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Changing Addiction With Awareness

In duality some addictions are good and some not so good. Let's face it we're all quite addicted to oxygen and breathing so not all of our addictions harm us, but some addictions do not support the health and wellbeing of our body & mind in positive ways. Being a human is a beautiful gift for our Souls that comes with its challenges and pain for our personality.

At times we numbed the pain because we were afraid we couldn’t handle it,

and yet the longer it took us to handle it the harder it was to deal with it.

Occasionally we played with Addiction because, at one time, It offered its friendship and comfort to us, pushing that pain away. We thought that meant the pain went away, but it was only hiding, just as we were hiding from it each time we chose to play with our friend, Addiction.

Addiction became a bad pattern because we had a past bad memory bubble up or a thought of something that made us feel bad or wrong and we didn't want to feel that so we acted to stun it, to numb it, to feel the good flowing through us again. At times it worked, but our friend, Addiction is a foe that doesn't know any better, it's designed to slowly steal away more than it gives, and we didn't realize our pain compounded each time we ran straight into the arms of Addiction.

Your human power is

Think, Feel, Choose.

And whether your repeated past actions created a win or lose, you always have the power to choose

again. You just have to exercise and build up the muscles of your Inner Will. You can do it.

Even if you find yourself an addict now, you don’t have to be one in the future. I know they say, "Once an addict, always an addict", but the truth is that while you may have engaged in that addictive behavior for a long time and thus created a groove in your brain that makes it easy for the electricity to return to that path spurring you into acting in those familiar ways and feeding those neurons in the brain with their recognized satisfying chemicals all the while dissolving the good in your body and life, you CAN actually create NEW pathways and NEW Behaviors with the power of your Pure Heart guiding your Mind and Body, new behaviors that produce those positive chemicals while also supporting your vital life force to create a life you'll enjoy living. Addiction is just a repeated pattern of chosen actions that helped one in the past to get through the ordeals life dealt them from the cards they held inside themselves. These actions gave us comfort and traction so we could keep moving, unfortunately, they were moving us in less than optimal directions. And while it may have served us at one point it's an unhealthy friendship that was only meant to be with us for a small amount of time, not a lifetime. Addiction seems to take over our life, forcing us to repeatedly seek the behaviors that begin taking way more than they used to give us. It is up to us to decide that we want to reclaim our power and live a more empowered life by reconnecting to our powerful SOURCE and center, shifting our attention away from our old friend, Addiction.

Your focus fuels life's forms and your thoughts and feelings combine to give rise to your experiences, either by attracting others' actions upon you or motivating your actions giving rise to reactions from life or others in the field. The negative addictions while feeding themselves and strengthening the destructive force in our energy field begin to starve the positive life force within us. This is your power source and ability to create positive change and growth in your life and self, and like all things must be fed and strengthened with our loving attention.

When we have engaged in the actions of addiction a low-frequency aspect of ourselves was the one doing the acting, creating results from that low-frequency energy. If we desire to have better-feeling experiences we have to act from higher-frequency and better feeling energies--we must reconnect to our Higher Self and not the false high that the addictive behavior gives us.

To change AddiCTION we must make a number of new ACTIONs each time that addictive AttraCTION pops up for us—we must choose different behaviors, shifting the negative pattern to a more positive one that supports our health and wellbeing. Next time you sense the presence of your old friend, Addiction poking its head in give it a STOP Notice. Next time you get that urge to do the old addiction. STOP and Notice the pull (feel it in your body and say, Hello). Imagine a traffic light changed from green to yellow to red. STOP and Notice the voices or thoughts in mind. See the Red Traffic Light. Notice the feelings in the body. Don't worry, it's a LONG light, still Red. Just allow the feelings and thoughts to be there without judging them or yourself.

A: This is AWARENESS. B: BREATHE (slowly into the belly) and BE present with the present moment and whatever is coming up in your body. Breath is your buffer and your life raft, it puts safe space between you and the addictive pull, placing a breath between you and any destructive actions you may feel prompted to take.

C: Calm and Center in your Heart, this is your power center, it connects you to Higher wisdom that supports your wellbeing.

D: Dive into the pools of feelings and bubbles of thoughts found in those pools/pulls--these are the currents that suck you into their experience and drown you. Don't worry you always have your Breath life raft to hang onto and help to lift you up and carry you through the tumultuous waters of life.

E: Elevate your Energy by vibrating LOVE for and towards the addictive behaviors/desires, as well as the pain in you that you may be attempting to escape by engaging in the addiction. The addict is in pain and you judging that part of you adds to your pain. Time to forgive.

F: Forgive yourself. Forgive the past, learn its lessons & wisdom--you're still here, you survived, sure it may not have been perfect(wasn't supposed to be), but you're here. And if you're here you can heal, you can feel and heal, you can breathe and be. Flow that old energy out and that new positive energy in! Face your feelings & past in the present moment with the Fierceness of SOURCE Force and feel the pain with acceptance & compassion to heal the pain with clarity & connection.

G: Get your Good on, it's okay to feel good, feel empowered, feel healthy, feel inspired, feel LOVED, you deserve it, no matter what you have done in the past, SOURCE/GOD/Universe/LOVE loves you. See the Red light change to GREEN! Now you can...

H: Heal thy self and thy life and Head on thy way to a new more healthy and happy life! If you stumble back into the arms of Addiction, take a breath, see the Red Light and STOP beating yourself up, you can always start driving in the Good Directions once the light changes to GREEN again.

I: Intend to be connected to SOURCE and the flow of good. Attention turns the car on, Intention sets the Direction we drive towards. When we're engaging in negative actions our attention is focused on low-frequency, negative feelings, and thoughts. When we shift focus to SOURCE/LOVE we instantly plug into higher frequency energies and can begin receiving higher thoughts that inspire better-feeling actions and creations.

Declare: I am connected to SOURCE, protected and directed by SOURCE, and receive all the good SOURCE has for me now. Give your bad feelings to SOURCE and receive SOURCE'S good feelings and positive thoughts and energies. You deserve some help, let yourself receive it. Anytime you feel addiction pulling at you or even if you stumble down the dark road again, go easy on yourself and choose a different road/action in your next breath.

No matter where you are on your life path, no matter how terrible life has been or what mistakes you think you made each and every encounter and experience and expression moved through the life field in the way it was designed to. Your missteps and mistakes were divinely orchestrated to allow your soul to work through and expand understanding through the expressions and experiences. Not only that, your actions, both positive and negative were absolutely vital for all those you shared the co-creation of the experiences with. We need each other to play certain energies and roles out, and not all of those Soul desired experiences were nice and fluffy and beautiful, some of them were awful, torturous, evil, gross, miserable. All energies serve Consciousness in helping it to better understand ALL That Is through the contrast of All That Is Not. We are playing a karmic game in this Earth Dimension under the energy template of Duality—some of that energy is positive and good-feeling, and some is negative and bad-feeling--but all the energy contains wisdom and understanding for Consciousness and the Collective.

Drop judgment and just be with whatever you see. The past happened. The bad happened. It happened to you and you did it to others. You have every right to feel however you feel about it and work on moving the stuck emotions in your body out of the body, just as everyone else has every right to feel however they do.

Own the story as part of your history and soul's lower destiny, and realize you had to reconnect to it in order to be able to stand up on its back and raise yourSelf up.

The crap of life is meant to fertilize our Garden of Eden, E-den, Emotional den, The Garden or our sanctuary of Heavenly bliss, only able to be returned to once we travel through the valleys of hell and remember, recollect, and restore our whole Self.

Suppression and ignorance is not bliss, it’s a mess and makes the mess larger. Facing the issue and the pain in the present moment allows you to open it up and lift it up with the Higher LOVE that lives in your Heart.

I am sorry for all the pain you have had to endure in all your lifetimes. I am sorry for all the pain I have had to endure in all my lifetimes. You are enough as you are. You always have been. We were meant to be lacking at times, bad actors at times, receiving other's bad actions at times, living in fear's shadows at times, building messes, and living in the jagged heaps of these messy creations and all the problems they helped us build. The outer mess is showing us our inner energy mess, and we have the power to be present with the mess and begin to clean it up. You are enough as you are, and loved entirely for all you are by The SOURCE Creator that gave rise to it all. Start by owning what is, accepting it as a part of your creations, and let the feelings move to the stage of your Mind and release from your body so you can open up the stage for new energy dances/creations to take shape. LOVE is the director and your protector. It will strengthen you to have the capacity to absorb and redirect the bad-feeling energy aspects held inside of you into better-feeling vibrations. You take what was/is and with the frequency of LOVE remake it into LIGHT. You take your LOW and make it GLOW by FLOWing LOVE straight into it.

Make the low okay by embracing it inside your Heart. LOVE lifts the low and LIGHTS it up to make it GLOW bright again!

You can do it, I believe in you. And if you can't believe in yourself, believe in the Infinite Power of the Universe to guide, uplift, and help power you on your way.

You are worthy and deserving of receiving SOURCE'S support and reSOURCEs you just have to allow yourself to. Blessings for you and the successful end of your foeship with Addiction--it's one more challenge you came to learn from and overcome and release. You can do it. And if you need support you are not alone, you have a relationship with SOURCE you can grow, and lots of human help on this planet... books, videos online (EFT on addiction, Emotional Freedom Technique), call/support lines, therapists, meditation, religious organizations, yoga, exercise, vitamins and supplements for your body and brain, detoxes, etc.

All my LOVE, Jamie Ferry


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