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A Love of Extraordinary Heights and Depths... Note to the Beloved:

I'm a hopeful romantic, believing in the powerful healing energy of LOVE,

with an appreciation for all things romantic.

My heart has always beat LOVE and romance's rhythm, for I am LOVE and the Lover dancing in the body I wear... always a force of LOVE, seeking to share and expand itself in the Heart's union with another--the merging of two fields in a harmonious union to grow and share the essence of all we are as Human and God-Self as one.

LOVE and the desire for it are as natural to our souls as our physical body's need for breath's support because that is what our souls ARE. I believe LOVE will pave the way and save the day if we would only turn to it. And on that note, I'll share some notes of love that I found.

I wrote this back in 2007 and recently rediscovered it going through my unposted blog files. I feel that sending forth this wave of love out into the planet is beneficial for all within the planet and all within me. It speaks to the LOVE that all the parts of our inner worlds are seeking to find and be found by. 'Twas written by me, but pronouns may be changed according to the reader's own Heart's desires--

A Love of Extraordinary Heights and Depths

Note to the Beloved:

I am looking for a love that is bigger than all loves ever,

the greatest of loves...

and a man,

a king of a man

a superhero of a man

a God of a Man

regal and strong enough for the superheroine in me

and the Queen and Goddess I Be.

With a body of Light, and shadows being made into Light

a mind of balance

a soul of honest emotions

a Soul of LOVE

and a Spirit of Passion matching that which fuels the Sun,

gave rise to volcanoes of Brilliant and Bursting Magnificence,

and birthed all the stars in all the galaxies.

Do YOU have the courage to Love with a love that's deeper than any love your heart has expressed 'til now?

Are you brave enough to bare your rooms to me,

as we sweep through the levels unearthing all that made our houses heavy and dirty?

And after the cleaning's begun and done

and there's nothing to hide,

are you ready to build OUR Home...

a palace of such grace, beauty, comfort, and LOVE,

all-encompassing, poetic, pure, sensual, exquisite, delicious and inspirational--

A generous gift to all who bear witness the LOVE we share?

I come to you with the gift of the Heavens,

laying my head, hand, and heart at your feet,

as my body breathes the beat of LOVE everlasting,

and hope,

that you'll open to receive me

and all that I Am,

and share in LOVE, ALL that you are

with me.

~I think the Divine whispers this to us calling us back Home to It all the time, hoping we move into our Hearts so that we can hear Its song of LOVE and open to receive Its Gifts. We left the Heavens carrying pieces of It inside our cells, mementos of Home, that we could pull out when we felt the pangs of longing and remember the sweetness of who and what we are, where We came from and are meant to return to.

What do most want?

To Love and be loved

to See and be seen

to Know and be known

to Hold and be held

to Taste and be tasted

to Breathe and be breathed

to Explore and be explored

to Live fully and be fully lived

to Dance with the fun, sensual, ecstatic,

erotic fullness of LOVE

gaining thyself by losing thyself completely within another, totally connected in the heart space, expanded in the Mind—a complete merging with the Divine

through a conscious committed relationship with the Beloved, the divine feminine and the divine masculine twirling and swirling together...

to know the joy and bliss of beautiful, healthy, passionate, romantic love, living with laughter and adventure, balanced in body, mind, soul, and spirit,

radiating the shared LOVE out to ALL, so that they may remember

the TRUTH of Their Essence.

Well, that's a bit of the wanted.

How about you, what do you want? What are the secret dreams held within your Heart?

Take some time to think about it, to let your Heart speak to you.

Clarity comes to the one that is open, that is curious and takes the time to initiate the process of discovery and inquiry.

The saying goes:

Ask and you shall receive.

Seek and ye shall find.

Knock and the door will be opened.

Your Heart is waiting, what are you waiting for?

All my love, Jamie Ferry

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