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Heavy with Pain, What Do We Do?

When life takes a turn towards the painful path,

what do we do?

When the burden's too hard to bear,

and the heart too heavy to carry or care,

what do we do?

When the tears that overwhelm eyes,

meant to wash away resistance and lies, block our view,

blurring vision so we can't see,

what do we do?

With years spent swimming in our seas of despair,

searching, clutching, gasping for air,

praying for the dissolution of matters too heavy for one's heart,

and the cessation of the desire to tear oneself apart--

what do we do?

We walk, one foot in front of the other if we can.

And if we can't,

we sit and breathe into belly,

allowing ourselves to rest in the arms of GOD,

being bathed in LOVE, held in LIGHT,

the Energy that soothes the pain

and makes all our wrong, right.

We let the tears flow

carrying the pain up and out of us,

making room for a new energy to fill our space,

replacing the pain with presence,

and in time, a more pleasant state of being.

When you find yourself unable to carry on,

know that you are not alone.

SOURCE/LOVE is all around you, within you,

waiting for your call.

Summon the LOVE inside of you to help you find your way,

letting it guide you,

taking you back home into your Heart to heal your pain.

It is Spirit's LOVE that unlocks our heart inside of us,

crumbling the hardened walls we contain,

the ones we built to keep our pain behind.

And it is Breath's LOVE that fills our body,

finding all the energies in us that need it,

so we can see them and choose to LOVE them all the same.

Breathe in LOVE, be in LOVE, and let LOVE be in you,

healing all your wounds whole,

revealing the perfection of your Soul.

**Some healing for you my lovely reader:

In your pain may you find peace.

In your suffering and challenge may you find ease.

And may you find a way to be grateful for it all,

for all that is exists to serve you,

helping you to see what it feels like to be

all the possible parts of you,

giving you the joy of understanding the contrast of energies,

developing an appreciation for all we truly are

through the experience of all we are not.

Our pain though felt as real, is temporary,

and if you ride the waves of its emotions to SOURCE’S Shore

you will find solid ground once more,

as LOVE'S LIGHT makes the darkness fade

into all that's bright again.

Peace and Blessings. Ease and Wellbeing.

All my love, Jamie Ferry

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