both our LIGHT and Shadow's sin.

We must master and wield our emotional and mental powers wisely to become the Master Creators We Are.

Emotions set the motion and direction we move in, and we may sink low or rise high, depending upon who is in the creative seat viewing the show, the dance of energies displaying within all fields interacting in the space. For perception is the eye's reception of the one gathering the incoming data through the 5 senses. But what pulls this data in? What creates the energetic vortex that aligns the orbit and triggers the magnetic pull of the energies that build the experience? Yes, I said it before, Emotions. Their job as the "supercharge" is to magnetize thoughts and prompt actions that match them, helping to build into form experiences that activate the initiating emotions through those in the field.

Actions from anger are emotional REACTIONS and only spread more anger inside the one acting and the ones receiving. But, ACTIONS from Conscious AWARENESS are actions from the Higher Aspect of the Self; they emanate from the perspective field of LOVE, which knows that it is connected to all aspects and is the originating, and building and bridging force for all things. These actions are RESPONSES, not reactions, and generate sufficient power to transform and heal the aspects within the Consciousness who is presently aware of them and desires and intends for them to be felt, released, healed, and remade into their original Light aspects.

Anger while a powerful shadow emotion that can be destructive in its grossness may also be harnessed to fuel greatness, alerting us to a need to change or grow, and giving us its power to motivate real change and transformation. In the second the emotion surges through you you have a window of opportunity to rise up into the Heart and ride the wave of Emotion as LOVE, instead of a bobbing point of Consciousness, swimming in a vast Ocean of Emotions, that is swept up, carried away, or drowned by the incoming wave of emotion. In order to be able to respond effectively and efficiently, one must be connected to the present moment and seeing things clearly with mind and heart working together; and for this, breath is vital.

Breathe into your belly when you feel Anger's call, as it surges through you and reddens your face, tightening body. The shadow energy is designed to constrict or block the flow of LOVE, but breath is the spirit of Life, LOVE'S enlivening and healing force. Call breath into belly and ask it to CALM you down, to soothe the beast. Breath is the Beauty, the Spirit of LIFE, and when taken fully into the body during an intense emotional reaction has the ability to lessen the charge, to DIFFUSE the energy, to increase full awareness of the present moment and all the activated energy aspects. Deep breathing ensures that the brain is receiving adequate supplies of oxygen to carry out its functions optimally, allowing the individual to see things more clearly. Simply put, breath has the power to cut through and get you through the crap, to calm you, to center you, to detoxify and heal you. Use deep breathing daily to help fuel your best life; and, in those moments when you need to transform the beast to the beauty inside of you, call on your buddy, Breath! With breath's assistance, we can jump onto the surfboard and ride the waves of anger to the shore of sanity and find our balance and true power once again.

And as to dealing with anger in healthy and respectful ways, journaling helps to get out and better understand the anger inside you. Write out all the reasons why you feel angry--no judgments, no holding back, honoring the truths of the angry feelings inside of you. Sometimes we may need a little more than writing, so grab a pillow in a safe space away from others and scream into it, or pound your fist into it. Go outside onto grass or dirt and stomp your feet, jump up and down while flailing your arms around, and growl to get the owww! out (be respectful of others around, we may be angry but we don't have to be rude to others, nor scare them with our terror and fury). Maybe go to the batting cages/golfing range and hit some balls (baseball or golfballs). Take time to sit with and talk kindly to the angry parts inside of you, they are like little children who just need your love and understanding. Acknowledging their feelings and making it okay for them to feel that way, for yourself to feel that way, is immensely healing. Emotions need to MOVE, and when we don't allow them to move because we judge it as wrong or bad and ourselves wrong for feeling those ways we end up blocking their flow and they get stuck inside of our bodies, creating knots in us and eventually, disease. Massage, exercise or even cleaning is also helpful in getting out some of our frustrations, as it moves our bodies, letting breath and oxygen flow through us that begins to unblock or untie the energy knots inside. Your emotions are your friends, they are here to give you a full experience of life and all the beauty that entails. Take time to see, feel, acknowledge, and understand your inner emotions as you dance this glorious dance of life--they'll be happier, and you will too!

All my love, Jamie Ferry

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