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Ha Ha Happy... Laughing at Myself

This happened to me two days ago-- a little haha humor for you from me, the punchline. :)

The Nat Geo Article's Title read:

Octopuses Given Ecstasy for Science--

But Is That Ethical?

My first thought was: They sexually stimulated an octopus? I don't know how I feel about that? Immediately followed by: Well, great for the octopus, hopefully it enjoyed it, although they could have created a marine monster, addicted to masturbation--a sex-fiend cephalopod (lucky for it it has eight hands i.e., tentacles).

Then I realized (without reading the article)--Ohhh, ecstasy, the drug...

An addiction of a different sort.

Actually reading the article confirmed it, yes, MDMA-dosed octopuses. Sea rave anyone?

Lessons and observations:

Don't judge an article by its title...

And, I LOVE laughing at things--including myself. 🤣 🤣

As to the octopus tripping, I'm sure the water felt AMAZING on its body.

Also, my first thought may not have been very far off--it did make them very touchy-feely. 🦑🦑

Anyone want an octopus hug?

Life is full of funny. Find your funny wherever you do and be able to laugh at you. That way you're more able to roll through life no matter what craziness comes your way. My prediction: In future Nat Geo news: Sharks on 'shrooms.

Take time to delight in life's absurdities and silly moments. Laughter truly is the BEST medicine.

Here's to your health and more joy filling this beautiful planet we call our Home. Let's heal the hurt with some HaHa!

All my love, Jamie

*For a wonderful and more in-depth article on the same scientific study see:

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