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Elevate From Hate; Heal the Hurt.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

~Martin Luther King Jr.

On this day celebrating the life and mission and dream of Martin Luther King Jr., and my solar return/birthday :) let us take a moment to consider the hate we hold and give it some loving attention. We need to be aware to attend to, and we need to feel to heal.

Hate is Hurt to the heart.

Hate the man. Hate the woman. Hate the whites. Hate the blacks. Hate the asians. Hate the latinos. Hate the arabs. Hate the humans. Hate the animals. Hate the insects. Hate the religious. Hate the atheists. Hate the scientists. Hate the government. Hate the people. Hate the democrats. Hate the republicans. Hate: the sissies, the assholes, the winners, the losers, the happy, the angry, the rich, the poor, the successful, the old, the young. Hate vegetables. Hate meat. Hate vegetarians. Hate meat-eaters. Hate the self. Hate the others. Hate ignorance. Hate arrogance. Hate inferiority. Hate superiority. Hate the past. Hate the future. Hate the present. Hate the haters. Hate the hate.

Feelings aren't right or wrong in the Eyes of the Divine Creator, they simply are what they are, and they either feel GOOD or feel BAD. The good ones inspire positive actions, while the bad ones motivate negative actions, and regardless of good or bad, they create MORE of their feelings through the actions they prompt in all involved in the energetic equation/interaction. We as conscious humans with a mind to think and a Heart with the power to LOVE have the power to transform the negative energy inside of us when we apply the frequencies of our Heart upon the subject/object held in our consciousness. Based on our soul and emotional body, we have a mind tuned into certain frequencies (thoughts) with various aspects holding different beliefs/ideas; we always have the chance through meditation, dreamwork, and awareness and self-realization work to become conscious of what these are, and to tune it into different and higher frequencies, to transform the lower aspects into their original higher vibrations through the frequencies inside our human heart.

Hate is a feeling that doesn't feel very good, but it's a feeling nonetheless, and as such needs to be seen, owned, and taken back into our loving Heart. While the Higher-We is LOVE, the human-we lives in Duality and is free to hate, and free to choose to own the hate and heal the hurt by moving back into the Higher Self through the Heart. We all have our preferences and perspectives, and carry memories of negative experiences from our soul's connected incarnations/lifetimes, as well as our present lifetime's ancestral wounded stories and negative attitudes/beliefs handed down from: parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, step-parents, cousins, etc. While we may feel certain ways about certain things we aren't stuck feeling the way we felt/feel--we can choose to change by taking charge of the threads of hate held within and reconnecting them to our Heart. All energy desires to be seen, acknowledged, accepted, and understood for what it is. We may choose to attempt to understand the things we hate/hated, to see them in a different light.

As a free human being you are free to feel and think all the ways you do, but you are not free to escape the creations and manifestations that those energies build for you. You may hate, but the hate in you hurts you, no matter the direction you flow it to. Why? Because you carry the energy codes of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE INSIDE of your physical body, inside the cells of your body and strands of your DNA. And so, when you hate something OUTSIDE of you there is an energy point INSIDE of you that feels/RECEIVES that energy of hate--you are literally hurting your own body, building pain, disease, illness, accidents, etc. In addition, our emotional energy, the feelings we are actively feeling, are actively vibrating/broadcasting from our emotional field; these are our MAGNETIC energy aspects and they draw to us energetic experiences that match them. Hated things tend to circulate around the one that hates them, pulled by invisible lines coming from lower heart hoping they will be allowed to cross the Heart bridge and enter into Heaven's Gates once again, freed from having to be in the form of the unloved.

You may keep your hate, but it will keep you vibrating


and it will weigh heavily on your soul and keep on bringing to you all the things you hate inside of you. Why? Because all energy seeks to be returned HOME,

and HOME is where the Heart is. Your Heart field is your Emotional Body, the seat of your Soul. The lower soul field holds the cellular memories of all lifetimes of your soul (shadow mental and emotional/experiences) that have yet to be reintegrated into the wholeness of your loving Heart.

What we see, we contain, and so what we hate, we hold within. Hating something is not a wrong thing, but it is a painful thing, both for the hater and the hated, and it will continue to create more pain until it is made peace with.

We exist in the realms of Duality Experiment where the Higher-We's took some of Our Original pure LOVE and LIGHT Energy threads and compressed them, and programmed them to be the Temporary Opposite aspects within the realms We set up for the Duality Experiment all so that we could play in contrast and learn and grow. The hate you hold is part of the shadow mental and emotional energy that we have been playing with during this Duality Experiment. It can be a part of your present ego-identity or ancestral lineage stories, or buried within your subconscious as part of your Soul's other connected incarnations/lifetimes and shadow experiences. It is not wrong for being, it was made to exist as it is and give us certain experiences that its energy could build or craft for us, so that we could learn from it and grow our understanding of everything. But just because it's not wrong DOES NOT mean it is energy we desire to keep creating from. All energy is endowed with creative ability to expand, growing more of itself in the external field UNLESS the perceiver of it/receiver of it/container of it ACTS UPON it, reclaiming it with the Heart and reprogramming its energy thread through the Heart's frequencies. If we seek to be whole then we must attempt to understand all energetic aspects within our Conscious awareness; this includes the things we hate or dislike. Everything we see outside of us is actually held inside of us, and everything disconnected from our hearts by our mental judgments remains in a wounded state inside of us and will continuously draw the topic/object/subject of our negative feelings toward us, giving us a chance to change the energy inside of us and reconnect it to our Heart. To HEAL the hurt in heart and head we must see and OWN it as part of us--owning that there ARE parts of us that hate things, that hate others, that hate parts of the self, that hate God for whatever reason, or that hate life and how it is, that hate broccoli or homework, or cheap clothing, or too much stress, etc. AND that it's OKAY that they feel that way, but that we desire to feel good and so we desire for these parts of us to feel good again as well, that they no longer have to hold the old forms for us and are free to be the LOVE and LIGHT within us again. We realize in our Higher Wisdom that we are connected to all things and we may choose to make peace with all the parts inside of us in lower mind and heart that are at war. We may choose to understand, putting ourselves in the other's shoes, and have compassion for who and what they are and have gone through. We may also realize that what we hate in others, either in their actions or energy, that our soul has done these things, been this way in other incarnations, and that we have the beautiful uncomfortable gift of this contentious energy interaction/reaction to have the chance to view in form the deformed energies inside of us, to finally make peace with all our wounded pieces in this present breath and movement and moment--seize it!

I personally have let go of the hate and opted for unconditional love. This doesn't mean that I like everything or how everything acts in every moment--I am a human on one level of my being and as such, have my personal preferences and favorite things and ways of being. But on a core level, I support the right to the experience and the evolution for all beings at the time their Souls choose, allowing all energies to exist in the larger field so that those that desire to play with and learn from them have to option to, while on my inner field I have healed the shadow pains and restored the wholeness and LIGHT of LOVE, of GOD inside of me. I hold the space for the beauty of Humanity to blossom into its great Inner Divinity, for all to heal the hurt of hate and all the shadow's pains inside of them by stepping into and embodying the LOVE That Is Their Self.

All my love, Jamie Ferry

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