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Love, the cure for all that ails. A little self-love will draw more love to you.

... And, I fell in LOVE with myself! :)

Friends, that wasn't always the case, the road from self-loathing to self-loving was a long one, full of pain, insecurity, self-doubt, mistrust, fear, anger, sadness, depression, and some hate for self/body/other/life/god/God--all of the shadow emotions accrued and activated from this lifetime and all others within the Duality Experiment/Experience. It took a while for me to get in touch with all I held inside so that I could take it back into my loving Heart, and heal and transmute it. But the journey was definitely worth it, and today I stand as an individual, whom while not perfect, is more connected to the Perfection within, the capacity for Unconditional LOVE of self/Self, other, and ALL.

So, if you are less than loving towards yourself, that's okay, now is the perfect time to start traveling on that road, the Highway of One--One Heart, One Mind--the Highest within you, to reconnect your Heart to all the parts of you that are deficient in LOVE, making and bringing peace to all the pieces in you that are stuck in the shadows and holding your pain. Start small, feel it all, and give it all your loving attention, re-intending for it to be made whole again.

Valentine's Day is coming up this week, and is a day to celebrate LOVE. Many without a current relationship (lover/boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse) may feel sad on this day because they think they don't have someone to share their love with. But I say, NONSENSE! You have you. And, maybe you have a pet... or a plant, or friends, or family, or colleagues, or Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, or God/GOD/The Creative SOURCE Energy--And again, I say, you have you!!!

If you're sad that you don't have someone to love you, you HAVE yourself and can start there. And even if you do, some self-love is always a good thing. And if you don't totally love yourself, that's okay, because GOD/God, which is LOVE, the Creator-frequency, DOES LOVE you, EXACTLY as you are right now and however you have ever been. GOD/God is LOVE, and LOVE loves ALL things regardless of what they be. Your negative energy doesn't stop GOD/God from loving you, but it does keep you from receiving or being able to let the LOVE in, and not only from GOD/God but from others on the planet as well. Imagine a scene where the sun is shining brightly but there is a thick layer of clouds in between you and the sun, blocking you from seeing it. You in your negative energy are stuck on the ground, with the sky above, covered by the clouds, unable to see the sun that is always shining.

You being unloving towards yourself are in a negative state of being, making you attractive to things that match that state of being, and conversely unattractive or repulsive towards things that match the opposite way of being: LOVING. So if you desire to have a loving relationship but aren't giving yourself the love you desire to receive, then you are remaining in a state of lack and love-deficiency, blocking the LOVE from being able to come in.

You must GIVE what you seek to RECEIVE, for the field matches your energy output and your inner vibrations. What comes to you comes from within you, and what comes from you will return to you. And by choosing to give yourself the LOVE you are and have, you actively charge your field with that high-frequency energy. This creates an energetic vortex of LOVE emanating from your Heart field. The Heart field is your Magnetic Center and pulls things into your orbit that resonate with whatever Emotional Energy that is coming from it, being broadcast as waves of emotion from the Power of your Heart.

That's why it is important to be able to love the self when you desire to have others love you. The others are part of the field and the field will match you and your energetic way of being. It's kind of like the old adage, "Teach others how to treat you", we must be aware of how we feel and think about ourselves, what we value and respect within ourselves and others and relationships, what we will accept and what we won't because we model this energy towards others and they reflect it back to us. A meditation practice is essential to developing a greater understanding of all we contain within, of the patterns of mental/beliefs and emotional aspects that we predominantly function with and within, that we picked up from our ancestral DNA, the programs that were downloaded from parents/grandparents/great-grandparents/etc., that we have the ability in the present to heal and transmute, provided we are aware of their existence. Meditation connects our Heart to brain, and breath retrieves the mental/emotional energies within the cells of our body and strands of DNA, delivering them to the doorway of our Consciousness where we may reintegrate them/reprogramming them within our Heart field, shifting from lower mind of human dualistic consciousness to the Higher Mind of the Unified Divine.

Life reveals what is wounded,

so Heart can heal and transmute it!

**Cupid is the god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection; the son of the love goddess, Venus, and the war god, Mars. His Greek counterpart is Eros. He is equipped with a bow and arrow that are his power to wound/mystify a person, or even a deity; when he shoots them with one of his arrows, they are filled with uncontrollable desire towards the first person/creature/object they see--love's infatuation.

He is the child of the feminine Love, and masculine War/Fight aspect--that can make for one confused little boy--the war between the sexes, the manipulation of the love-field, the unfair love games. And yet, while plenty of trauma and drama exists in the space of love and relationships, so too are great, epic, healing love affairs possible. Love makes life more interesting, including the pains that come with it. We brush up against each other to feel and witness the potential and the pain we carry within. Love really is the Creator of all things and has the capacity to heal and transmute all that is wounded within each of us. It is through the mirror(s) of the other(s) that we are able to glimpse different aspects of our inner selves, putting together all the fragmented pieces of our inner duality, eventually restoring it all back to LOVE'S Unity. But to heal we must feel the feelings we hold and receive them fully within our Heart. Having others to share this with is certainly a gift we as humans are blessed to possess, but in the event that we don't have an "other", we still have ourselves, and this is absolutely crucial to give appreciation and express gratitude towards and for. For self-love is really the first and last love on the road to Divinity. The self is where we start, the other is what is extended from us, seemingly separate from us, but connected to us, and different as well. Eventually our consciousness wakes up and realizes the "other(s)" are all parts of our Self--then we as We/LOVE loves it all, unconditionally and totally, releasing the need for war or division anymore--existing peacefully, lovingly co-creating Heaven together.


From Latin Cupīdō (“Cupid, the god of love”), from cupere, present active infinitive of cupiō (“I desire, long for”).

In the energy of Cupid, partnered with the Heart of Venus in Her Exaltation in Pisces, I send a blessing out to you all, and to all of Earth. May your Hearts be activated in the Original frequency of LOVE. May Its song pulse through you, bathing every cell in your body, mind, and soul. May you feel the healing power of LOVE fill you, anchoring you back into your Highest Heart field, reinvigorating your physical body with the radiant, re-youthifying, regenerative, power of Original LOVE.

Feel the LOVE You Are and share that LOVE with the World!

Hearts UNITE!

All my love, you Beautiful People,

Jamie Ferry

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