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Let Your LOVE Flow

Love can frighten us...

Even if it can lighten our load,

some feel it a package too heavy to hold.

The heart begs to beat its song, but the fear blocks because it feels wrong,

as though it doesn't deserve the gift of good.

We place limitations, restrictions and conditions upon a thing that longs to flow free,

and then we end up bound.

To unblock we must unlock our desperate hold and attempts to control others and the flow of life, we must stop denying the gift of our love to the things life gifts us, even if the gifts don't look like ones we want.

For it comes to us from within us,

and no matter the look, is a gift to us, given to us in the present to offer us the ability to experience and the gift of understanding.

How we receive the gift impacts what becomes of the energy inside of us.

Our love can transform the pain we hold, mending the fear so old,

letting us and it feel and be free again.

Closing down the heart because of the little mind's judgments or for fear of pain shuts you down and keeps your life from flowing.

So open it and don't be afraid to show it to others in the world and to all that exists in the worlds inside of you.

LOVE like water, the element that represents our feelings and emotions, is meant to flow...

In and out, out and in, like breath. Just as you receive and give in the breathing department, make sure to give and receive in the life department. Let your LOVE flow to all that comes your way and watch how much love flows your way. Life is good like that, it matches your energetic output because of the beautiful Law of Attraction.

And should the not-so-good flow your way because the pain inside of you has attracted the perfect form that will best highlight all it is, bring your good to it and watch how it transforms the forms that life has flowed your way.

All my love, Jamie

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