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From Stuck To Shifted

You can stay stuck or you can start shifting--the old gears that worked in the old years are not necessarily what the new ones call for. We are the infinite change, no matter how much our egos cling to their previously-formed ideas about how things should stay... to them the past holds safety and security in the certainty of what was, even if what was, was the security of a prison cell of pain.

Time's ticking clock carries the day away and kicks the night forward on and on and on, and we travel the circular flow, the in and the out, the up and the down, the stop, and the go... because that's the way it was meant to be, or at least to seem--for not all is real in reality.

But we started the game and so we shall finish it

as we stretch the self back towards Enlightenment.

We are the chosen ones in that we chose to be here (even though it seems like we were deposited randomly, unwillingly into tiny bodies into settings we had no say in). We unfold the stories held in the cells of our Being and Body, like little packages or presents waiting to be opened by our presence,

held in the hands and Heart of Our Highest Understanding,

unconditionally accepted and loved--whole and complete.

Actors are we all, and we've played every role, stuffed into many different bodies what we call Self, our Soul/soul... and it allows us to be the many, to learn from all the angles and all the points in the Circle of ONE, The Whole, the One We split in Half, and then half again.

Such is the glory of humanity, the aspect of Divinity that was created by the Creator-We to be the smaller-we's but nonetheless super important identities, the personalities We crafted to be able to tell endless stories, that made it possible for our Souls to learn and grow, mess up and fail and try again, creating and experiencing karma, both positive and negative, and then eventually

resolving it.

As humans, God gets to dive deep into Duality, splashing and drowning in the pools of sparkle and shadow, dancing through contrast's shifting moods and minds.

Breath our buddy comes to visit the body bringing with it gifts and energetic codes, memories of former experiences in this lifetime or others that our Soul seeks to reexamine. Breath enlivens it within us so that we can feel and see and hear the wisdom it held for us, to bring peace to it and restore Understanding's peace within us. All our emotions are partnered with thoughts that match their tone, and together they provide the shape that builds our experiences. When the feminine works with the masculine within us the miracle of life experience unfolds. We are the duality and the unity within our Humanity, and we carry the past, present, and all possible futures inside of us. At times that's a lot to handle, but we only need to deal with life breath by breath. Breath is the Spirit of Life, and it brings us only what we can handle, but we must choose what we do with what breath brings up for us. We are LOVE'S Children, LOVE, ourselves,

Emotion (e-motion), Energy in Motion, and we are meant to move forward. Sometimes, we get stuck in the pools of the past pains we hold within when we should really dip our feet in, feel how it feels to us, and then get out, dry off and keep moving forward.

The Chosen Ones

Blessèd are we

the chosen ones,

in as the ones that chose to be here,

dancing through love and fear,

all to gain a better sense of our inner totality.

We ride the waves of eternity,

carried in selves and cells,

playing in the swells of infinity.

Blessèd are we.

I wish you, Human Sisters and Brothers, Children of The DIVINE, All the magical and magnificent powers that your Heart holds and has access to, that you relinquish the old stories and ways of pain and division, for the Truth your Higher Hearts hold.

We are the Totality of Duality playing out through the Individuality,

and we are the Unity of SOURCE, an extension of This High and Radiant Energy. We are all held in the ONE Spirit, The MASSIVE BODY of GOD that Holds ALL the Gods within it. You are a human evolving your consciousness back to the GOD-Consciousness of LOVE. It is time to reconnect to your Christ-Consciousness within and start living from and as Your LOVING Heart in Body and embodied.

Let us rebuild Heaven upon Earth within this glorious Golden Age that is set to unfold.

Praise Be To GOD, PURE LOVE and LIGHT, and may all The Children of GOD awaken to The LOVE They Are and share and spread that LOVE within this Earth and Universe!

LOVE connects us all... and has the power to direct us all

in what needs to be done in every moment, situation, and relationship.

Seek the still silence to connect to LOVE'S Guidance.

All my love, Jamie Ferry

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