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Apology to the Feminine and Masculine Energy within Us All:

As we end 2018, let us take some time to run some healing energy for the feminine and masculine within us all. We will continue to have breath stir up and bring out our tender wounds so that Heart and Head can heal them. We are moving into the Golden Age Dear Ones, but it will take some shining and buffing for us all as we Transmute the dimmer aspects we hold within our souls back into the Light of LOVE through the keys in our Hearts.

I wrote this on Sunday, June 5, 2011 on one of my blogs at the time, Sweet and Sacred Sex:(

It is as relevant now as then, as we are beginning to collectively heal the traumatic wounds and end the war between the sexes within us all. Regardless of the body you presently walk around in, everyone is made up of both feminine and masculine energy aspects, and all Souls have lived lifetimes in male bodies and female bodies. We've all been on the receiving and giving end of the multitude of human interactions (both positive and negative) and carry the stories of our Soul and all its incarnations, as well as ancestral, global and galactic stories within the cells of our DNA--these are the stories we are healing when their time to heal comes up, and now is the time for many. I added the backstory of the Original Creation story, before this planet and Universe were ever created--to set up the underlying pattern on which all that came after follows.

***NOTE to the Reader: As you read through this, know that the words are infused with a healing energy which will tap into and clear all stored similar energies from your Four bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). I hold the space for Your Health, Happiness and continued Evolution! All my Love, Jamie Ferry To the Divine Feminine Energy/Presence within us All, we come to apologize for anytime we/our soul in any incarnation: Hurt you, judged you, abused you, neglected you, raped you, murdered you, stole from you, hated you, rejected you, dishonored you, denied you, feared you, discarded you, deceived you, didn't love you, protect you, provide for you, nurture you, share with you, saw ourselves as weak because of you, thought you were ugly, inferior, superior, inadequate, weak, shameful, a bother, manipulative, nagging, sinister, slutty, bitchy, were embarrassed by you, ashamed of you, called you names, disrespected you, resented you, tortured you, caused you to cry, run, cower, hide, blamed you, destroyed you, craved you, dominated you, bullied you, victimized you, enslaved you, disempowered you, deserted you, abandoned you, betrayed you, ravaged you, frightened you, saved you and then demanded re-payment, assaulted you, stalked you, framed you, manipulated you, persecuted you, condemned you, chastised you, cursed you, negated you, cheated you, forced you, preyed on you, suffocated you, held unreasonable expectations or delusions about you, or treated you in any way unbefitting the Beautiful, Amazing, Divine Feminine Mother Goddess YOU ARE. To the Divine Masculine Energy/Presence within Us All, we come to apologize for anytime we/our soul in any incarnation: Belittled you, betrayed you, abandoned you, deceived you, castrated you, condemned you, judged you, harmed you, assaulted you, disrespected you, abused you, murdered you, stole from you, manipulated you, tortured you, raped you, destroyed you, cheated you, stalked you, hunted you, possessed you, enslaved you, frightened you, suffocated you, dominated you, cornered you, persecuted you, shamed you, embarrassed you, rejected you, discarded you, controlled you, neglected you, bullied or victimized you, resented you, hated you, feared you, mislead you, dishonored you, called you names, thought you were ugly, inferior, superior, weak, inadequate, lacking, stupid, didn't love you, nurture you, protect you, provide for you, or share with you, or treated you in any way unbefitting the Beautiful, Amazing, Divine Masculine Father God YOU ARE.

We declare that we are willing to feel the pains we hold and heal the wounds of mind and soul.

We accept responsibility for it all--apologize for it All, forgive ourselves for it, forgive others, and release it ALL Now. We ask the energy of LOVE to come in and clear all the memories, related energies and effects from our space, and fill us with the perfect, purifying energy of Source LOVE inside our bodies, minds, souls, and world space.

Thank YOU and So it is!

**And now we are free to explore how we can work together to create a better world. We have been living on a planet that was/is part of the Duality Experiment, and as such, in this lifetime and many others, were creating experiences that were positive and whole, and negative and wounded and wounding. Our Souls desired to play within the contrast (that's why We created it), to learn and grow through the pain and adversity, to overcome and heal, to learn to forgive and repair the separation Mind created for the experiment with the LOVE in our Hearts.

**A backstory from before Humanity was created to be a vehicle through which SOURCE could live and expand Its Consciousness:

You may have heard regarding this Universe in the Bible: "In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God...

That God created everything and that nothing was created without Him--which is true as all Manifested forms MUST include the Masculine Thought-form aspect, BUT ALSO, originate with the Feminine Desire-Will aspect. The "Word" it refers to is LOVE. God is LOVE.

This mirrored the Original Creation Story of GOD/SOURCE ENERGY. GOD is the Feminine LOVE and the Masculine LIGHT and it was the Union of the Two Aspects: MOTHER AND FATHER GOD, that CREATED all things. This Universe was created to be a Mirror Universe, flipping the pattern in some way to allow the Creator Energies to play with Duality in a new way, giving dominance to the Masculine, disconnecting Head from Heart and allowing it to act from the shadow space.

In the Original Beginning it was dark, but the darkness was full of LOVE,

The Darkness WAS LOVE, and encapsulated EVERYTHING existing as NOTHING, having no form, just an essence of vibration existing as SOURCE Energy, HEART and MIND as One; nothing but FEEL-GOOD Energy existed, and yet the Potential for ALL Things was there... for the invisible energy threads, pliable and willing could take any form of HEART'S Desire and MIND'S Imagination.

In Original Creation the SOURCE desired to have All That It Is mirrored back to It by Another, the Other, and from this ORIGINAL DESIRE, SOURCE spoke/sounded,"Let there Be LIGHT" and with those words voiced from HEART'S DESIRE, the Masculine FATHER emerged from the darkness of Feminine MOTHER HEART/WOMB, LOVE--and thus arose into Form the Original Duality of the FEMININE EMOTIONAL--MASCULINE MENTAL Polar Energy: HEART-------MIND, standing gazing upon Each Other with Unconditional LOVE and Openness.

In HEART/LOVE, MIND/LIGHT saw Its radiance shining back, while when LOVE looked at LIGHT It felt Its LOVE reflected back to It in Action and Thought.

From Their Sacred Union the Many and All were created, giving rise to the Original Trinity:





Sometime in what was the 2nd Out Breath of GOD The Children Creators had a desire to see what could happen if We took half of Our Energy and compressed it and making it into its Opposite aspects (again this followed the Original Creation Pattern). The decision to create the Duality Experiment was what brought into being the 2nd split of Duality (we'll call it Secondary Duality or Duality squared, because with the 2 poles a square is created):



Not LOVE----Shadow,

We took half of the Original Positive energy aspects and turned them off, creating the Temporary Opposite Negative energy aspects, allowing all Souls to play with the contrast of energies. Part of the Duality Experiment was letting the masculine take dominance over the feminine, as the separation of the Positive Heart and Mind gave rise to negative emotions of human heart and negative thoughts of lower mind, creating a contrast of energy that expanded the possibilities for all the Souls to create with. In Original Creation (and in all beings within this world) it is the Feminine within that comes first and the Masculine within that serves the Feminine, the Male that is contained within the FeMALE, as all things come from the MOTHER, from SOURCE. And the MOTHER and FATHER are One and from Their Union the Many and All were created--this is the Original Trinity. In the Christian Bible it speaks of the Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost is the Divine Feminine Mother Aspect, who took a back seat so to say to allow the Souls the chance to explore Duality in one grand experiment and play on this planet and many others!

Now back to the sexes:

It's NOT about one sex being better than the other. Nor is one sex more responsible for the damage that was done--no matter how it appears. The way energy works in the subtle realms is that each individual field is ALL aspects of the energy equation that is the resulting interaction between 2 or more fields, with each one being 100% responsible for ALL energy coming FROM and TO them. A + B = C, A is person 1 and B is person 2 and C is the resulting interaction of the two. " A" contains the energetic codes and frequencies of A, B, and C, and the same goes for B, who holds the codes of A, B, and C as well. So regardless of what point you are in the exchange, you hold all the other points inside of the cells of your body, and your Soul has played all sides either in your current lifetime or another connected incarnation.

Furthermore, if someone does something to another they are fully responsible for all energy coming from them and will have to rebalance it, BUT, the other is also 100% responsible for all energy coming TO them, as both fields contain both sides of the energy equation inside of them. It is the coming to us that is caused by the emotional magnets that are active in our field, whether they are conscious or subconscious/unconscious. These emotions are also connected to the thoughts we predominantly have running through our mind field, that we attract from the Mass Consciousness Mind Field (where all thoughts that have ever been thought exist), or subconscious beliefs different parts of us hold, even if we are not aware of their existence inside of us--it could be our younger selves who formed certain beliefs or beliefs formed during traumatic times of another incarnation (a seeming past life) of our Soul that remain hidden and unintegrated within us, still effecting our current reality, drawing experiences that match them so they can be seen and rebalanced/healed within us now. *Meditation. dreamwork, hypnosis, past-life regression therapy helps in uncovering these.

It is also not about one sex dominating the other, it's about realizing that both sides of the sex-pole, the human-pole, the God-Pole, have their unique divine beauty and power expression--that each side is valuable and exists to serve the other in the way it was designed to--that each side is dependent upon the other to create and manifest fully. We're not here to fight, we're here to unite, to work together, to come together in blessed, blissful sacred union and accomplish the miraculous creations that Heart inspires and Head/Mind envisions. The Mind is the masculine aspect, while the Heart is the feminine aspect. The Doing is the masculine aspect, while the Being is the feminine aspect. When we unite Heart with Head we gain access to our Higher Mind that thinks thoughts that are of a positive and progressive, productive nature; that acts inspired by LOVE and considers all involved as important parts of the whole.

If we are at odds with any aspect in the external world we are at war within ourselves. We are the war in the world with our dualistic, wounded mind, and We are the peace on the planet with our Unified LOVING Heart, that gifts its unconditional love to all the wounds, sending forth its powerful life-force to strengthen and heal the pain and spread Compassion's understanding, kindness, peace, and joy out to all it encounters along the way.

I love you Dear One, whether you are man or woman, or anything in between, you are an extension of SOURCE, and you are God and human, on the path towards reconnecting with the Divine Within Your Infinite Soul--a human evolving back up towards Its God-Consciousness or Christ-Consciousness, the Consciousness of LOVE. Every experience you have is a chance to send forth the LOVE within out to all you draw upon your path. On the outside we may be men, we may be women, but inside all of that we are held within One Spirit united by LOVE. See past the outside to get to the Heart of the matter and be the LOVE You Are to all you encounter. This is the way we heal ourselves and this is the way the world heals.

All my love, Jamie Ferry

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