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The Earth and Us are Okay

It may seem like the world is headed for disaster,

like the darkness is alive and well,

like the planet is headed for catastrophe,

but alas, we are safe in the globular Heart of Mother eartH. H, Her, Heart, Hear t, Hear truth

The Mother Earth,

She is the She who opened Herself to all

and we are the we's who chose to dive in and fall.

We plunged into the depths of humanity

to play with insanity

and the forgetting of who We Are.

We the stars

that fell from sky

into tiny bodies growing,

held in the bellies of the she's we'd chosen to be Mother.

And all the while all of us held in the belly

of blue and green, brown and white

playing with ideas of wrong and right

in a maze that spins round and round

breathing breaths that go in and out.

Though the little mind does divide and separate self from other and all

the precision of Heart's Inclusion is that no low shall stay sunk, and all fallen shall be risen again--

Just as the sun doth appear to rise each day, LOVE shall make Its way to ALL, and none shall escape for long.

Take comfort in knowing that the plan is grand and is unfolding as it should.

Rest at ease that even if you find yourself at odds along your way that there is a force that's guiding you and can get you back on track. The Mother Earth and the Divine does provide us everything we need because we are exactly what the Mother Earth and Divine needs. Consciousness needs vessels to play within and you are here as such. So relax, take it easy, open up to LOVE and let yourself grow!

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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