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The Dragon's Flames

Jupiter has recently moved into the astrological sign of Sagittarius, a fire sign, and the hills in Southern California are on fire--literally! Trying to do breath of fire in these California fires and I can FEEL my lungs burning, the Earth churning, the elemental energies doing their dance together as they reclaim and retain their power to recirculate the mental, emotional flows through the physical realities and experiences.

We may not realize the Earth and its weather patterns are mirroring us and our collective emotional/mental climate, or that our collective negative thoughts and feelings create and our mirrored in the environmental pollution and natural disasters and storms that sweep through the globe. We may think we own the land and homes and things, but we're all temporary renters upon this great big beautiful planet, and merely hold these things in our care while we are here. Sometimes the Earth claims back what we see as ours so that we can be reminded of the temporal nature of things--so that we don't take for granted ANYTHING that we have in our space, nor get too rigid in our ATTACHMENT to things, and that we are allowed to experience all the feelings the loss and difficulties gift us. Challenging circumstances can allow us to come together and share our strengths, compassion, and love with each other as we assist where we are able and called to, overcoming the struggles of the collective as a collective of Souls working as one. With Heart guiding Head and Head moving Bodies, we direct the force of us to deal with what life is bringing to us. It really is a beautiful thing when we choose to work together, just as magnificent when all the parts of your body function together in the way they are meant to. Life and body just works better that way.

Life is always happening and it's in the happening that we get to see what is happening INSIDE of us all. The energies coming through heavily now for the collective are FEAR and GRIEF, both Fear and Grief of LOSS. The energy of grief is processed and stored in our lungs. Grief is a deep sorrow or trouble and annoyance. Grief can turn to SADNESS or MADNESS (ANGER) if it's not allowed to be felt and moved out. Sadness turns to sickness, head colds, sinus issues, water-weight gain, bloating/swelling, mold issues; and madness/anger turns to inflammation, illness, arthritis, digestive issues, heart issues or disease, rashes, skin breakouts, yeast issues, burns, and blisters. Sadness is connected to water, tears, damp, while anger is associated with fire, aggravation, inflammation, burning, explosions, accidents, etc. Our emotions are meant to be felt and allowed to move through us; issues arise when they aren't allowed to flow in and out. Grief unconscious, unacknowledged, and left in the body can lead to upper and lower respiratory infections, breast issues and cancers, lung diseases and cancers. Your upper respiratory tract includes the nose, throat, pharynx, larynx, and bronchi and infections here are referred to as a common cold. Lower respiratory infections are most known as pneumonia, but can also be applied to other types of infections including lung abscess and acute bronchitis. Symptoms may include shortness of breath, weakness, fever, coughing and fatigue.

The physical body works as a brilliant and wonderful mirror of all our inner emotions and thoughts--we are literally building our body and lives with the combination of these energies. Many times we disregard the different feeling parts of us, perhaps judging them as unimportant, invalid, silly or stupid--we think we shouldn't feel like that, it's no big deal, we're dumb or weak for feeling that way over that thing, that we should just get over it, we are too busy to have the time to feel anything, we must keep going and doing all the things that MUST be done--sometimes we aren't even consciously aware of the fleeting feelings that surge through us, and these pieces get stored deep inside of our cells, stuck in the dark little prison cells of our own making--waiting until the time when breath goes in to retrieve and deliver them to the stage of our awareness, where hopefully we give them the loving attention they so definitely deserve. NO feeling or thought is invalid or worthless. ALL of these different parts of us have the right to BE what they be and be seen by the loving us, taken back into the heart of us to be reclaimed and renamed as WHOLE, parts of the Whole that We Be.

Right now in Southern California the Earth is on fire, being scorched by the flames, and there is good and bad in all things, our challenges included. Just as the fires of fever try to burn off the poisons in our system, the fires of Earth are meant to clear the way, turning the old and decaying energy into the ashes of new potential and growth.

Fire is the Dragon's Kiss, the dance of the flames reclaiming for the Earth, returning to ashes those things that are being given as gifts back to the Earth Mother, part of her natural restoration process. Whether we as ego-identities are willing or desire to give, our Souls are offering up these pieces of ourselves to open up the place for new abundance, health, wellbeing, and growth to come in and fill our space.

The Earth has two lungs just like the human body. In the Earth, the trees and plants on ground function as one, while the algae and cyanobacteria in the ocean are the second; both together provide the oxygen the planet and its inhabitants require to function properly. With forest fires consuming the land, trees and plants/brush are part of what is being burned away--like old cells in the lungs that have reached their capacity to function and are now being shed so new ones can take their place--RELEASING the old so we can REGENERATE the new. Yes, fire can be devastating, but it is a normal and natural part of the Earth's process of regeneration, and ours as well. There are many trees who rely on the high heats of the fires to release their seeds and continue the life process. And there are parts within us all, whether we are personally in the path of the fire or simply witnessing others go through it, or merely experiencing the spiritual fires of these shifting times, that are coming up to have the fire's light and heat illuminate the pain we collectively hold within, as the fires of Spirit burn through our bodies clearing out all in their way whose time has come to go.

November 11, 2018 is a very powerful and auspicious time for this planet and all upon it and their spiritual growth and evolution as the 2nd 11 11 portal opens up, initiating massive energy shifts for all. November 11th is also Veteran's Day in America, celebrating our Soldiers who have once worn a uniform fighting for the cause of freedom. Whether you have worn a uniform and fought in a war in this lifetime, your soul has been a soldier in some lifetime and known the beauty and devastation of war... And each one of us on this planet is playing within Duality/Polarity/Contrast, and we've all been fighting a war within ourselves--we're all soul-diers on the battlefield of Duality fighting for our freedom from the shadows within. So at this time We give thanks for the sacrifices made, for the lives lost, for the rights fought for and won, for the balance and peace restored, for the abundance and prosperity, the brother and sisterhood, the camaraderie, the community, the not LOVE of Shadow, and the True LOVE that is LIFE that desired to play with death, destruction, and devastation so that we might truly appreciate all We really are. We release the feelings of FEAR and GRIEF of loss during all the wars and battles we've fought across space and time that are hiding and stuck inside the cells of our being and body, purging the poisons and toxins that have accumulated, as we breathe deep and open up the space for new growth and wellbeing to take its space. While the breathing may be limited and labored at times during the fire's fury, we are all collectively fighting for our emotional and mental freedom, releasing the chains that kept us trapped for so long, allowing the LOVE inside of us to flow through us and from us to all the parts that are scorched and starving for LOVE'S healing waters!

With Jupiter in Sagittarius, the Planet of Luck brings us into the space of endless possibilities.

Sagittarius is the sign that Jupiter rules--Here Jupiter is in the sign of its greatest affinity. Sagittarius is the mythological centaur, half human and half horse/beast. They are seekers of Spiritual Wisdom and represent the learned healer whose higher intelligence forms a bridge between Earth and Heaven. Known as the Archer, the sign is represented by the symbol of a bow and arrow.

Jupiter, closely linked with Zeus, is the King of the Gods, and Sagittarians are always seeking to gain a better understanding of God's Wisdom--we are all the Children of GOD, extensions of SOURCE energy playing within Duality here on Earth and meant to grow our understanding of all life is and can be--In this hugely transformative time on the planet we shall continue to encounter the contrasting energies and the challenges they bring to us--if we can take the time to connect to SOURCE every morning, we align ourselves with the sacred center inside our Hearts, and run this powerful energy of LOVE through our Crown Chakra, past our Third Eye Chakra/Energy Center, through our Throat into our Heart and down into every cell in our body and lower emotional selves and cells.

Our Heart is the bridge that connects the lower in us to the Higher We be, allowing us to receive the inspiration of Our Higher Selves (Higher Wisdom) so that we may successfully navigate the challenges We created for ourselves to have the chance to play and grow through. Nothing bad that happens wasn't intended, and nothing bad need stay bad, for Heart's LOVE has the power to heal what is revealed, and we may revel in the knowing that all is in service to the One. With love in our heart we may build the bridge from the problems we encounter straight to the Heart of their Solutions. We may end the wars within and restore the peace, so that a new more beautiful and thriving future may be created for us all. We may allow the fire to work its energetic magic on us and the field as we trust that we will emerge with greater understanding on the other side and after the fires have subsided.

All my love during this challenging, transformative time--

may we all emerge as the Phoenixes We Are, revived, renewed, reformed into the glory and beautiful wholeness and radiance of our Once believed mythic, but in TRUTH, Very REAL essence of the Glory That We Are.

You are GOD temporarily pretending to be human and wounded. You are the power of LOVE to heal the wounds that Mind imagined and tethered to mind to hold, to recreate the field as one united in MIND and HEART, restoring original LOVE inside all the points of Consciousness inside your Human Body temple and Etheric Light Body.

Be all you can be towards all you see and heal the pain with your Higher LOVE. Thank you to all who are playing!

All my LOVE, Jamie Ferry

*This is a picture I took on Friday, November 9, 2018 in Venice, California of the fires in Malibu.

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