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I Be Happy Because I Choose To Be.

I choose to be

HAPPY regardless of what is







To be...

or not to be,

but then you lose.

Regain your power, regain your joy

Regain your life happy, forevermore!

This doesn't mean that challenges won't show up and mess with your cup of happy, but that when they do, because you have intended to be happy, you will more easily connect with the challenge's solutions, helping you to get back to your happy space more quickly. Happiness and Joy are emotions that are part of the higher emotional continuum. The choice to be happy is connecting to the emotional field of your Higher Heart, which acts like a buoyant life raft, pulling you to safety from the depths of shadow's embrace.

Life may have smacked out some of the smile in you, but you have the power to choose to begin strengthening those muscles again. To decide that you want to be happy is the first choice and step you make and take to get back to your Happy place. The second is to accept everything exactly as it is right now and as it was in the past--this includes all your emotions, unhappy, sad, angry, etc.--the reason to do this is because if you fight what is with your judgment of it you force it to continue fighting you; if you pretend it doesn't exist, this doesn't make it go away, it only gets pushed down further into the cells of your being and body, compounded and its pain festers in silence, growing bigger. To create peace and healing we must be connected and open to the other side, and if we are in judgment or resistance this instantly closes us down, blocking peace.

So move into acceptance and give all your unhappy some of LOVE'S Happy--as you change its experience you will change your own. This happens because you hold within your body space this part/aspect, so its suffering is going on inside of the cells of your body, generating and causing suffering for you; when you give it LOVE you lift it up and in turn are lifted up. Take that frown and turn it upside down. Take that shadow and turn on its Light by bringing the LOVE to it.

I choose to be happy, because it FEELS better!

I choose to love the negative in me and life, blessing its sweet little head, because it suffers so much. Me ignoring it or judging it only adds to its suffering...and because it is a part of me, I desire to add to its healing, not its hurting. So I give it my love and lift it above the lows it found itself stuck in. And, as I raise it up I am lifted up. Together we create the better!

Moods are contagious, let happiness be what you spread!

To shift your mood, practice smiling (even if you don't feel happy).

:) :) :) SMILE. It pulls on your heart string and makes your soul sing! :) :) And as you broadcast the happy frequency more happiness floats and flows your way. So make your days bright again by shining your Heart's Light on your face. :)

I hope with all my heart that you my dear friend are...

and if you're dancing with other feelings right now, that you get yourself back to happy soon!

Feelings flow... as they come and go let them flow through you, anchored firmly in the center of your Heart so that you are receiving, blessing, and releasing all that flows through you. In this way you keep yourself free because you allow the feelings to flow free, non-judging, non-restricting, total acceptance, total LOVE.

All my love and lots of blessing for happiness, Jamie

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