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A look at human-souls and why the negative exists from a higher perspective...

The Original Negative charge is The Divine Feminine Mother Heart/LOVE/Emotional Energy and is part of the Original Polar Pair or Original Duality with the Divine Masculine Father Mind/LIGHT/Mental Energy as the 2nd Aspect in the Pair.

Energy is split into Emotional and Mental Components that together create the Physical Manifestation/creation or Form.

The Original Negative Charge, in this case, is the magnetic attractor force that draws The Positive Charge, the Mental Thought Energy that matches it. The second split of Duality gave rise to the Negative and Positive Quality Emotional and Mental Aspects.

The negative exists, there is no denying that.

If it exists then it was made to exist.

The negative was made for a reason... Contrast is a wonderful teacher.

It affords Our Consciousness the gift of comparison.

In comparison, we can gain understanding.

And understanding through experience is what life is about.

We (in our Higher Self/Consciousness) made the negative to be able to have the chance to live it in the lower dimensions.

And in our living it if we can look at it through our Heart's understanding, reconnecting to it with compassion and patience and love, we put ourselves back in the space where we can change the negative into its original positive, transforming the negative mental and emotional energy inside of us and healing our outer world.

We are here to understand and know ourselves and we do this through the positive and negative energy we hold inside us. Use the positive power in LOVE to heal and free the negative and bring a healthier, more balanced, and positive vibe into your world.

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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