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CRAZY Clean, Fear of the Unseen, & these strange times of covid-19

* I started writing this article before the COVID-19 situation dealing with the anti-bacteria obsession.

The saying is, Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

For me, there is so much joy in "clean"

whether it is great-smelling laundry folded and put away; the first night's sleep in fresh, clean sheets; a sparkling clean kitchen or living space; organized papers and books, an orderly flow in the office space; a clean, great-smelling freshly-showered body; or clean streets and tidy neighborhoods and lawns. Clean is good, especially for a somewhat clean freak like me, but an aversion to dirt and obsession over germs and bacteria is more craziness than cleanliness. I get it, invisible, unseen things that can sicken and kill us is scary (people die every second of every day for different reasons), but we are Souls inside human bodies and these bodies are of the Earth, dirt, and water, both of which need to be in balance inside of our system to assist the human body form to be healthy, strong, and well. On one level we owe our health to massive amounts of good bacteria that make up our inner biome and perform a multitude of functions from cleansing, clearing bad bacteria, microbes, fungus, and viruses, to breaking down the food and substances we ingest, and more. These good bacteria are our body's buddies, representing our natural essence, our Higher Selves, and when we keep our energy bodies clean, with positive thoughts and good feelings, and physical bodies clean with good, healthy nutrition and clean water then these good bacteria are large and in charge inside us. When however the opposite is the case and we have more lower-frequency, negative thoughts and bad-feeling energies running in our field, we are more attracted to and consume processed and unhealthy junk food with high sugar intake, allowing the bad-bacteria to establish an energetic foothold, and with time their effects expand and impact our health and life in more destructive ways, illnesses, inflammation, disease, viruses, infections, cancer, etc.

Humans hold the dualities inside of them and were created to hold the lower-frequency aspects so that Spirit could play with the ideas of separation, hell, suffering, and all the low-frequency, bad-feeling, negative aspects of emotional and mental energies building painful experiences within the lower dimensional planes of existence (of which Planet Earth is a part of). When our Higher Souls collectively decided and set up The Duality Experiment, giving rise to the Contrast of Energies, the Higher-We created the possibility for dis-ease, disease, and death, all Opposite energy aspects of Our Original Essence. The Duality Experience/Experiment holds the 2 qualities of energy, Our True Original Positive qualities, LOVE'S LIGHT, and our temporary shadow, low-frequency, negative aspects (Not LOVE and Shadow).

These lower-frequency aspects are a valued part of the Total Energy and were temporarily created to be what they are so that Spirit could create with and learn from them. Our human self may judge them but Our Higher Self loves them, knowing they are only a possibility of expression within The realms of The Duality Experiment and can be reclaimed and reprogrammed/restored back to the Original Essence by the power of LOVE'S Intention through the Consciousness that is perceiving/receiving them.

Fear is one of the shadow emotional energies that may negatively impact the human experience, giving rise to all kinds of fearful events. Presently fear is sweeping through the world with the current Coronavirus COVID-19 ordeal causing people to fear each other and the world at large, and at times obsessively using the antibacterial spray, lotions, gel, and wipes at the detriment of the good bacteria that help keep our bodies healthy. These things help to clean up and clear out the destructive bacteria, viruses, etc. and in certain settings, like hospitals and healing spaces, food preparing and food consuming spaces, commonly touched surfaces, doorknobs, handles, phones, etc., disinfecting is crucial. In our own bodies and homes, cleanliness is in alignment with our Higher Selves, for it is a reflection of Our purity and inherent goodness, but issues may arise when we over sanitize and kill off the good bacteria that are so critical to our health and wellbeing, or train our bodies to become sterilized and dependent upon ultra pristine environments so that any encounter with a negative microbe or energy results in instantaneous disease and possible death.

Within the Paradigm of Duality and sanitation, humans may experience clean and unclean, sanitary and unsanitary, healthy and diseased, under-sanitized and over-sanitized.

Under-sanitizing can lead to disease and death, but over-sanitizing may also lead to insanity and death as well. We must find a balance, as in all things, between taking care of our space and body and obsessing and destroying the natural balance and health of both.

Fear of disease is part of the dis-ease and disease on this planet. Sure, within duality we have things such as bad bacteria, viruses, dangerous critters, creatures, beasts, and malicious, negative entities and spirits that threaten our safety and security. These thoughtforms serve a purpose by building into form, becoming a physical representation of the invisible negative mental and emotional energies contained within that we are eventually meant to reclaim and reprogram in our inner fields once our Soul is finished learning from them.

*Energy Lesson:

The PHYSICAL is built by the EMOTIONAL & MENTAL.


To heal the bad, OWN the bad energy you see, reclaim and rename it by reprogramming it with LOVE.

With all the health fears circulating now, preparedness is good, being paranoid is not. Yes, you may not know who is carrying what, who is sick with what, but to let the fear steal your sense of safety is giving your power to the devil and the shadow, setting your energy field to the lower-frequency energies, which can create a magnetic entrance point for these bad-feeling energies to sweep in and pull you down. When we let fear infect us in heart and mind our body and life suffer.

Some Tips from me to support your physical, mental, & emotional health and wellbeing:

Practice good hygiene, shower, bathe, take sea salt or Epsom salt baths, add some of your favorite essential oils to delight your nose and get an extra boost for your immunity and health. Imagine the water washing away your fears and grime, refreshing your emotional/mental space with clean, clear, positive, and vital new energy. Breathe in the essential oils and allow them to work their aromatherapy magic on your soul and body. I treat everything as my friend and connect to it in that nature, as a loving grateful friend that desires the betterment of all things, this heals what is wounded inside me and in the energy field of the other, and then makes me non-magnetic towards the darker wounded aspects, for I've healed them inside my inner energy field--I've already welcomed them back home again and healed them in my loving Heart, so there is nothing for them to hook into my field from their wounded form.

Be aware and prepared, but don't be paranoid. Paranoia is an intense fear that the world is out to get you, or at the present time, that the virus is out to get you. This low-frequency, negative emotional state invites negative energies in as well as lowering the body's immunity. While you may feel some fear, acknowledge the fear and then shift to clear it by doing things that make you feel good--gentle exercise, smile, laugh, watch funny movies/television or comedy shows, be creative, paint, sing, write, dance, cook, bake, garden, or whatever hobby you enjoy. Use your energy to build the positive things you desire to live rather than waste it on negative fearful thoughts. We can't control what happens in the world, but we can choose how we respond to it and the energy we feed into the world.

Diffuse the negative :/ by infusing your positive into it! :)

AFFIRMATION: This too, shall pass! (Take a deep breath in, hold for 4 seconds, let it go)

Some things I personally use to stay healthy and boost my immunity are probiotics--both oral and in raw sauerkraut, kimchee, probiotic coconut water (good bacteria that keeps the bad bacteria in check), zinc, lots of vitamin C, oregano oil, colloidal silver, olive leaf extract, cinnamon, echinacea, garlic,

essential oils: sage, clove, rosemary, eucalyptus, thyme, tea tree, peppermint, neem, which have many beneficial properties, some natural antibiotics, antiviral, antibacterial, etc.

Avoid or seriously limit refined sugar intake (detrimental to immunity).

Keep my body terrain more Alkaline than acidic, which is more inviting to bad bacteria, viruses, infections, etc.

Eat plenty of whole foods, fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, and superfoods. Drink plenty of fresh clean water throughout the day. Start your day with warm water with fresh lemon juice.

Drink herbal teas, green tea with fresh lemon.

Enjoy Black tea, coffee in small quantities.

Make fresh vegetable/fruit juices (celery juice in the morning; beet, carrot, citrus, and ginger juice in the morning 20 to 30 minutes after the celery juice; in the evening, green juices or blended liquid salads with 1 or a 1/2 of an organic whole lemon (peel & fruit), water, and whatever vegetables you choose.

Healthy smoothies with lots of nutrition (Heavy Metal Detox smoothie from the Medical Medium, Anthony Williams-- I add some raw spinach leaves as well).

I change it up, to keep it interesting and get a full spectrum of nutrients into my diet.

Stretch and breathe. Yoga is great because it combines body movement and breath, helping to detox the physical body, and the mind and soul, moving fresh oxygen and thought through the body and helping move the emotions stuck inside the cells and tissues of our body out. It is an internal massage for the organs and body and an energy massage for the spirit, soul, and mind. When we are tense, afraid, worried, or under stress, our physical and energy bodies tense and get knotted up. Stretching helps release some of the tension and work through the knots. Massage also helps--given the current climate, self-massage is extremely beneficial, or you and your loved ones can take turns massaging each other

*wash your hands first and no coughing or sneezing on each other :)

Take time every day to tell your body you love it and with your hands on your Heart,


I am so grateful that my body is filled with amazing and powerful good bacteria, vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that nourish and support my beautiful body's health, wellbeing, and strength.

My immunity is powerful and my body is healthy, well, beautiful, and balanced.

Meditation Practice--Take time to meditate every day, focusing on the breath or the quiet rhythm of a fan or light music. It connects you to the Source within, calms and benefits your body, mind, soul, spirit.

Develop a connection to something greater than yourself, SOURCE, GOD, LOVE, The Creator, The Divine, The Universe, Great Spirit, Nature, the Christ-Consciousness within you, or whatever you call it though a Prayer Practice--just talk to this Higher Aspect in your Heart and ask for help with whatever you are experiencing, or to have your energy/chi raised. You must ASK to RECEIVE. This can be a great source of strength, adding meaning and purpose to our life.

Develop relationships, friendships, groups, community connections that add to your life experiences as well. We need each other, even in this time of social distancing--a smile from 6 feet away is still a smile. :)

The world needs all the good vibes it can get right now to wash the fear away.

Social media allows us to connect to each other and offer support, wisdom, love, etc. during these unprecedented times. We are all part of this history and we all have a part in this collective reality we are weaving. We're in it together, no matter how divided some of it seems. What kind of world do you desire to create? One of division or union?

Life is for the living and death is part of the Duality. Fear of death is a possibility, but fearing something we all go through is a waste of the life we are gifted with. Illness and disease exist and serve many purposes as they try to get us to become aware of the thoughts and feelings we hold within, and how our choices impact of lives and the world around us, but we have more power and responsibility where our health is concerned than we may believe. Diet and food/beverage choices are important to look at. We are what we eat, as we literally build our physical body with what we consume and ingest. Not all food is created equal. A little self-education is part of every human's responsibility. We build our health with our choices or we build our destruction. This also includes the diet of our mental thoughts and emotions we normally have flooding through our bodies. *Mediation helps to connect our human self to our Higher Self that can show us our diet of thoughts and feelings, and any patterns we have woven through us (soul or ancestral) that are creating our present challenges. Understanding, acceptance, personal responsibility, and unconditional love are key to transform what was and is into something that feels better to us and within us.

Life exists for the experience. Covid-19 is showing us how connected we all are and how dependent we all are on and to each other in this miraculous co-creation called Life. We can choose to be present with our experiences and understand them from our loving Heart instead of our judgmental mind and from this space heal and transform all that is wounded within, creating a better feeling self, life, and world. Stay centered, stay connected, stay loving, stay healthy, stay strong!

All my love, Jamie

* In these unprecedented and stressful times, we all need help staying connected to Heart and out of fear. I know how challenging life can be normally, but even more so now with the state of the world. I know how important it is to keep your frequency and spirits high to keep yourself connected to your Infinite Source of power within to best deal with life's stresses. I am here to help with and facilitate that!


I am Hosting a 30-minute Group call on Zoom


today Friday, March 20, 2020,

30 minutes beginning at 2:30 P.M.- 3:00 P.M. PST for $128.00

Saturday March 21, 2020

30 minutes beginning at 1:30 P.M - 2:00 P.M.. PST for $128.00

Monday, March 23, 2020

30 minutes beginning at 11:30 A.M.- 12:00 P.M. PST for $128.00


7:00 P.M.- 7:30 P.M. PST for $128.00

To sign up, send an email to

letting me know which day you would like.

Payment accepted through PayPal PayPal.Me/JamieMFerry

Come with a blank sheet of paper, pen or pencil and an open, loving Heart and Mind and let's work together to bring more LOVE into ourselves and the world and begin living our best lives!


When 2 or more gather in the name of LOVE the manifesting power is magnified and multiplied.

Together we will connect our Hearts and unified field, The Christ-Consciousness within each of us to the Divine SOURCE to heal our body, mind, soul, and supercharge our spirit.

We will begin by taking our problems and worries and putting them in an Astral Envelope to be given to SOURCE, GOD, The Divine, The Creator, whatever Name you choose and use.

Deep belly breaths will follow.

We will link to our Hearts and SOURCE within, to our Higher Selves.

We will invite the healing, strengthening, peaceful power of LOVE to fill us up

and recharge and inspire us, heal and guide us.

We will unify our human self with our Higher Self and SOURCE and write out our Heart's Intention for something we would love to begin living and creating.

We will in Heart's connection send forth our loving energy into the world to help the collective healing and awakening.

Ascension is a connection with the Highest You Are, reconnection of the Earthling to the Star, the Great Galactic Central Sun. We will invite LOVE into our body, mind, soul, and spirit, to create the best life and our best world.

A Group Reiki Healing will be occurring during our session and the Archangelic and Angelic Alliance will be present protecting, healing, supporting us to reconnect and multiply the power of LOVE's LIGHT inside ourselves and the Collective.

ONLY the Highest LOVE and LIGHT will be called into our collective healing space, shielding us from all lower frequency aspects and entities. While we acknowledge and allow the lower to exist, we choose to embody our Highest and ask and invite that SOURCE Energy in to help us co-create Heaven upon Earth.

I look forward to working with you!

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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