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Follow LOVE'S LIGHT to find your way to freedom!

The path is set by the sun as it rises and falls,

and it's a light path, the white path of Spirit's glow.

Will you trust LOVE to lead you? ... Take care so fear doesn't deceive you? Fear is a great pretender--We made it that way, so we could PLAY! And we got tricked, fooled along the way, forgetting we shaped the wound so we could be the wounded. But just as the sun never leaves its spot, SOURCE'S LOVE flows eternally to us, shining for us, waiting patiently until we, exhausted from the heavy weight we carry, remove the blinders, crawling out of the dark corners we got trapped in and follow the path HEART has lit for us.

You see, the LIGHT is there, not outside but inside of us, spilling out of us, contained inside the Wide We Are, wide open greatness... we think we're the small ones, but We're the Tall Ones, The ALL Ones, playing tiny because We like to dive in and explore the individual aspects... we like to focus on the finite, and we LOVE to play pretend, like little children dressing up, only our dress up comes with a body we get to move and groove in, and roles we get to play, names we go by, dancing in contrast complete with wounds to spread hurt until Heart moves in to bring healing.

So while life may be uncertain right now, and you may be feeling a bit uncomfortable, anxious, angry, and/or afraid, remember to breathe deep into your belly... relax and invite faith to fill you full of its peace, and ask LOVE to guide you on your way. You're not alone, nor are you meant to do it all on your own. While you do have to take responsibility for your life, you are connected to a vast reservoir of strength and power that you may call upon to help carry you through your days. Your angels or guides wait for your invitation--free will is in effect and asking is part of the co-creative aspect of our relationship with Great Mystery, SOURCE, God/GOD, Universe, or whatever else you choose to call LOVE'S LIGHT. Breathe in the LOVE and feel the lightness of that being as it carries you up through all the lows.

The lower mind that builds our hells was given the tough task to hold the small ideas and beliefs of the lies, the pain, the shame, the guilt, the fear, the dark shadowy selves and spells, and it was meant to cast them our way so we could play in delusion's illusions and get carried away in the stuff of low. But we, dear ones, are here to grow and glow!

So, follow the LIGHT, follow the LOVE. Free the mind so it can Be the Mind It Truly Is! You carry the potential of God and GOD within you--Rise up Dear Ones! The Heart is the Ladder of LOVE, the Stairway to Heaven the human-self is meant to walk so it can reconnect to the Higher-Self that lives within and above. This is the time We and we have been waiting for! Aren't you excited!??

All my love, Jamie Ferry

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