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Caterpillar crawl low, Butterfly fly high...

A row of Butterflies!!! Okay, they're really just shells that I found in the ocean, but they reminded me of butterflies, and butterflies make me think of beautiful TRANSFORMATIONS! 

We're certainly going through some deep transformations, both as individuals and as a collective right now. The world seems to be drowning in the murky waters and airs of its Collective Shadowy emotions and thoughts. With all the chaos swirling around us we may wonder if we'll sink or swim?  

While I personally have done plenty of both I realized ultimately there was no sinking or swimming for me, there was only flying, for my spirit longed to soar.  But for the longest time, all I could do was crawl and plod along, not attempting flight for fear my wings would not work, or if I even had them.  I limited and rendered purposeless the glory that was held within me by allowing my fear to run the show.  This lasted as long as it was meant to, and was filled with me sabotaging my self and dreams, procrastinating, avoiding, wasting time on meaningless things, feeling like I was powerless or didn't matter, questioning who was I to say anything, what value I had or whether any of it even mattered.  And when I did venture out to share myself and work in the past, the normal rejection, leading to that feeling of sinking further into the abyss, as the sadness temporarily overwhelmed, until the tears shed the pain and a new breath entered, delivering new life and hope to go on once more in the direction of my dreams.  All to run into the same things again and again.  And yet all of this and all the pain was perfect, as it was the energy within me that was coming out of me to be lived so that I could see it.  

Once I saw it I had the chance to embrace or resist it.  If I resisted, its form would remain and the pain would continue living.  If I made a different choice, to embrace it, seeing it for the gift it was and chose to love it, I reclaimed and reshaped that energy.  My love freed it to be something more, whereas my resistance and judgment doomed it to repeat.  

Where fear is concerned, I realized my fear is no foe to me, for I know I made it to be that, and it showed up perfectly and performed precisely as I designed and asked it to.  Because of the gift of my energy in the shape of fear, I got to feel less than, terrified, paralyzed, limited, restricted, confined, lacking, hurting, not good enough, worthless.  And while these experiences were not the most fun, they gave me a greater appreciation for my joy and ease.  

When I choose to be the love to all that is unloved in me and my view, including my fear, I mirror love to it and it becomes that which it sees, LOVE.  My very BEING affects what I’m seeing.  The energy experience is a mirror to me and I am a mirror to it, we are one.  

By shifting how we perceive and receive the energy that shows up we can transform our SCARED to our SACRED and the PROFANE to the PROFOUND.  We can take flight where once we feared to even try.   The old self and world are like the Caterpillar and we are in our cocoon right now.

We are soon to be like the butterfly. Just as the butterfly began its first life experience as a caterpillar crawling on the earth, it underwent a metamorphosis that forever altered its shape and experience, becoming the one that soared through air with ease.    But it wasn't always easy for the butterfly, it had to go through the process of being the caterpillar, encountering all the beauty and the challenges life held for it.  Then after surviving and thriving as the caterpillar, it had to undergo an intense transformation, surrendering and melting its old form, waiting patiently until the new form took shape.  And finally, after emerging as its new self, continue to gather and build its strength as it readied itself to undertake a new adventure, flight.  

The old world is like the Caterpillar and we and it are in a cocoon right now, breaking down the old forms so new forms may arise. Though we walk on planet as humans, we are born to fly.  It is up to us to take the leaps our heart desires, leaving the safety of the ground, taking flight towards all the beauty our heart contains, living all the magic within us.  Or we can play it safe and crawl or scuttle about our lives, but then what of all the wonder we are missing out on?  It may be scary as we wade through our old unseen energies but it's good Fear is a friend, giving Courage a chance to play!   When fear fills your space, take heart, knowing fear is only a suggestion.  It offers its energy gift to you so that you may experience it.  It is a little box you can play within, or you can climb out of the box, close and seal it, sending it off with love.   If you no longer wish to experience it then you must own it and offer your gift of love and gratitude to it.  Your love and gratitude raise your frequency, and because it is directed at your fear, it raises its frequency too.   As we breathe we receive, the spirit of life fills us and fuels our living.   Be with the fear, breathe in the love and let the love wrap itself around your fear, hugging and holding it near. Once you reclaim your energy, temporarily in the shape of fear, you can use it to reshape your future and take flight wherever you are meant to fly.  All my love, Jamie 

HEALTH TIPS: The health of your body is largely dependent upon the health of your spine. Regular stretching is vitally important. To the right, to the left,  forward, and backward... gently and daily! Breathe in deeply and slowly to massage your inner organs. Rotate your head to the right and left.

Plant your bare feet firmly on the earth regularly to run that healing earth energy through your energy bodies and maintain balance, discharging all that excess electrical energy you pick up from your environment, house, cellphone, computer, laptop, television, etc. Too much amped up masculine electric energy and not enough healing, magnetic feminine earth energy and your body and life will get too dry, mechanical and lifeless, and your system and life will get out of whack, making living unbearable. Too much feminine earth/water energy and you can get soggy, bloated, and overemotional. Balance is key.


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