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Advice For When You Don’t Feel Like Showing Up & Quick Calming Breath&Reconnection Exercise (at end)

Today's Blog Post will be a video I shot a few weeks ago, enjoy.

I wasn't feeling like showing up, I felt like I got so busy with life, many close family members dying, and traveling, and I wasn't feeling like writing or filming or putting myself on camera, but I did it anyway. Sometimes we feel like we can take on the world, and other times we feel like hiding from the world. When you have those moments when you don't feel like showing up, it's okay to honor your feelings, but it's also important to always ask your Highest what is best for you in each moment, retreat and rest, or reconnection to your Source within (that is ALWAYS there for you and ready to show up through you) and courageous presence with whatever the moment brings you.

Sometimes, we are depleted and can't handle showing up, but sometimes showing up is precisely what we need to do, even when we don't feel like it, are worried or scared, or are stuck in self-judgment or doubt... because when we do show up we are moved forward in ways we couldn't have been had we not been there or done what our higher guidance was prompting us to do. GOD Bless, you and however you are feeling. You are enough and you are loved.

All my love, Jamie


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